Glamour Doll Eyes – A Review

GDE was another company that recently disclosed the fact that many of their shadows are prepackaged.  In fact the owner, Vee, went so far as to make a video about it, explaining things.  I appreciated her honesty, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt and placed a small order.


Glamour Doll Eyes has a really cute Zen Cart based site.  It’s easy to navigate, but with a lot of Zen Cart based shops, getting to your cart is a little tricky, until you place something in your cart, there is no ‘Shopping Cart’ feature on your screen.  So unless you’re paying attention you might miss it, and if you use the back button to navigate it won’t show up unless for some reason you refresh.

They sell shadows, glitters, blushes, and balms.

At 8$ a jar for shadow it’s a little on the high end compared to many other companies, more so since she acknowledged many of them are not original colors..  You can purchase the shadows in Collections to save a little, but you don’t really get to pick your own colors, thankfully there was a Collection with some shades I wanted to try.  Sample jars are 3.50$, sample baggies are 2.00$.

I ordered:

The Bad Gal Collection

A sample jar of Galaxy

A sample jar of Glowstick

Legwarmers Goodie Balm


I had ordered on November 8th.  The Goodie Balm arrived within days and I received the rest of my order on November 22nd.  I checked for any posted delays and at that time there was none posted.  Now, however, there is a notice stating they are on vacation :

PLEASE NOTE: Glamour Doll will be taking a break and going to California for Thanksgiving. Any orders after Tuesday, November 18th WILL NOT START PROCESSING until December 2nd. I will return from California on December 15th but will have access to my supplies after the 2nd. Please keep this in mind when ordering within the next month or 2 and if you need anything by a specific date, please email me first! Thank you.

Also reading further on the page it states that she processes order as they come in, and “orders are made FRESH after you order them to insure that you get a brand new product and not something that has been sitting around.”  So I assume this mean she doesn’t carry stock and you have to wait for her to make each small jar of your order.  It makes me curious as to how she manages that.  It’s also sort of, in my opinion, misleading to use the word ‘fresh’.  Mineral makeup is all natural with no additives or chemicals that would ‘go bad’ in a sealed jar otherwise.  Her normal processing times are 2 – 4 weeks after payment.  Shipping is free for orders over 30$.


My orders both arrived in plain envelope mailers, I was surprised it wasn’t a bubble mailer.  Inside the first envelope was my Goodie Balm wrapped in some tissue.  When my second order arrived my shadows where packaged in a little baggie to keep them all together as well as two small samples and a few business cards.  Neither of them included an invoice, although the bag from the Goodie Balm had a handwritten thank you on the flap.

Product / Colors

Each shadow comes in a 5gram jar, again giving you 2grams of actual product.  The labels are adorable, I totally love them, but they don’t contain ingredient information.  The jars also don’t come with a sifter, so you may be getting a little bit more product.  I personally remove the sifter on most, if not all, of my shadows anyway.

From top to bottom, left to right : Leather & Lace, Violent, Dirty Jeans, Secretive, Galaxy, and Glowstick.

The Bad Gal Collection included four colors:

Dirty Jeans is teal green and rubs into green-blue with golden hues. This color happened to be a pretty close match to an item from an Etsy order I’m planning on reviewing later in the week.  In fact, both orders arrived the same day, so it was one of the more obvious dupes I’ve run across.  I sent a question to the owner on the morning of November 22nd about the colors and if this was one that was repackaged.  On the site it was not noted as such, so I was curious.  As of the posting of this review she has not replied.

Leather & Lace is a matte black with pink glitter. The formula on this is a little odd.  It’s thick and almost seems chunky and feels sticky.  It’s hard to explain.  It applies spotty, so less is more.  Start out with very little and work the color up.  The glitter is also really subtle in this, the black seemed too overwhelming.

Violent is a very soft violet. It’s a very light pastel color, not much sheen.  It’s sort of familiar.

Secretive is a very soft pink with low sheen. This has almost an iridescent cast to it.

Galaxy is a matte black with purple glitter. It has the same formulation issues as Leather & Lace.

Glowstick is a lime green glitter powder.  It’s very fine and smooth and I’m hoping I can figure out how to use it, I love this color.

Legwarmers is a really sweet lip gloss.  It smells and tastes exactly like Bazooka Joe bubble gum, which I LOVED as a kid, however it’s not all that long lasting.


Would I order from Glamour Doll Eyes again?  Not at this time.

  • Shipping is a little long for my tastes.  I prefer companies who’s turn around is shorter.  I realize she’s ONE PERSON, but if she DID carry stock I would imagine it would be easier to fill and process orders.
  • In the FAQ section of her site it states that all repacked colors are noted as such.  I wasn’t able to find any designated with the ** denoting that.
  • I think some of her formulas need a little work.

That being said, I look forward to the changes she talks about in her video.  When the site is updated to show which shadows are repackaged and which are original I will be much more inclined to try new shadows and purchase again.


Vee replied on the evening of November 25th and she confirmed all of the colors from the Collection I ordered are repackaged except the black, which she blends herself.

Overall: /5


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  1. I was very, very disappointed in my Glamour Doll Eye order. It was closer to the beginning of the year, but it doesn’t seem as if things have changed since then, except that she’s admitted to repackaging…and although I possible recieved repackaged colors, I’m not sure. All of my shadows faded within an HOUR, did yours do that too? It was weird since I was used to wearing Aromaleigh, which never fade!

    I had the same trouble with the black based colors. It almost reminds me of pure black mica…like chunky and lots of fallout.

  2. Yeah, I’ve always thought that Glamour Doll Eyes’ prices were a bit high for the product, which is why I never ordered from them (and even their samples are expensive, compared to the sample prices of most companies). Not to mention that I just wasn’t super impressed with the uniqueness of the colors the display. They’ve had plenty of good press and a good reputation among the makeup bloggers I frequent, but they’ve never really fully captured my interest. My way of thinking is that there are plenty of other MMUs on the internet with better selection and prices, so those are the ones I take my business to.

  3. I have yet to try GDE; their brand image reminds me of Hot Topic which, aside from a pair of hilarious bottle opener stilettos purchased there last year, I hate. I watched the video I linked, and one thing Vee said disturbed me a little: that her most popular shades are repackaged ones. Maybe I’m just not comprehending properly, but if you’re doing things right, shouldn’t your most popular shades be the ones you create yourself? There are a ton of comments underneath in which loyal customers say her shadows are amazing, but how do those people know their not just praising the repacks? Her tutorials are great and she seems like a nice enough person, so I’ll just wait til she straightens things out before ordering, I suppose.

  4. I’ve never received the reduction from the sample I ordered when I ordered the same colour in full size (even though I had left a note about it in the comments section) so I sort of gave up with GDE.

  5. Still havn’t received my order. I purchased on Nov 22nd…. which reminds me…. I should email her.

    I used to follow her on Twitter. I wasn’t impressed. Not that many conversation impresses me. I just found her a bit flaky. She made mentioned to that she had something special for all her Thanksgiving orders. I asked her about mine since it was 3 days before and she said it was only for those who made orders on Thanksgiving. 0_o ok? I asked her if she was going to ship my items. She said of course. Never heard from her again.

  6. I placed an order on Dec. 9th and as of the 26th still don’t have my order or a valid tracking number. The website is even kind of snarky. I will not be ordering again.

  7. I also placed 2 orders on Dec. 9th and now, 21 days later, no packages.
    The processing time took started on the 9th and was not shipped until Dec. 22nd.
    Since both orders were all sample sized products they were not assigned tracking numbers as they are shipped in regular envelopes (as stated on the website).
    I know shipping was free, but this is ridiculous.

    I most likely will not be ordering again.

  8. the video is private now… but i guess thats what i get for not being up to thanks for the review, i might order from her when i hear she has improved everything.

  9. Ahhh, I wish I had found this blog before I placed my order… I placed the order and paid on May 14th. As of today nothing is even shipped yet. I received a shipping notification 3 days ago, but there is no info on the USPS website about my tracking number. So, I’m not certain when I will get those eyeshadows. Beware those of you who are considering placing an order at GDE.
    One thing is certain though- I am never ordering from GDE again….

  10. I’ve never had an issue receiving orders from her, but the first time i ordered i didn’t pay attention to her denotation of what is repackaged and what is not. when i received my order i noticed some of the colors were exactly like some i had from BFTE. Now i research before i order from any mineral make-up company.

  11. oh and another thing is all the youtube gurus praising her shadows when a lot of them are repackaged and the gurus make it seem like they are her created colors. recently her glitters or eyelights were reviewed and all but one are repackaged and the guru made it seem like they were heaven sent or something. I’m not sure whether her sponsered gurus are aware of the repackaging or not..


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