Black Friday

Out of curiosity, does anyone have any big shopping plans for Black Friday?

Me?  I’m sleeping in.  When I eventually do roll myself out of bed I’ll be hosting an amazing Black Friday Give Away, sponsored by Sobe Botanicals.

So I hope despite your plans, you stop by for a chance to win!


16 Responses to “Black Friday”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever participated in Black Friday shopping. I generally detest crowds, hate getting up early, and usually the deals aren’t as worth it as most places make them out to be. Plus, I’m already a huge sale/discount shopper, so I don’t see a reason to make special trip for it, during which I’d probably be miserable. 😉

  2. I have to work it. u.u

  3. Ah, no. I just can’t. I hate hate hate crowds and pushy shoppers, ugh! I went once, last year. It was 2 weeks before my wedding and we didn’t have bands yet, so we woke up at 3am to get some on the cheap! We spent $50 on BOTH 14k bands! I’ll never, ever go again. People go insane around me! Fights break out. It’s crazy, I’d rather pay full price than get beat up by a middle aged woman XD

  4. What is black friday? ^^’

  5. I’ve heard of it, but I don’t get it. Why is this Friday so special out of the entire year for a sale? I’ve seen some footage of the crowds, and it looks very intimidating. crazy shoppers!

  6. The one Black Friday that I spent working at Victoria’s Secret in the mall was quite enough for me, thanks! Dreadful…

    But I’ll definitely be stopping by here on Friday!

  7. I have to work on Black Friday. Joy. At work, we open at 4:30 in the morning through 10 at night. Ugh, preparing for insane customers.

  8. Can Canadians participate in the give away? I’ve been thinking about ordering from Sobe Botanicals, and some free stuff would be a nice way to give it a try.

  9. Black Friday is frightening with the crazy people.

  10. I’ll probably be at home, working on my term paper. My favourite yarn shop is having a sale, but it starts at 6 in the morning, and I’m reeeeeally not sure that’s worth it. D:

  11. I’ve been doing “Buy Nothing Day” instead of black friday the past few years, of course I hope to make a few sales in my etsy shop however, corrupting others to participate!

  12. I worked retail for 6 years at a small local business. Black Friday was always the worst for us because everyone either marched out to the mall or was too frightened to leave home. Spending 8 hours in which your only sale is a chocolate bar to yourself is the closest I’ve ever come to Purgatory.

    @Cacau, Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the biggest retail shopping day of the year. Most non-retail employees have the day off, everyone’s looking to do their holiday shopping, and not many people can stand being at home with their extended families anymore 🙂 , so big retailers offer huge sales. Even at reduced prices, the sheer volume of purchases makes them a profit. (Profit=”in the black”=Black Friday.) Unfortunately, it’s always a complete madhouse, with people frothing at the mouth to get into malls and department stores at the crack of dawn. I remember the year Tickle Me Elmo came out, a woman was actually trampled to death at a nearby Walmart on Black Friday.

    There’s also “Cyber Monday” now for online shopping, so if you need to buy anything, I’d do it before everyone runs out of inventory.

    • WOW! That sounds so scary!!! We don’t have a black monday… o.o (but we don’t have thanksgiving either ^^’)

      I’m glad I’ve bought everything I needed so far ^^”’

      Still, the day before Christmas is a war at the shopping centers…

      But I don’t actually mind ^^’
      I usually buy my stuff online (I hate shopping ^^’) and very early! XD

  13. I also have to work! The closest outlet near me is open from 10pm thanksgiving NIGHT until 10pm the following day! >.< I feel so sorry for anyone who has to work on black friday.

  14. I’m staying home Friday, and thinking seriously of not going into any mall (strip or enclosed) until the end of January.

    It’s almost as if crowds are making up for last year’s sedate shopping season (doubly so here, where an extremely rare snowfall virtually shut the city down for nearly a month.) They’re out in droves, and while not everyone is mean – and not everyone is even tired – everyone extremely focussed. Driving suffers, as do regular manners. (Maybe that’s what I should do: spend weekends going to the various local malls, just stopping in and giving a good word and a general “thanks” to the retail folks.)

  15. Since we go to our cousins’ house for Thanksgiving, my nuclear family roasts its own turkey on Friday. So no shopping.

    I would do Buy Nothing Day except I plan to meet up with old friends that night for beer. And the beer won’t be free.