Fyrinnae – A Review

Fyrinnae is not a “mineral” makeup company. We create unique cosmetics, all of which are vegan (this means no silk, carmine, pearl, beeswax, etc). Shipping is free on orders over $20 USD worldwide (very low postage rates for smaller orders, too: never exceeds $3.00 domestic or $3.50 international!), and sample sizes are available on most products. No minimum purchase: order a single sample if you’d like. We’re dedicated to serving customers around the world of any gender, and any skintone.


The Fyrinnae website relatively easy to navigate  It’s on a black background, which again, I tend not to like.  The categories run down the side, with your account information in the header.  When you’re shopping your cart will remain on the sidebar keeping a running tally for you.  I love that feature, more sites need to do that.

They sell a wide variety of products, shadows, liners, glosses, finishes, and blushes, not to mention brushes and glitters and pigment.

The first time I ordered I ordered:

Ravens and Writing Desks loose shadow

Inks Eyeliner in Intoxicating

A sample of Android Angel loose shadow

Mini lip lustre in Dark Spiral

The second time I ordered I ordered:

Pixie Epoxy

Sleepy Hollow loose shadow

Bite Me Professional loose shadow

A sample of Mesmerize Glow Blush

A sample of Tasmanian Devil loose shadow

A sample of Blue Whale loose shadow

After having a question about my second order I sent a quick email off, asking about my log in info, since I made an account with my email, but it also created an account under my Paypal address, and they aren’t the same.  The responses I got were quick and polite and very helpful.

Their prices seems very competitive and affordable, and with free shipping on orders over 20$ you can actually get quite a few things even on a budget.


I placed my first order on October 30th and it arrived November 12th.  I placed the second order on November 13th and it arrived on November 21st.  There is a notice on the site stating:

November: Allow about 8-12 business days queue and creation time for most orders (this frame excludes weekends and holidays), though most are sent in less time, depending on order size. Ever wonder, large amount of orders aside, about the time frame? Please click our Eye Shadow link at the very bottom of this page…

Each time my shipping was considerably less then stated, so I was really pleased.  Either way I don’t mind ordering and waiting as long as it’s posted and it’s reasonable.  Reasonable to me is knowing I was ordering several non-eyeshadow products that might require custom mixing, etc etc, not 2-4 weeks for just shadows.  This company has a reputation for quick shipping, so even with this disclaimer I was confident they would arrive promptly.

Shipping is free for orders over 20$ and usually only 3$ for anything less.  There is no additional shipping or handling charges.


Both my orders arrived packaged the same.  They were wrapped in tissue paper (zebra print that matches the site, really cute), then placed into a sealed plastic bag, then wrapped in cardboard to keep them stable, and then inside the mailer.  It is some of the most careful packaging I’ve run across so far.  Inside I also found my invoice with a thank you written on it as well.

I honestly don’t remember which sample I got with my first order, but I do remember I got one small sample jar.  I do know my second came with several generous samples (packaged in jars) of colors that complimented what I ordered.  I love it when companies match the samples on what your interests are by checking out what you actually ordered.  I’ve had some recently actually include samples of the colors I ORDERED.  I like it when IF you’re going to offer samples, you pay attention enough to make them useful.

Product / Colors

This is where my reviews going to get wonky.  When I placed my first order I really wasn’t pleased with what I’d received.  I wasn’t sure if it was WHAT I ordered or exactly what was wrong.  All I needed to know what that SO many people were raving about them that I decided that it was probably me, and I should place another order to see if it was perhaps just the items I picked the first time.

My first order.

Lip Lustre – Dark Spiral

I didn’t like this at all.  My mini tube of product was really really thin, almost slippery.  It has a tiny gritty consistency when I rub my lips together that makes me instantly think of mud.  It feathers off my lips in little lines.  I tried shaking it up, thinking the product was settled or something.  But no.  I just cannot get this to work for me.  The color is a beautiful purple, but it’s too thin, I can’t get coverage on my lips and it practically melts off.

Eye Inks – Intoxicating

I have NO idea what I was thinking when I ordered this.  The color, Intoxicating, was described as – silvery lavender shade which changes from green to silver to pink. It sounded just amazing.  These inks are meant to be used in the waterline, so I was like OMGWOWSOEXCITED.  But every time I tried to use this I failed.  It would streak across my eyeball and freak me out.  I couldn’t get it to apply to my waterline and STAY THERE.  They say it won’t dry all the way, so I just don’t get it.

So after those two disappointing products, I was just not really excited about the order anymore.  I put away the shadows to be reviewed after I got my second order.

Second Order

This one was much much more successful.

Pixie Epoxy

Originally developed and formulated for a friend/pro artist, this unique “glue” is designed to hold the sparkliest, most shimmery eye shadows in place and minimize “fallout”. It has been used since 2008 and tested more recently among a handful of clientelle prior to retail release in 8/2009. Can also be used to retain a “wet” or “glossy” look to loose shadows. Don’t worry, it’s easily washed off, and while keeps shadows in a water-resistant state, the product itself is water-soluble (no silicones or oils).

By applying a light coat and letting it dry till it’s sticky it’s like glue for your glitters.  It’s not a primer, it does nothing for matte or plain shimmery shades, but if you run across a shadow that has lots of glitter in it, this would be perfect applied lightly under it.  It works AMAZINGLY and now I’m not so stumped as to how to use my growing collection of GOOD cosmetic glitters (from AL, GDE, etc.).

The Eye Shadows

From top to bottom, left to right : Bite Me Pro, Sleepy Hollow, Ravens & Writing Desks, Kamikaze, Android Angel, Shinigami, Blue Whale, Tasmanian Devil, and Arcane Magics Faerie Glamour.  On the left is Glow Blush in Mesmerize.

Once I sat down and started swatching, I was very pleased, very impressed.  The colors are bright and clear, there is no question that Fyrinnae has mastered color theory, which seems to be a problem in the growing MM market.  The formula is also really intriguing.  I’m not even going to try to understand it or break it down.  While it does seem to be based on mica, it’s very smooth and powdery.  Not all of them are ‘creamy’ like a lot of the mineral shadows I love.  Which is why I wasn’t sure I would like them.

The colors I got are amazing, Ravens and Writing Desks is actually a matte, which I missed when I ordered it, but it’s got a fairly nice consistency.  Bite Me, which is a Pro color, is an AMAZING red, just about what I was looking for, and no carmine.

The full sized shadows come in 5gram jars just JAMMED full with no sifters, so you’re getting almost 3grams of product for 5.25$ a jar.


Would I order from Fyrinna again?  Yes.

  • I love that they are vegan.  No bug bits in my cosmetics.
  • The shadows are amazing, even if I did have a rough start with some of their other products.
  • I was impressed with their quick responses to my emails.

Overall: /5

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12 Responses to “Fyrinnae – A Review”

  1. Ok, I know the inks say to be used on the waterline. HOWEVER, I tend to use them to line the lower lash line. I wait for them to dry, then clean up anything that needs it. I have You Want Me and it looks amazing when I use it like that.

    As far as the lip lustres go, I know some people have mentioned problems with them. What I tend to do is put on my lip balm, let that soak in, then I use a lip lustre. Some colors seem to work better on me than others. I remember thinking that I didn’t look good in Dark Spiral or Vinyl Shorts, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Acidic Cherry, Type A, Ryunome, Glitter Kittiez and Lollipop-pop on me.

    I’m so GLAD you like their eye shadows! I think they do a fab job with them 🙂
    Faerie Glamour is a favorite of mine.

    • I cannot get the Ink to work for me at all. It never dries. I just don’t get how it’s supposed to work in the waterline at all.

      I usually apply over balm anyway, but I tried everything, with primer, without, with liner, etc etc. Maybe I got a bad batch or something, but I won’t be buying more.

      I really like the shadows. I love this red SO much.

  2. Great review! I got a sample of the epoxy, and I will be buying a full size of it soon. Its great stuff for glittery pigments, like you say. Plus, it stays put for a long time.

    • Thanks!

      I was really pleased with the epoxy. You just have to let it dry! That took me a minute to figure out…

  3. oohhh man you have me salivating waiting for my order!! But I have to wait till christmas =P

  4. I get the same problem with the lustres sinking in to my lips, and bleeding into tiny lines around my lips. However, I found that when I tried Phyrra’s suggestion of putting on balm first, I didn’t get the bleeding problem. I also only get the bleeding problem with the darker colors, though, since lollipop-pop and amplifier don’t bleed on me at all. One of the other frustrating things about the dark lustres though is that you have to wait for them to dry (which can take a few minutes), and sometimes you have to do a second coat. Once they are dry, though, they have excellent staying power.

    I’m glad you like the shadows! Android Angel and Bite Me are actually two of my favorite Fyrinnae colors.

    • YES, it bleeds all over the place. I’m glad it’s not just me.

      Android Angel I totally forgot about, talk about a nice surprise!

  5. I’m so glad you liked Bite Me! It’s my favorite red!

    I can’t get those darn Inks to dry on me either…Not sure what I’m doing wrong!

    • I love it. It’s so odd, but I’ve been obsessed with needing red shadows.

      Gah!! I’m so glad when it’s not just me. They seem like mud in my eye.

  6. I like the colors!
    Awww, I was interested on their lustres!
    But it’s nice to know they have good eyeshadow