Heavenly Naturals – A Review

I was blog surfing, jumping from blog to blog reading through EOTD’s and comments and stumbled across a blog with some really interesting looks.  The blogger raved about Heavenly Naturals and how she has all the colors and how amazing they are.  That was enough to send me to Etsy to find them


Once I found the Heavenly Naturals shop on Etsy I took some time to look around.  They sell a pretty interesting selection of products, including mineral shadows, blushes, fountations and the like as well as a few different lip and body products.

They have a really cute logo, and looking around the shop things were well organized and the listings seemed complete, although they do not list ingredients.

I’ll admit something right up front.  When I look through Etsy shops now I can spot most repackaged shades right away.  Looking through the eye shadows here I spotted a few.  I was even able to pick out a few of the glitters, as well.

She sells a variety of foundations as well as some fixatives.

After looking at everything available I ending up ordering:

Handmade Lip Butter in Tangerine

Rare Beauty Mineral Pigment

Hush A Bye Eyeshadow


I ordered on November 16th and received my order on November 21st.  In general I’ve noticed that Etsy shops ship very quickly.  I think this is due in part to the feedback system.  Slow shipping and poor communication would be subject to negative reviews.


My order was received in a regular mailer.  Inside my shadows where inside a bright pink organza bag with a business card, and two free samples but no invoice.

One of the jars has a really cute clear label with their logo and one has a BRIGHT pink paper label.  Both contain ingredient information.  The balm came in a larger clear jar with a custom label of the flavor (a tangerine) on the top.  It also contains ingredient information.  So many Etsy shops don’t supply this info at all, or simply print it in the listing, so I was very pleased to see it on the jar.

Products / Colors

The shadows come in 5gram jars with sifters.  I noticed the pink wasn’t quite full but the blue was jam packed, probably giving you a full 2grams of shadow.

I was pretty excited to try the bright magenta shade I ordered, Rare Beauty.

Rare Beauty Eye Candy is a dangerously desirable intense color, not for the meek or mild. If you have a bit of a wild side then you’ll love this color, it is not a usual everyday run of the mill sort of color. But then again you are not an everyday run of the mill sort of person. So get some today!

I’m always excited to find a nice bright matte,  but this pink has all the hallmarks of a matte.  It’s sort of gritty and splotchy and doesn’t blend easily.  However, applied wet, the color is wonderful.  There is a very fine line between it being too thin and not having enough coverage to being too thick.  If it’s too thick is will crack when dried, almost like mud.  Just the right mix, though, and this makes a really unique matte eye liner.

The other color I purchased, Hush A Bye was very pretty on the site.  I’m all of a sudden ordering so many new colors way out of my comfort zone, like this baby blue.  It arrived the same day my Glamour Doll Eyes order did and as I sat here at my desk unpackaging things and making notes I realized that Hush a Bye and Dirty Jeans from GDE are the exact same color.  I swatched them on my hand next to each other and my heart sank.

I did email Vee from Glamour Doll eyes that day, and I heard back from her last night.  She confirms that her color, Dirty Jean, is in fact repacakged, which logicly would mean that Hush a Bye is also a repackaged shade, although both are blended on a base.

From left to right: HN Hush a Bye, GDE Dirty Jeans

I looked at the samples I received, and those too I was able to match to colors I already have from a wholesaler.

The Lip Butter was hand made to order, and has an amazing citrus scent and flavor to it.  It’s very emollient and I do like it.


Would I order from Heavenly Naturals again?  No.

  • I matched three of the four colors I got to something I already had.  In my opinion that’s not very unique.
  • The matte formula, while bright, has consistency issues.
  • While they do have a wide variety of other things on their site, I could easily get those from someplace else.

Overall: /5


15 Responses to “Heavenly Naturals – A Review”

  1. I didn’t know Heavenly Naturals sold on Etsy! I’ve bought from them (same card) here http://www.heavenlynaturalbeauty.com/. When contacted for my V2.0 list they told me that they did repackage some shades, but not all.

    I have Rare Beauty and love it. I also love Vanilla Crush:

    • I’ll have to go check out the site.

      I really wasn’t very pleased with my Rare Beauty. I wonder if she’s changed her formula?

      • Not sure. I’ll try using it again to make sure it just wasn’t a whim on my part. But I think I only used it in the crease, with a very precise application, so it applied how I wanted it.

        Aromaleigh has a very similar color called Obsession (matte), and there’s also BoilingPoint. I love Obsession so much I bought it in a full size.

  2. I own a few of the mattes and I have found that problem too. You pretty much have to pack it on a sticky or creamy base, and when I say pack it on, I mean REALLY back it on. Sometimes you have to do 2-3 layers, because the color changes when it makes contact with a sticky base.

    While all the hard work does pay off, I find it, quite frankly, to be a pain in the butt. There are better mattes out there. Their shimmers are quite nice though, not sure if it is a repackaged shade, but “Diva” is an AMAZING color.

    • I’m probably going to use it wet and sparingly.

      Diva is a nice purple, a reader with a sample tells me it’s Grape Pop! 😦

  3. Good to know about the makeup. I gotta say, their soaps/perfumes/lip balms look amazing.

  4. I have Diva, and although I don’t have Grape Pop, I’ve gotten a lot of almost exact purples, so I’m pretty certain it’s the same. Pure Luxe’s “Galaxy”also looks nearly just like Dirty Jeans and Hush a Bye.

  5. Hm, my Rare Beauty seemed okay. I didn’t really use it yet, though, so maybe that’s why I have a different experience. Swatching a bit of it, it felt fine. Strange…

    I will say the shadows, or at least the mattes are a bit inconsistent though. I have two of the neon matte colors (Speak Up and Hot Lemonade? the orange and one of the yellows) that I used for my makeup for a costume for a convention. Both of them needed a base to work well, but while the orange one went on smoothly after a few pats on my lid, the Hot Lemonade color never wanted to co-operate. It just never showed up that well on the cream bases. Rather frustrating.

    Their shipping and service is nice though, and I’ve liked most of the colors I’ve received. I own Diva (not by choice – I asked for Deep Ocean) and it does look similar to Grape Pop! It’s pretty, but nothing special to me. I’m sure you can get dupes of their colors anywhere else, but I’m loyal partially due to their “pick your top 5” deal. Five shadows for the price of four isn’t that bad of a deal for me.

    • Thanks for the info!

      I didn’t see that special, but there was only really one or two shadows I wanted that didn’t stand out as something I already had.

  6. I’ve been on the fence about whether or not I wanted to order from them yet. I’m thinking no. Before it was just because I didn’t like their website (I’m such a jerk for that, but I really like nice, easy to navigate sites!). Now I’m thinking repackagers? No thanks.

    I really like Rare Beauty, but I think I’ll try some of the Aromaleigh colors that Phyrra suggested first.

  7. Shattered Howlett December 7, 2009 at 8:45 pm

    Oh heck, they’re selling the entire Pop! collection as “Rainbow Drops,” and they list each shade in the set. Diva is indeed one of them. You could buy samples of them from TKB, plus a base powder to mix in, and get way more product PLUS still pay less.


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