Kaolin Clay Masks

I have a big bag of Kaolin I bought not too long ago while I was researching MM and bases.  Since I dont use it, it’s been sitting under my bathroom sink, sort of taking up space.  Yesterday I started working on organizing makeup, making it easier to use a wide variety of things on a day to day basis, rather then just the few things I use day after day.

The bag of Kaolin sort of spilled a little into the sink and as I went to rinse it away it turned into mud.  Well, DUH, Grey, it’s clay.  But suddenly a light bulb went off in my head.

  • Brew a small cup of very strong green tea and when it’s cooled mix it carefully with enough kaolin to make a thick mud.
  • Apply over your face and neck, and let dry (about 10 minutes).
  • Rinse.

Kaolin has wonderful purifying properties when used on for your face, and that with the antioxidants in green tea make for a wonderful organic cleansing, firming, and toning mask!!

You can get kaolin at TKB Trading for as little as 3.40$ for a generous sized bag and just about any natural green tea will work.


9 Responses to “Kaolin Clay Masks”

  1. Oooh, I love this idea! I don’t usually use masks, but I’ll definitely pass this information onto my mother, who loves them.

  2. what a great idea! I’ll have to look into that; I have some green tea I don’t like to drink =P

  3. Hahaha! Wow! I was amazed reading how you got this idea! XD I’d never think of that!
    I never do masks x.x’ Actually, I suck when it comes to skin care….

  4. I love mud masks, so it just clicked.

  5. I’ve been researching PubMed lately to find out which antioxidants can actually be absorbed through the skin. So far, the only one I’ve found is retinol; the rest seem to be cosmetics marketing hype. So the antioxidants in your Republic will most likely only help your skin if you drink it. Still, it’s a luxurious mask that I’ll be mixing up for myself in about 5 minutes.


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