Beauty from the Earth – Mini Haul

As I was writing my review for BFTE the other day I was poking around the site and ended up ordering ten different samples.  I was really excited to try some more of their bright shades, I was so impressed with 10$ Pineapple.

From top to bottom, left to right : Illusion, Bitter, Tangerine, Blue Bird, Black Cherry, Big Ego, Angel, Envy, Ocean Mist, and Addicted.

Sitting down to swatch them today I ran across something pretty interesting.

  • Ocean Mist, a light blue green with some sparkle, is listed as a Primary Pigment.  It’s a match to GDE Dirty Jeans and HN Hush A Bye.
  • Blue Bird is not listed as a Primary Pigment.  Oddly enough it is a match for TKB’s Sapphire.
  • Tangerine, a brilliant juicy  medium orange with golden shimmer, is listed as a Primary and matches Tangerine POP!.
  • Addicted, a warm red base with cool red shimmer, making this the perfectly balanced ruby red, another Primary Pigment is a match to TKB’s Hot Moma.

I’m confused as to why some of the Primary Pigments are not listed correctly, but it also lends further proof to the question regarding Heavenly Natural’s Hush A Bye, since both BFTE and GDE admit their matches are repackaged.  I just think it’s crazy I managed to order that same color three times, I must really love it!!


The sample size is really actually pretty generous.

From left to right: Full sized, current sample size, old sample size.

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17 Responses to “Beauty from the Earth – Mini Haul”

  1. Must be your favorite colors of all ^^’
    It’s sad to realize you already have something you just bought, right?

    Dollar is so expansive I think I’d spend a whole day crying x.x’

    Maybe they are still making their changes and listing their stuff?

    gives me a pain in the heart looking at hot mamma…. x.x’

    • It looks wonderful on me 🙂 So I’m glad I have a lot of it.

      They just moved over to their new site, so I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt!

      Hot Moma is gorgeous. I love the red shadows!!

      • Yeah, I got my Hot moma dupe today! XD

        Yes, I think they are just changing things now…. so it’ll take a few time ’till everything is listed clearly.

        I’m glad you like this shadows a lot! ^^

        I love red shadows too. I love coming red and green or red and blue ^^’

  2. Hmm…thats weird. And frustrating. Isn’t it funny how one you buy 3 of the same color? I know I’ve done that!

    Bitter looks gorgeous though, I might have to pick up a sample of that one! You don’t think thats repackaged, do you?

    • I don’t think it is. I realllly like it too.

      • I wanted to ask you about how big are the samples? I know they are in jars, but I couldn’t find exactly how much on the site. $2 is a bit expensive for samples, so I didn’t want to get any until I knew how much comes in it! Thanks!

      • I searched and found the picture for you. They are actually pretty good sized for 2$. More then a little bit, but probably enough to last you a while.

        It’s raining out, booooo, or else I’d try to take a better picture of one of my samples. I’ll try if it clears up.

      • Oh thank you so much! I’m a search fool, I couldn’t find that! Thats pretty large, I just might take advantage of the sale…I really want that $10 Pineapple!

      • I love 10$ Pineapple. I’m not really a yellow person, but it’s one of th emost unique yellows I’ve run across.

        At 30% off I just ordered 6 more samples for under 12$. Which I can live with.

  3. Hm, Blue Bird is one that Aromaleigh used to carry as a Pure Hue (repackaged).

    Glad to see your swatches of all the similar colors.

    • I have no idea how I ended up ordering so many Primary Pigments as I did. I ordered from the ‘color’ section and they were not quite labeled as obviously as I thought they would be.

  4. Considering Blueberry is a pretty popular colour and it’s repackaged, it could be they made something very very similar or blended it onto a base or something for Blue Bird? I don’t knowwww~

    I’m sure if you ask Crystal, she’ll tell you. She’s pretty open about it all.

    And Phyrra – Aromaleigh’s BlueBird and BFTE’s look different, though, I think Aromaleigh’s was probably the MUCH brighter POP colour.

  5. I don’t really like how they got rid of the sample baggies and upsized to a jar for $2. If a colour wasn’t that great there goes $2 rather than a buck. I’m not sure I’ll be ordering any time soon, that’s still pretty pricey for a sample. I know you get more product as well but if the colour sucked you are stuck with it. Maybe if they had dollar baggies AND jar samples to pick from.
    Oh well, in makeupland there’s a lot of others to have fun with 😀

    • I sort of agree with you here. While I thought I was being very careful in picking my colors, I still ended up with a few dupes and a dud. At 2$ I can at least use the jar for something else, I’m always blending and reblending my own colors, so I guess I’m looking at it that way.


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