Medusa’s Makeup – Pressed Shadows

While talking back and forth with Amy, from Shrinkle, about the much anticipated Sugar Pill launch she offered to send me the pressed shadows from Medusa that she’d gotten last year.

I accepted thankfully and they arrived today!!


They are similar to MAC, in little black containers with the flip top lid.  The containers are a little bigger, though, the actual pan inside seems the same size.

The bottom is labeled with the color and ingredients.

Formula / Colors

Amy had mentioned she never used them because she thought they had an odd texture.  When I sat down to swatch them I immediately noticed the same thing.  They are hard.  There really isn’t any other way to describe it.  It’s almost impossible to get any color to pick up on a brush and it took quite a bit of rubbing with my index finger to get enough color to swatch on the back of my hand.

The first time, I tried it bare on my hand and the colors barely stuck, they were very light.  I reswatched using UDPP as a primer and got enough color to stick to take some swatch examples.

From left to right : Electro Red, Electric Indigo, Electric, Purple, Electric Kiwi

Even with a primer and depositing as much color as I could, the colors are not as vibrant as they appear in the pots.  The red in the pot is an amazing bright shade, but the swatch is very tomato.  The blue is deep and rich, but on my hand it’s very pale.  The purple is a nice red-violet shade and on my hand it barely shows up at all.  The kiwi looks like an amazing and bright lime shade.  Sadly, it’s as a washed out yellow when swatched.


Would I purchase these again?  No, although they were given to me as a gift to review.

  • I’m not sure I could wear them if I tried, they are so hard.
  • The color payoff for the amount you have to pack on isn’t worth it.
  • The cost, at 9.00$ is a little steep for a product that has almost no payoff.

I realize that loose shadows are not for everyone, and lots of people are looking for something pressed with amazing bright pay off.  I’m sorry to say I don’t think Medusa’s pressed shades are worth it.


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  1. Hahaha, now you’re stuck with them! ^.^

    • Assuming it’s really you, are you going to sell samples when the site finally launches? I also have high hopes of paraben-free and intensely colored lipstick and lip pencils. 🙂

    • Gaaaaaahhhhhhh!

      Worth it for the review 😛

  2. Aww… well, I’ll remember to stay away from those!

  3. Too bad, the colours are so nice. I had a very similar problem with a bunch of eyeshadows (all non-shimmers/glitters) from B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful. That was especially annoying as they were ~10 € per 0.4 g pan…

    • I keep hearing about that company!! I just can’t seem to get over the name, though, seems a little, I dunno… long?

      And wow, that’s expensive!!

      • Agreed, the name is just silly. Apparently they’re closing down at the end of the year, so I might pick up some of the good shadows if they have a sale. I think the main problem was availability; they only have stores in the UK, Austria and Tokyo…

  4. Wow you know Shrinkle!? Shes so cute!

    Those colors do look kinda dull. What about pressed mineral shadows?? Are they dull too or does it depend on the color payoff of each individual eyeshadow?

    • Pressed mineral shadows are a lot different. It depends on the color of the original makeup before pressing, but they totally retain their color. I just pressed a dozen different colors the other day, and the payoff after being pressed was just as opaque as they were loose.

      These are not mineral, they are traditional cosmetic eye shadows. I guess that’s what I’d call them 🙂

      • Oooh I see, thanks Grey! Thats good to hear, I’m planning on pressing a lot of eyeshadows once my finals are over.

  5. According to this thread on, the pressed eyeshadows from Medusa’s Makeup are private label from Ladyburd.

    Manic Panic, Bitch Slap Cosmetics, and Scandalous Cosmetics sell the same product.

    They are chalky when applied dry because they are supposed to be used wet as a body paint.

  6. RunningOnRainbows November 28, 2009 at 11:53 pm

    Maybe the colors aren’t quite so bad. I know of a lot of people who stick to very safe, neutral things. Someone like that would probably be happy to have a bright color that’s sheer so they don’t have to be nervous about it. The colors still look pretty too from your swatches. 🙂 They’d probably be good for on the go when someone just wants some color without spending a lot of time in front of the mirror. I’d buy these but I love bright, bold colors too much!

    Forgive me for not just looking around for this (I’m sleepy) but have you done a review of Bitch Slap cosmetics yet? I saw that somebody mentioned it farther up and it reminded me again about them. I’m wondering if you’ve tried them because I’m thinking about buying them and your reviews are pretty honest and un-biased. Thank you 😀



    • Good point!

      As for the other company, no, I have not reviewed them and I also have to plans to. I find the entire concept offensive and have no plans on purchasing anything.

      From the song on the website ALONE, I can’t believe people buy from them, but I realize I’m not exactly their demographic.

      But from the reviews I have read and just looking at the products I can pretty much assure you it’s just repackaged private label cosmetics you can get else where.

      • RunningOnRainbows November 29, 2009 at 12:58 pm

        Haha it’s hard for companies to impress you! After reading so much about so many companies it’s hard to figure out who to buy from. I think I’ll just make my own stuff. I may as well since what I’d buy is the same thing. I have a 120 palette that I got for 30 dollars and looking at the ingredients they’re basically repackaged. They’re alright though I suppose and it wasn’t like it was expensive.
        xoxo :]

      • I love my 120 palette, although I don’t use it as much anymore since I’ve been finding all the amazing unique colors in MM.

        It’s not hard to impress me, it happens often, there is just so much that is mediocre out there.

        I don’t think the 120’s are repackaged. When someone says something is repackaged they mean someone else made it and is CLAIMING it as their own. Like B-Slap. They buy from a wholesaler and slap their offensive stickers on it and then say it’s THEIR makeup.

        I think the 120’s are just sold as palettes, no advertising or promotion to make them more exciting.

      • Wow i just saw their website and… theres no way i’d shop there. Maybe im not obnoxious enough? Totally off topic, but on their home page are those drag queens?

      • RunningOnRainbows November 29, 2009 at 8:10 pm

        Ohhhh! Yay then 😀 I love it and would be disappointed. I thought re-packaged meant the company just took mica that they bought, add fillers, and put it in a container and sell it for more. I get it now haha. I think the Bitch Slap thing seems ok. They have a before and after page of the makeovers, so most of the pictures aren’t of drag queens. I saw about 4 or 5 men on the makeover page. I look forward to a review from you!

        I didn’t see any written reviews that weren’t positive ones. I don’t know about the video ones. Who knows, Bitch Slap may not be too bad. 🙂 I’ll make a desision whether to buy when you do a review though haha. I think it’s mostly marketed at drag queens…maybe that explains the looks on the site. And you can get the original leopard print on the lid instead of the middle finger (I read that on a review I saw.)

  7. Hm. I really liked the ones I picked up, but I do think I had to layer the color on, but I don’t remember them being difficult to use. The Electro White bugged me because it said it’s supposed to have silver glitter and it always appeared gold to me.

    The Kiwi looks like it has HORRIBLE color payoff. The red and purple look pretty disappointing too.

    I think I was able to do some cute looks with the pressed but these days I definitely prefer loose shadows.

    You can see me in the indigo, teal and white here:

    • Yeah, these were just really bad. I tried a few different primers, and like people have been suggesting, wet, but nothing works 😦

  8. A little birdie told me that Medusa Makeup is repackaged Lady Burd Cosmetics (though I can’t be sure of this or not). Anyways, the other companies that sell this particular product claim this is intended to be used wet only, so, not sure if that helps or not.

    But hey, at least they were free 🙂

    • It’s possible that’s where some of it is from, but I do know a portion of it is actually blended minerals they ‘create’ themselves.

      Yup, can’t beat free!!

  9. It sort of looks like little girl’s play makeup. Poor colour and tooooo sparkly.

    Also, I looked up Bitch Slap Cosmetics after seeing the other comments. That must be THE most obnoxious website on the whole intertubes.

    • Sometimes I wonder if it’s honestly JUST me. Like it’s JUST me who thinks it’s offensive because I’m such a prude.

      • Nope. I don’t like Bitch Slap because of the name, I found it offensive, and I’m far from a prude. You’re not alone. *hug*

      • Awww, thanks 🙂

      • It’s not just you. I love the Detrivore names that some people I know might not care for (Psychopathia/Sexualis shadow, Leech blush), but to me the Bitch Slap brand is gross. Dope Fiend Bitch? Not if it were free.

  10. Shattered Howlett December 7, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    First ingredient in those shadows is talc. Anyone ever look at their MySpace?

    “We specialize in All Natural Mineral makeup. Our Eye Dusts and 100% pure pigment. We add no fillers such as talc to our products.”

    Spotting that alone sent up huge red flags for me. I also noticed how they refuse to list the ingredients of any of the face powders. They use phrases like “100% pure minerals” instead.

  11. Well I loved them and have been pretty happy with all my Medusa stuff. I have the Electro red but I found the sizing really odd. I guess for the price it’s still reasonable since I have other stuff that cost the same amount considering the price and sizing. But I’d have to agree with the very hard nature of the eyeshadow, it is very difficult to get it powdered up and I do risk damaging the brush because of this. Still the concentration of the colour is very good even though, as has been said, it needs a bit of layering. But what I like is that it is still that pigmented since a lot of other companies have problems getting the colour to get any more intense. Mind you I don’t have to use a base for Medusa’s eyeshadow and I don’t use primers anyway (strange since I love makeup to death). So for me thumbs up, and I hope to review them soon. Maybe you should give it another go, at least it was for free =P

  12. i have two of these, electro pink and electro indigo. i had no problems getting them to work dry. i love the pink one because it blends super easy and is vibrant without having to pack it on. here’s a pick of the electro pink with purple rain, i used electro indigo as a liner but you can’t really see it much: .

    that aside, i prefer loose pigments so i haven’t ordered any more of the pressed shadows.


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