December is almost  upon us, and while I know I’m going to be crazy busy, I also have a lot planned to post about.

The first two weeks of the month my best friend int he whole wide world will be visiting for two weeks.  We’re planning trips to Disney, to see AFI, the Zoo, Medusa, an IWNBTS show or two and lots of shopping.

In between all that I have planned :

  • A Sassy Mineral’s review.
  • A sample comparison post.
  • A Hi-Fi Cosmetics review. (She’s having a sale, go hit that before it’s too late.)
  • A few misc Etsy reviews.
  • A nice long ranty post about Archetype.
  • A Morgana haul post.
  • A super amazing new contest and giveaway.
  • Maybe a SheSpace review, if they ever answer my emails.
  • A Stardust review.
  • A Sobe haul post.
  • A super surprise review.

So I promise I won’t disappear altogether!


9 Responses to “Decemberunderground.”

  1. I am especially interested in hearing what you have to say about Archetype and SheSpace. 🙂

    I hope your visit from your best friend is awesome and wonderful and that time doesn’t pass too fast for you.

    I have noticed a lot of bloggers kind of throw etsy shops into one lump category…do you find that most MMU etsy shops are cut from the same cloth? That no one really stands out? Just curious, not hating. 🙂

    • Some Etsy shops are basically cookie cutters. I have a few I was disappointed from, hence the “misc Etsy”.

      But yes, there are a lot that stand out and deserve praise and will defiantly be receiving some from me soon!!

      • Awesome! The reason I ask is because for a few months now, I’ve been doing some research into making and selling my own MMU but I am not sure where to set up shop, so to speak. I looked at Etsy and had considered it but I’ve read a lot of negative reviews about Etsy shops lately and I certainly would not like to just be lumped in when I get started, simply because of where I’m selling from you know? 🙂

        It will probably be another year before I get on the internet with my creations but in the meantime it’s good to know that if I do end up on Etsy, there are people out there who won’t just lump me in because of the site I’m on. Thank you!

  2. I really like The She Space but I just wish they would answer to the emails, all emails… Many of my friends have said that they haven’t got any answer. I haven’t had problems, since I post in the forum (and private message there, if I had to do that). It’s just so important to answer to the mails you get. Have you tried to contact TSS in their forum? Owner of this company is very nice and creates stunning colors.

    Oh dear, Archetype… Nice products BUT…

    Contest+giveaway sounds VERY nice!

    • I’ve emailed about 6 times to various emails I’ve found around her site with no reply at ALL. I’m not very pleased…

      Lots of stuff coming up!!

  3. I like many of TSS products, but the owner is rather scattered and haphazard. Drives me friggin nuts.

    I’m censoring myself about TSS because I don’t want the fangrrrls to hunt me down and follow me around the internet.

  4. I hope you have a great time with your friend! I’m so jealous of your Disneyland excursion, I haven’t been in ages, and unfortunately, my birthday falls in the busy season (a week and a half before Christmas >.>), so the time when I’m finally in So Cal for break and my birthday, it’s too crowded to go.

  5. I’m kinda hoping you’re including GlitterSniffer in your “misc etsy” review! Heard many things about them, but not in the review-sense. My apologies if you’ve already reviewed them, but I hadn’t noticed if you have. Seems like every has impending GlitterSniffer reviews! Haha.