Sassy Minerals – A Review

After reading Ana’s review on Sassy, actually in the MIDDLE of reading her review, I started looking through the Sassy site and ended up placing a quick order.  Just to satisfy my curiosity.


Sassy’s site is easy to navigate.  It seems a little ‘stock’ to me, as if it’s all from a template, the images seem too too.  I realize that makes it professional, but it also seems a little cold somehow.  It’s somehow caught between feeling like a big companies website and a small businesses’.

They sell a variety of products,  face powders, blushes, shadows, and soon they’ll be adding lip glosses and the like.  Each category has several finishes like Shimmery or Silk Luster, which is more of a muted almost matte finish.

Each color is photographed in a jar, no swatches, so it’s sometimes hard to get a good idea of how the light might hit it, or how opaque it actually is, etc etc.

Your basket stays in the left sidebar, keeping a running tally and a list of items you’ve looked at trails down the right side.  Their prices seem really competitive, shadows are 4.25$ and samples are .75$ and come in a little sealed jar.

I ordered:

Gasoline Rainbow (Sample Size)
Heartache (Sample Size)
Refresh (Sample Size)
Vendetta (Sample Size)
Atomic (Sample Size)
Break The Silence (Sample Size)
Cocktail Party (Sample Size)
Jolt (Sample Size)
No Rules (Sample Size)
Pop Star Meltdown (Sample Size)
Rebellious (Sample Size)
Ruby Slippers (Sample Size)
Trust Me (Sample Size)
Exile (Sample Size)
Sorceress (Sample Size)

With shipping my order was under 15$.


I ordered on November 24th and my order arrived on November 28th.  Shipping is really quick, so that’s definitely a plus.

What struck me as odd was the shipping notice I received from them, it read, in part :

Ooh, girl! The goods are on their way!

Order #xxx has been shipped. You can check out the details below.

Let us know how you LOVE expressing your Sassy side!

Your Biggest Fans,
Team Sassy

It was just not really what I expected.  Ohh girl?!  As I mentioned the site seemed really cold, almost without personality and the email communications from them are just so, what is the word?  Familiar?  I didn’t exactly expect that, so maybe it’s just me?

Shipping is free on orders over 50$, all others are usually only around 3 -4 $.  There is no additional shipping and handling charge.

They don’t seem to have a minimum order.


My order arrived in a bubble mailer.  Inside the little jars where all in a little produce type net tied with a ribbon.  Included was my invoice with a written thank you and two extra sample jars.

Formula / Colors

The samples came in little 3gram jars with the little domed false bottoms.  They were each sealed with a little plastic wrap and each has a sticker on the top with the color name and what it is, being it Liner, Shimmer, or Silk Luster.

Not all the jars have the same amount, so I’m not sure if they are sold by weight or just by eyeballing it.  There is a size chart (Ana had to point it out to me) on each of the products ordering page that shows a little image of the size of the sample.  Some seemed to have about a gram of product, some had less.

The colors are all very beautiful, each seems to have quite a bit of depth.  The shimmery ones will go all over the place, so I really recommend a sticky base, such as a  paint pot or even some of Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy.

The Silk Luster’s have a really unique finish.  They are like a silky matte without the almost flat looking finish a lot of MM mattes have.  While it’s not shiny or shimmery, they are soft and opaque.

From top to bottom, left to right : Jolt, Ruby Slippers, Cocktail Party, Heartache, Break the Silence, Sorceress, No Rules, Vendetta, Pop Star Breakdown, Refresh, Spin the Bottle, Exile, Tempted, Atomic, Trust Me, Gasoline Rainbow, Rebellious.

Somehow I managed to do it again.  No Rules is a match for GDE Dirty Jeans, HN Hush a Bye, and BFTE Ocean Mist.

From left to right : No Rules, Ocean Mist, Dirty Jeans, and Hush a Bye


Would I purchase from Sassy Mineral’s again?  Yes.  I already have.

  • The price for the size is just beyond compare, even if some shades I got were similar to ones I already owned.
  • The Silk Lusters, while not really all that bright, have a wonderful finish I’m sure a lot of people will like.
  • The shipping is amazingly quick.

I’m pretty sure they are still working on their ‘image’ since the email’s were just so out of sync with how the site feels.  Hopefully they .75$ samples stick around, you can get quite a few new shades to try out for under 15$.

I’m hoping to be able to swatch some of the colors a little clearer later this week after my second order comes, just to be able to give you all a better idea of the amazing range of shades they have available.


I just got the shipping notice on my second order and they’ve already changed the wording 🙂

Great news! The goods are on their way!

Overall: /5

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20 Responses to “Sassy Minerals – A Review”

  1. I confess that I was looking at their website but it was exactly the website that did not steal my heart…
    While I was curious about some colors, it all felt kind of distant.
    I like Aromaleigh’s website (that has a professional look but with a personal touch). I also like Morgana Minerals. While it does not look really professional (and I don’t find it so easy to navigate), it really has personal touch and has some kind of feeling that matches the products (a dark feeling, I think. But happy too. I’m not being able to express myself, sry.)

    Still, Sassy’s website, while easy to navigate and looks professional… looks distant. x.x’

    So I was really impressed with the shipping note.

    • (by the way, feeling “close” while visiting a web shop is one of the top things that makes me buy. One of the reasons I never felt like trying MAC or buying NYX products at Brazil is ’cause they feel really really distant.)

  2. I really liked Sassy Minerals! They answer to the emails, send products quickly and I was very pleased with the quality 🙂 Only thing I’d like to know, is more about the company and people behind it! It would make the company more “personal” to me 🙂

  3. I, too, was impressed with the shipping speed. However, that shipping email was just weird, and I’m NOT a fan of this “Team whatever” garbage that’s all over the place these days. It made me feel odd, and not in a good way. I really like the products, though I think some of them might be a bit over hyped, like Gasoline Rainbow. Sure, it’s pretty in the jar, and swatched on your hand, but when you line with it, it’s just a dark smudge, and most of the insane sparkle is lost. That’s been my experience, though I admit maybe I’m doing it wrong.

  4. I’m the odd one out here, but I actually really like the website. I find it easy to navigate and it doesn’t hurt my eyes like all those damn black background ones.

    I really like Sassy as a company too. I love all the colors I recieved (and finally got around to swatching them last night!) and find them very unique! Plus, they answered my emails quickly and were very sweet. I do wish they would add a little more on the personal side, but they are such a brand new company, I don’t fault them for that.

    Thats so funny you got the same color again! It doesn’t look as “exact” as the others, but pretty damn close.

    What is the 7th color on the top row? I love it! It says “no rules” but thats the blue one, right?

    • I think that color is Vendetta. It’s a purple Silk Lustre. The Ruby Slippers is really that ‘start’ of that row, Jolt sort of takes up the front of both swatches, but probably should be listed on the bottom. Bah. Fail.

  5. I had the same reaction to their website. I’m sure that if they spruced it up a bit, and made it a little more distinctive, then they would become a hit.

  6. hmm, i might get some samples from them soon. its so nice that they come in a jar! i hate the little baggies. One question: what is their minimum order, i couldn’t find it when i was looking at the site.

  7. i see a few shades that look really pretty! You must really love that blue i don’t think you will ever run out

  8. I e-mailed Sassy back about their website, and also about them developing & selling an eyeshadow base this morning.

    They got back to me same day, with a long e-mail which read really well, telling them they were incredibly grateful for feedback and they agreed with everything I’d said. Apparently, when setting up, their limited budget meant they had to make some sacrifices and they chose functionality over style on the website, since it would have cost more to add more images, etc.

    They’re apparently testing different ways of photographing the products to get the interference to show without altering the base colour so that the photos are still accurate and show up the products well, and it’s a long-term project so they’ll be adding more product images and more inspiring stuff to the website. In addition, they’re already working on making a base for the eyeshadows and sounded pretty up on what it would need to do, etc, and that they’ve been working on it for some time.

    Considering they’re only a couple of months old, I think they’re almost there. They already know the issues we’ve identified and are working to fix them. And even more amazing? They told me they’re ALWAYS really happy to get shade ideas, requests, etc. So if you love their finishes and want to see a certain colour there, e-mail them and tell them. I’m especially going to do so with some of my other favourite eyeshadows that I’d like to be a bit more complex, or perhaps things like Archetype ones I want toned down.

    I’m glad you liked them, though. You see what I mean about them being much prettier once you get your hands on them to play with them? I ordered another 25 samples and 1 full-size two days ago.

  9. RunningOnRainbows November 30, 2009 at 7:26 pm

    The colors look so pretty! That’s always awesome when companies sell samples. Usually samples last me a long time too.

  10. I like your review 🙂
    I’m also glad that you liked the colors you tried.
    You already know my favorites :>

  11. I have to giggle when I picture a voice coming out of my computer saying OOOH GURL.

  12. Your reviews are fab. 🙂

    I was looking through your blog and I saw the swatches of Dirty Jeans, Hush a Bye, and Ocean Mist…and I noticed they looked A LOT like MAC’s Steel Blue. I have Hush a Bye..I got it as an extra when I ordered from HN, and I had Steel Blue so I had to swatch them to check it out.
    Left is HN Hush a Bye and right is MAC Steel Blue

    They’re pretty dang similar, too! Sorry for the crap pictures, but you get the idea, haha. Although, I feel like the formula is still a little different, HaB goes on more smoothly and SB is a little chunkier, with a little more blue to it, but nevertheless, it’s still the same. I know you have 4 of these colors, but I can send you a little sample of what I have so you can see for yourself.


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