Fyrinnae Follow Up

Just before Thanksgiving  I was suprised to receive an email from one of the partners at Fyrinnae.

He was very apologetic regarding my experience with the Lip Lusters and Eye Inks.  He’d suggested perhaps that color’s batch had been overcooked, which lead to the runny grainy texture of it.

He offered to replace my items right away.

I can’t think of customer service any better then approaching an unhappy customer and offering to correct the problem unasked.  So many companies would rather ignore the complaints.  Fyrinnae scores major points in my book.

True to his word, I received a replacement package Monday, wrapped very carefully with two extra goodies as way of apology.

As well as replacing my Lustre and my Ink, I also received a second mini size Lustre in Acidic Cherry and a small sample jar of Prince of Darkness eye shadow.  Both reds match each other brilliantly and shows someone really put thought into the extras, something that is above and beyond.

Have I changed my mind on the Lustres?

Yes, very much so.  These tubes seem to have a MUCH nicer consistency.  The red one is amazing, I’m so pleased they thought to include that for me.  I wore it last night when Krys and I went out, and it looks so amazing and wore very well.  Side by side there is a difference between the old purple and the new, so I can say with confidence it was a simple and easily corrected mistake and I will probably purchase some more of the mini tubes of Lustre.


After emailing a little bit I discovered that the faces behind Fyrinnae are men, so forgive me while I quickly edit the pronouns here 🙂  Also, he tells me :

We’re kind of odd about the free samples, and always try to make them at least coordinate with a customer’s purchase so someone buying all taupes won’t get a lime green sparkle shade in there.

I don’t find that odd at all!!  Well done!!


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  1. Yay! I’m so glad they righted things with you. I’ve been very pleased with their products and was disappointed to hear of your less-than-wonderful initial experience.

  2. The sample lip lustres I ordered were a bit grainy as well. I though they were just like that but maybe the ones I got were overcooked as well. I think I’ll order some more. I liked the ones I ordered despite the consistency. I got My Toi and Hair Dye, and I loved the colors.

  3. Nice to know! I had lost my interest in the lustres but now it’s back! XD
    What a lovely company! They really pay attention to their costumers!

  4. Oh, excellent customer service! I really like Fyrinnae! Just got my last order a few days ago and already planning to order more ;D

  5. Fyrinnae does have excellent customer service, something I’ve always loved about them. So do your new replacement, darker colors not bleed on your lips? =o

    • It is excellent, far more then many companies do these days.

      Nope, no bleeding at all!! The red is amazing, too.

      • Argh, that means that the batch I have was probably overcooked as well. But since I bought mine a year ago (and didn’t know that the darker lustres weren’t just formulated that way), I doubt that they’d replace the ones that I have.

    • Glad to hear that Fyrinnae contacted you!

      I have to say, though, I received my order including Lip Lustres a few days ago, and while I like the product, I’ve noticed a lot of bleeding with them. I noticed that the Lip Lustres apply well in thin layers as the website says and that bleeding is minimal.

  6. That is so awesome! Thank you for posting this. It’s so important to know who is really taking care of their customers and paying positive attention to their reviews. It is so nice to see a company go “Oh we’re sorry, let us try to fix that” instead of going on the defensive immediately.

  7. What amazing customer service! It’s wonderful that there are still companies out there that take responsibility for their products.

    • I have no reservations recommending them or any of their products to anyone. They totally stand behind everything they make.

      It is sad that it’s become so rare.

  8. Yay! I’ve always had great customer service from Fyrinnae. The staff has always answered my emails, and they’ve been very sweet.

    I’m so glad that you were able to try the lip lustres and understand why I’m so enamored with them 🙂

    • No, I totttttttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaly get it now. And I’m going to be broke!!

      • Their prices are thankfully reasonable. My favorites are Ryunome, Lollipop-pop, Glitter Kittiez, Acidic Cherry, Type A, Diabolic Masquerade, Shangri-La, and Amplifier. I like Meloncholy too.

        Their Ink in You Want me is amazing, though Paranormal Pink is cute and Thunderstorm is a GREAT grey shade.

        I think you might like their blushes, I have the sample sizes of Intrigue, Enchant, Mesmerize and Charm and like them.

  9. Dang, I should have done that! 😦 I got Dark Spiral too and I was soooo disappointed. Loved everything else, but that damn lip lustre was so blah. 😦 I’d heard great things about it, too!

    • It still is a little bit of an odd consistency, it’s not thick like a gloss… But I’m really liking it

  10. RunningOnRainbows December 2, 2009 at 5:18 pm

    That’s so cool that they pay so much attention to their customers! I wish more companies were like that. I wonder if all those fledgling high-brow companies realize if they did that people would talk about it and they’d get a lot of buzz and in turn make more money.

  11. I love that they include similar colors for samples; I really hate getting a sample of something that i know i’ll never use! I’m foaming at the mouth here waiting to order from them >.<

    • I order a lot and get a ot of really odd samples. So I really like when companies either give you the choice to pick your colors or like Fyrinnae, pays attention!

  12. I think Fyrinnae is my fav for customer service. I ordered the eyeshadow primer and it was really runny and I mentioned it in a review and they were really nice and sent me a second one and sent an arcane shadow sample as well. I totally didn’t even expect a second sample but I got one!
    I’ve been wanting to try those lip lustres for so long! As soon as I am done “holiday collection” shopping I’m going back to Fyrinnae. I love the “Hair Dye” colour on-line. I go there to make a sample cart to get an idea of how much to save but it adds up so fast!

    • I’m trying very hard to refrain myself from placing another order. I have to make it through Disney on Saturday, then I’ll see what I have left over to spend!

  13. wow, reading that made me smile. that’s so awesome that not only did he apologize, he knew immediately what was wrong 😀 definitely a company to add to my christmas shopping list! too bad the site is down at the moment though.

    • They really do know their products and there is no doubt they make everything they sell themselves. I love supporting companies like that.


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