The She Space – A Review


The She Space, or About Face Cosmetics website is really very basic.  The menu runs down the left hand side bar and you navigate from there.

When ordering shadows you find the color you want, searching down one long scrolling page and then type your color into a box.  When you hit enter it opens a second page, keeping your order in a Paypal based checkout.  I’ve mentioned before I’m not really a huge fan of the non-integrated checkout system.  I found myself clicking back and forth between pages as I tried to figure out what shades would be in my final order, I usually add a little bit of everything I’m interested in, and then sit and look over then again, picking the most unique shades or the ones I am drawn to the most.

They sell a large selection of colors, some assorted finishing powders and blushes, as well as a line of Astrology based shadows.  The prices seem fair, each shadow is 4.50$ for a 3gram jar.

I ordered:

Lives for Drama

Oh You Jealous Girl – from the Taurus line

Take the Cake

School Girl

Toast the Traitor

Root of Evil

Slightly Insane


I ordered on November 15th.  I checked around the site and saw a notice on the Customer Service page that orders take about 10 business days to ship, and once they do I will receive a shipping notice and a tracking number.

I emailed a couple of days after placing the order asking about ingredients and wondering if I’d be getting an invoice.  I never received an reply.  I emailed a total of four more times, each time asking about the company, shipping times, would I get an invoice, etc etc.  I never received a reply.

My order arrived on December 03, I never received a shipping notice or a tracking number.

Shipping Costs WITHIN the USA
Up to $20.00:  $2.00
$20.00-$50.00:  $3.00
$50.01-$100.00:  $5.00
$101.00-$550.00:  $5.50

International Orders:
For all International Orders, we ship USPS Air Mail and the following fee schedule applies:
From(USD) To(USD) Rate(USD)
0.01 20.00 3.00
20.01 50.00 4.00
50.01 100.00 6.00
100.01 500.00 8.00
500.01 and up 10.00

There is no additional shipping and handling charges.


My shadows arrived in a bubble mailer, they were enclosed inside a plastic bag inside with one of the pink shadows leaking, the lid wasn’t on tight.  There was a small handwritten thank you note, but no invoice (which I had emailed about) and no samples.

Colors / Formula

The shadows come in small 3gram jars (5 gram jars with false domed bottoms).  They did not have sifters.  Some were packed full that when I opened the top they puffed all over and some were not as full.

OH YOU JEALOUS GIRL: Rich blue based pink-berry shimmer with just a hint of iridescent voilet twinkle.

This color is a very muted fuchsia with almost no discernible iridescent at all. It’s very close to a few other mica’s I already have.

TAKE THE CAKE: Vivid pink with a hint of magenta.

This is a soft cotton candy pink with a little iridescent to it.

SCHOOL GIRL: Bubble gum pink with a shimmering layer of copper and violet.

This actually looks like a slightly subdued version of Take the Cake.

LIVES FOR DRAMA: Soft melon berry

This is a really pale pinky melon shade that almost seems like baby powder in the jar, it’s really fine and almost matte.

ROOT OF EVIL: Blackened Purple with a twinkling layer of baby blue, lilac and hot pink.

Thist seems more like a dark grey then a purple, and it’s not very opaque.  The twinkles are very subtle and you have to catch it just right in the light to see all three different sparkle colors.

TOAST THE TRAITOR: sky blue with a kiss of teal.

I see almost no teal in this, it’s more of a very light baby blue.

SLIGHLY INSANE: True lime green.

This is a very pale almost baby mint color, not a lime green at all.

All in all I am really disappointed in the colors.  Looking at the site I compared to the descriptions I was just assuming they were slightly washed out photos (you can see some of them seem almost out of focus).  But when I received the shadows I realized they were just really bad descriptions.  They are almost nothing like I expected, the three pinks, Lives for Drama, School Girl, and Take the Cake are all so similar they look the same in low light.

From top to bottom, left to right : Oh You Jealous Girl, Take the Cake, School Girl, Lives for Drama, Root of Evil, Toast the Traitor, Slighly Insane

They don’t seem very pigmented at all, I’m assuming it’s because there is more base then raw mica in their formula.  I tried to apply them wet to see if there was a difference.  Foiled they are still very soft and muted colors and they seem to dry a little dusty.


Would I purchase from The She Space / About Face Cosmetics again?  No.

  • The colors are really washed out and not true to the website at all.
  • No one replied to my multiple emails, there was no customer service.
  • I’m not crazy about the shipping time, which was longer then expected.

Overall: /5

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30 Responses to “The She Space – A Review”

  1. My experience with The She Space was that the quality was hit or miss. The colors would not say sheer in the description, yet they’d be sheer.

    Nice to see your review and that I’m not the only one who feels their quality is hit or miss.

    • Nope, not just you. I was really looking forward to it, so it was sort of a let down.

      I linked the websites images of the colors to the descriptions so you can see how off they were from what I actually got. As I was writing and leaking I was sort of shocked.


  2. hmm, well that killed my curiosity! I was considering an order, but this, along with the shopping cart weirdness, decides it.

    thorough as always 🙂

    • Thanks! I try 🙂

      I’m actually giving these shadows away, they are so blah I don’t think I can salvage them enough to use them…

  3. I’ve seen the website once but it did not get me interested…
    Shame they’ve disappointed you! >.<
    Your last review on the lustres in making me think of a Fyrinnae order on February though….. x.x''''

  4. The She Space was the very first website I saw when I did a search for mineral makeup a few weeks ago and after browsing around, I was pretty convinced it was not a real site after all. Then I saw you were planning a review and I thought to myself that if I thought that was a test site, or a preview of a potential site, but that it was the real site, a review of the products would probably reveal them to be somewhat sketchy and, as Phyrra said, hit or miss. Though I suspect more miss than hit.

    Thank you for posting this. 🙂

    • I agree. The site seemed ‘unfinished’ and when I originally went to check them out before ordering I swore I must have had the wrong url, too!!

  5. Hello,
    I am just writing to say that I am, in part, surprised by your experience with The She Space. I’ve been ordering from this site for a little over a year, and have hundreds of TSS pigments. First, the parts I agree with:
    1. The lack of a packing invoice is VERY annoying. The owner, Heather, has indicated that she would begin including an invoice. However, this was several months ago, and still no invoice. I have had to email twice about missing or wrong items, and they were replaced along with a nice bonus. I do get a Paypal invoice, but then I have to check my email against my order, which is inconvenient to say the least.
    2. Shipping times are usually quite long. It is frustrating to have to wait up to 3 weeks for an order. This is another reason why that invoice is needed; I just can’t remember what I ordered for that long. I keep ordering for 2 reasons; the pigments are gorgeous and priced right, and it is a small, woman-owned company. I think she only has a few employees, which helps to keep prices down.
    3. As far as customer service, I have always gotten a reply to my emails within a few hours; every time. I don’t know why you didn’t get a response. That seems pretty unusual to me, however I have occasionally seen others on the message board with the same response.
    4. Pictures on the website can be fuzzy.
    And as for what I disagree with, I love the quality of the pigments I have ordered, which is why I have so many! Honestly, I am curious why you ordered 3 pinks that, to me, do look fairly similar in the pictures (aside from Oh You Jealous Girl.) To be fair strictly to the quality of the pigments themselves, it might have been better to order some that were more different from each other.
    As far as the pigments being sheer, the owner has said that she does not use dyes in any of her products. I have wished for some more opaque mattes; these are just not to be found at TSS.
    I do agree that sometimes the descriptions are not quite right. For example I was looking for a peridot green once, and ended up with a soft minty blue-green. However, in my experience, more often than not, the descriptions are great and right-on.
    If you are interested, I’ve included a list of some of my favorite colors. I would honestly encourage you to give the pigments a second try, because they are just gorgeous on the whole. Currently, there is a sale going on, in which pigments are only $3.50, and kits can be broken up if they are ordered from the sale page.
    A few standouts:
    1. Scorpio: Silent Stare
    2. Leo: Whirling Golden Devils*
    3. Cancer: Pearl World, Crystal Wind, and Celestial Glow (I loved this entire collection!)
    4. Gemini: Yin and Yang* and Harmony in the Heavens
    5. Aquarius: Fisher Queenie, Groovin’ Guppy*
    6. October Limited Edition: Make Momma Proud*, High Glam*
    Regular line:
    1. Rockin’ Egyptian
    2. Looked and Leaped
    3. Swim With the Fishes*
    4. Next Stop Oz
    5. Into the Smoke
    6. Powder Burn*
    7. Lucifer’s Chariot*
    8. Vintage Advantage*
    9. Typical Mania
    * Of these, my absolute favorites are marked with this star.

    • Honestly? I thought I WAS buying three totally unique shades of pink. I thought I was buying a light, a medium and a dark shade that would all compliment each other, and they were all so badly described and photographed they ended up the same.

      And I’m also very sorry to disagree, but I don’t find them to be very good quality. I think they are really diluted to many of the other (better) companies I use.

      Have you tried any other brands?

      Thank you for your recommendations. If I ever do order from her again in the future, I will keep them in mind.

      • Hello again,
        I have tried a few other companies. I started with the ubiquitous Bare Minerals, but was turned off because of pricing, itching, lack of variety, and general lack of creativity. I think perhaps Bare Minerals USED to be an innovative company, but they have turned into the WalMart of mineral makeup. (Sorry to those who love them!)
        I have also tried Aromaleigh, Jessie’s Girl, Meow, and several other companies of which I cannot remember right now; however I admit that my experience is not super-extensive.
        While I do like many of those other brands, I’ve found that I’m not finding much of what I haven’t already seen. I buy samples and compare those to what I already have, and I usually have something close enough that I can’t justify the cost. The exception to this is the Aromaleigh samples I just got about 2 weeks ago; I did find a few unique things in there. This is, in part, why I read blogs- I am always open to finding something new and wonderful!
        I also wanted to thank you for your response, which was mature, honest, and gentle. I was hoping that my comments would be received in the manner in which they were intended. I was glad to see that they were!

        In conclusion, while The She Space is not a perfect company, I love that it is a woman-owned company with a heart, fair pricing, and (in my opinion! 🙂 pretty pigments. I do hope that you will give them a second try in the future, and that your experience is a lot better! But if not, there are a wealth of companies out there doing amazing things with minerals.
        For fun, I included a link to some quality swatches from my online friend anklebyter:

      • Give Aromaleigh a try. I’ve bought many, many colors from them and only two were less than fabulous. Do make sure to use a primer with their shadows. At least for me, all minerals tend to fly off into the atmosphere without any primer or base.

        There’s always some kind of sale on, there are coupons, and they constantly come out with new stuff. Their shipping is lightning fast and they never screw up on me. And they have shaker tops in the jars.

  6. I got mine a few days ago and just got the chance to explore them today. Pretty much the same conclusions as you – photographs are darker than reality, and descriptions are way off. I got Slightly Insane, as well.

    I love the colours they are (although they’re all quite sheer) but they’re certainly not as advertised. I don’t regret buying though, because I happen to love mint greens and– well, now I have 9 more.

    • I have more pinks, now. Although they are all sheer and the same basic color 🙂

      Would you order from them again?

  7. I might. I can’t say yet – if the eyeshadows I bought go on pigmented and apply well, then yes, because I like the colours that they are even if they weren’t what I was expecting. Plus it’s cheap, and I like how the formula applied to my hand.

    If they’re too sheer or a pain to build up though, then no. I’ll let you know after I’ve tried them on my eyes.

  8. I do have a neutral shade from them, though “The Mirror Loves Me” which TR sent me in one of her lovely packages to me, and that’s the shade I ADORE which looks gorgeous on and actually turned me on to trying neutrals.

  9. I’ve has hits and I’ve had misses with The She Space. The latest one seems to be a miss which might kill my readiness to try out the piggies once and for all.

    I made an order in late October. I only got the Paypal confirmation of the order. Nothing else. I e-mailed Heather a total of 4 times and I finally got a reply when I opened a Paypal dispute last week. There had been some problems with international orders and she said she had e-mailed about it to everyone on the mailing list. I never got that e-mail.

    I agree, the colour descriptions are often off. I ordered from the now sold out Storypeople collection and I think those were the colours that were most pigmented from TSS.

    When there are such companies as Aromaleigh, Meow, Fyrinnae and Sassy Minerals, I don’t think I’ll need to give TSS another try. I know that this may sound harsh and I’m sorry if it upsets someone but I think if you’ve given something a fair try (in my case about 4 tries) and you’re not happy, then you can move on.

    • I will confirm that the international packages at the end of October have not been received. Heather did send an email I believe Nov 30 advising that she was remailing all orders from Oct 25 to 30. Mine usually take two weeks to the day so I’m only 1 day overdue.

      As for trying other companies, that’s why there are others out there. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. Right now I seem to be liking Aromaleigh, Meow, Sassy and Stardust. I have over 200 shadows from TSS and just need something different.

  10. Shattered Howlett December 7, 2009 at 7:34 pm

    I gave She Space a shot last month, placing an order just after Halloween (November 2nd, I believe). The online-printed postage label says it was mailed November 18th, and I received it on November 23rd.

    I will confirm that Slightly Insane is not lime whatsoever. I ordered it as well, specifically because the description said it was lime. Maybe if you squint really hard and turn off the lights, it would pass for that key lime pie color. Maybe.

    Most of the colors I received (I just counted – 43) are not close to their description or picture. Most are very close to each other, near dupes (I ordered a lot of greens, aquas, teals, and blues), even though they shouldn’t be. Two actually were dupes of each other – Blueberry Crush Haze from the September LEs and Innate Optimist from the Libra collection. Heather did respond to my email about it, believing that the person who packed my order made a mistake in the packing (it sounds like they pack each order when they prep it, rather than having the products pre-packed and just grabbing the ones they need for each order).

    The problem is, those two colors, however the mistake happened, also turned out to be TKB repack. I have the exact same color from Taylor Made (who, btw, repacks much of her colors but completely denies it) and from TKB via Aromaleigh (Pure Hue in Peacoat).

    Hit and miss, okay, but I got a complete miss of an order and won’t be going there again, either.

    • Wait. You ordered 43 colors? Full sized or samples? I thought I was bad 🙂

      I’m glad it’s not just me. I see so many people who SWEAR by them, and I just do not get it.

      • Shattered Howlett December 8, 2009 at 4:30 pm

        Oh, only samples, thank goodness! I always buy samples before I consider full-size jars.

        If I had purchased the full-size jars, I’d probably be trying to get my money back with a PayPal dispute.

  11. I tried them today. All of mine were velvets, matte-ish with a bit of shimmer. I’m astounded at how shit and sheer they are.

    I actually gave up on my EOTD with them, took it all off and used Aromaleigh instead. I tried applying Slightly Insane wet over a paint pot (the way I do ALL mineral make-up) and it clumped up to hell and looked absolutely awful. So I cleaned it off, dried it, re-applied my paint pot and applied it dry using the MAC 239. Usual dab and pat method.

    After… about 10 minutes and so many coats I had fallout all over my face, you could STILL see my lid colour (Painterly paint pot) through the eyeshadow in the middle. Not only that, but any “lime green” it had in the pot vanished as soon as it got on my eye, it just looked white. I tried shading in some Rocket Launcher into the crease and the difference was barely noticable, and then Scared Silly which is described as “electric teal” and all I saw was the faintest amount of sky blue.

    I’ll be trying again to have something to post, but here’s the one I just abandonned. UGH.

    You see any “electric teal” or “true lime green” on there? Fuck me, this shit is terrible.

    • Oh, I know. I tried to foil some, which is how I apply my base, a wet coat and then blend it on dry. It came out like MUD there is SO much clay base in them, it’s ridiculous.

      How they have so many fans I honestly just don’t get.

      • See, I’m too lazy to foil most of the time. I feel like if I _have_ to foil, the color just isn’t that good. I’m able to get good results with Fyrinnae and Aromaleigh, etc, without foiling.

        That’s probably why I just don’t think that well of TSS.

  12. I thought that – but the ingredients (if you can find them) don’t list any clay? You know more about them than I do.

    Powder Pigments: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Ultra Marines, Chromium Oxide Green, and Ferric Ferrocyanide (FF is generally only used in our brightest blues and purples)

    • There has GOT to be clay in them. Nothing else listed would make them so dusty and chalky when wet or make them so dull sheer.

      Something’s just not right.

  13. I e-mailed her listing my specific eyeshadows and explained what happened when I applied them wet, and asked for an accurate ingredients list.

  14. I ordered eye shadows from TSS for the first time during the big sale and wasn’t disappointed at all with the colors but I must say, I did a lot of research and color comparison on the TSS forum before choosing and also read blog postings about them. I tried to choose colors I didn’t already have and also looked for colors that had “something special” and I ended up ordering more from the LE collections but also got some beautiful purples from the regular collection.

    I gave up a lot of colors after seeing FOTDs or swatches on the forum (Take the cake being one of them) and noticing the description and what I saw on the photos didn’t match at all. For example Kitty kat ( seems to be amazingly vibrant and pigmented coral orange but if you look at this FOTD from the forum ( you can see it’s completely different on lids. It was a lot of work going through the photos and cannot be expected from the customers (believe me, I won’t be doing it again anytime soon) but I just wanted to make sure I was ordering unique colors since I was mostly going for the full sizes. On the other hand, I found a lot of beauties from the swatches(like the Scorpio line) that I hadn’t even considered based on the descriptions and photos on the TSS shop.

    I do agree the shipping is terrible and they really should send shipping notifications and include the invoice. I don’t like the fact that they offer so many LEs but we can’t order the samples first since the collection will be retired by the time we get the samples. Also they really should stop making shady explanations about the shipping problems. I did get a quick reply and refund from Heather when some of the samples were missing from my order but it would’ve been nice if there was a note in my package telling me why they weren’t there in the first place. I also experienced a bit of leaking with few of the jars and some of them were too full and spilled when I opened them.

    Still the colors I got are really pigmented and I haven’t had any problems with blending or fall outs. Also I haven’t found the colors to be similar with each other even though I got loads of purples for example. There’s always something in the colors (metallic, pinks, magentas etc) that make them look unique. If the customer service (including shipping information, invoices and color descriptions) and shipping time will improve I’ll order again but for now I’m going to wait and see..

    • Ha. You should have seen the shipping times when she opened her site. It was about 4-5 weeks before they even went out the door! I’ve never been pleased with the unreasonably long shipping times, and am frequently annoyed by the owner promising something, and then not delivering when it was promised. Very annoying.


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