It’s up to you…


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  1. looks like everybody likes a god rant 😀

  2. I love a good rant!

  3. Archetype because Phyrra had really disappointing service with them recently after using them for ages.

  4. I personally would like to see what you have to say about Archetype, and I hope your rant will inspire many people to NOT order from her. I ordered from them back then when they opened, and the TAT was about a month — not a huge problem. However, the second order I made on April 28, I didn’t hear anything at all. I ended up filing a PayPal claim and escalated it. PayPal ruled in my favor, and funds were recovered (thankfully). On July 14th, I got something in the mail, but it was a VERY wrong and incorrect order. I never ever received a response to any of my emails or follow up through PayPal.

    It makes me so mad that she still takes orders when she can’t respond to any of her customers. Very sad since I truly enjoyed the products she had. The BPAL forums have a bunch of people who were ripped off in some shape or form by Archetype. 😦

  5. Rant indeed. I ordered and recieved NOTHING. No responses to emails, ugh. And I completely forgot that I ordered and by the time I realized it, it was too late to file a claim. D:


  6. I have had huge problems with them as well. I am just a sucker for the colors. I got my first order no issue, placed another order last November, they lost it and it took 6 MONTHS to get a response and finally a refund. I placed a third order after being assured there were no more issues like that and got it quickly with no issue. I placed my 4th and final order July 5th and waited for over a month with no response…finally I sent a few e-mails and myspace messages but by the time I filed a dispute it was past the deadline with paypal so I filed a BBB dispute to which they never responded. I got the e-mail from the BBB today saying that the company never responded and there is nothing further they can do. So i’m out 30 bucks worth of product and I will NEVER order from them again. I should have learned my lesson the first time but I just love the colors, now I’m looking for dupes especially for goddess of destruction, devils road and brat prince if anyone has any ideas lol