She Space – A Follow Up

It seems really odd to me that since I’ve posted my She Space review that I’ve suddenly gotten a number of ‘anonymous’ comments to that post, all saying just about the same thing, and all from the about the same 3 IP addresses.

Since the review went up I’ve checked my stats and I’ve been getting about 20+ hits a day searching for the phrase review+she space.  Which, trust me, is oddly out of proportion to the amount of other searches that bring people here.

I thought I’d take the time and remind everyone I do not allow anonymous comments, no matter how long or ‘well thought out’ you think they are.

But I will take the time to respond to what seems to be the underlying theme to the comments.

-I’m a makeup snob.

To me, a makeup snob would brag about buying MAC, Dior, and MUFE all the time, all of the more well known, name brand, and expensive products.  I routinely post that 10$ is way too much for me to pay for an eye shadow.

– I purposely bought three of the same shade of pink.

I don’t get this.  Why would a company even MAKE three of the same shades?  I thought I was buying, according to the descriptions and the pictures on the site, three distinct colors.

A dark, a medium, and a light.

I ordered pinks because I LIKE pinks and thought that these shades would compliment each other nicely.

– These are some of the best quality eye shadows available and I’m only upset I wasn’t sent them free.

I’ve only ever reviewed ONE THING I’ve ever gotten free, and that was the Hi-Fi Mattes from Aromaleigh and I stated they were a gift to review.  The Medusa Pressed Shadows were a gift and I just happened to review them.

I paid for these, I have the right to review them and give my honest opinion.

As far as the claim these are some of the best shadows, I cannot disagree more.  I know a lot of people will disagree and be upset, and I don’t mean to offend anyone.  But I have a LOT of experience in purchasing, wearing, testing, and mixing mineral shadows.  These are by no means even a ‘good’ quality shadow.

Website description and images aside, the formula is suspect.

Although she doesn’t list kaolin as an ingredient, it seems to me that the shadows I received are heavily cut with clay as a filler.  You can see this when the shade is applied and it’s not vibrant but sheer and dusty, but it’s most obvious when the shadows are ‘foiled’ or applied wet.  Foiling is supposed to increase the vibrancy and wear, but when my mixing medium of choice was added the She Space shadows basically turned into mud.

The top is Slightly Insane swatched over a primer and then foiled with Fix+.  Notice how it’s chalky and cakey when dry.

The middle is another brand of shadows that I know is cut with clay.  Notice it has the same properties as the She Space, it’s dusty and caked.

The bottom is a well known brand that does NOT use clay in their shadows.  Notice how the foiled color is thick, opaque, and vibrant.  It’s smooth and does not crack when dry.

– If I was really that serious about getting a reply, I would have created an account on the message boards and posted my questions there.

Really?  I should go through all that trouble just to post what was, at that point, a customer service complaint?  I tend to be a bit more tactful and polite then to log in just to complain when all the business needs to do is answer an email.

– I should support She Space because it’s a woman owned and operated business.

This one gives me the lulz.  I’m by no means a feminist, but I’ll support companies that make good product and supply excellent customer service.  And while 95% of the companies I shop with are woman o and o’ed, the business with the some of the most outstanding customer service has been Fyrinnae, which is run by DUDES.

If you’re going to take on the responsibility of a business, take people’s money and promise them a product, you can’t then fall back on the claim of ‘I’m just a girl’ when things get rough and expect that to be an excuse.


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  1. Yeah, I’ve never understood why the gender of a proprietor is supposed to goad me into purchasing from them or accepting a lower standard of service or quality. I used to work for a small business owner who pulled that line whenever it was convenient. It’s just as anti-feminist and lazy as the cliche woman flirting her way out of a speeding ticket!

  2. I love TheSheSpace’s colors that I’ve bought, and I’ve bought over 200 of them – and, interestingly enough, all of the colors that I’ve sampled and haven’t liked have come from her permanent line, same as the shades you selected (though I have liked more than not, from the permanent line). I haven’t had the chalkiness issue, but I haven’t purchased from her permanent line in quite some time, so maybe the formula’s changed. I know that the customer service has always been slow, and the quantity has decreased, AND there are some other issues that get outright ignored. I don’t love those aspects of TSS, but I do love some of the colors that she’s come out with – so I keep an eye toward them, and if there’s anything that looks striking I’ll get a sample and see if I want it fullsized. That’s my choice, though, and it’s not everyone’s choice or experience. Everyone has a right to use, or not use, whatever products they choose for whatever reasons they choose.

    But ragging on someone for not liking the product? That’s as pointless as bitchenundgripen at someone for “applying the pigment wrong” – there’s no One True Way, there’s different methods depending on personal style, and if person A applies it thusly and person B applies it thisly and both are happy, what’s the gripe?

    Stridently saying that you should support a company because it’s a woman-owned and -run business? Uh, no. Either you treat women equally, or you treat them “specially” because of their gender – and to me, any special treatment because of something inbuilt like gender or haircolor or height or any number of other things.

    You should support a business if you like the product, service, and conduct of the people behind it. I’ve been moving away from some businesses because of their conduct, even though I really like the product – the conduct is on the border of bad form to me, and so I won’t be buying from them any more. If you like a business and their product, you support them. If you don’t, you don’t. Simple as that.

    The packs of folks out trying to shame people into saying or acting a certain way (I’ve seen this happen before with TSS fans, sadly enough) is a gigantic load of poo.

    I happen to disagree with your final conclusion about TSS, but you know what? This is your review, based on your experience and your method of applying the product and your preferences. It’s posted on your site. Others have different opinions, experiences, and reviews, and they are allowed to post them.

    (So there nyah.)

    Keep your review up, ignore the trolls, leave them to their ill-mannered behaviors.

    • Sorry – sentence fragment in there. Meant to say

      “and to me, any special treatment because of something inbuilt like gender or haircolor or height or any number of other things sounds very much like the kind of discrimination that so many rail against (not getting a job because of age or looks, not getting a house because of ethnicity, not getting a promotion because of gender, et cetera).”

      Morning coffee hadn’t kicked in when I composed my reply. Sorry about that…

  3. I almost wonder if people are being told to leave comments on your blog. How childish. Not every product will work for every person.

    I agreed with your assessment, as it matched mine, that the quality of the products by TSS is hit and miss. The shade descriptions are not accurate for every color, nor are the pictures.

    While Electric Lust was supposed to a vivid peacock blue, it was a watered down blue to me. Cryptic Wisdom was nice. Save the Trolls was ok. Wasted Space was a HUGE disappointment to me as it was sheer when it wasn’t described that way at all. I liked High Drama, but it was sheer and described as such. First Class Con was a nice highlighter, but it sort of emphasizes how I feel about some of the shades and descriptions.

    When someone says washed out colors, I tend to think of TSS.

  4. it always makes me suspicious when people come out vehemently defending a company like you made some sort of personal attack against their family or something. I like a lot of makeup companies, but I’m not about to go and insult someone because they don’t also like that company. At most I’d tell them what I like about the company in question and why, and leave it at that.
    Silly people are silly.

  5. I read your review of The She Space and my response, even as someone who loves those pigments, was simply “well written review”. You stated your opinions and experiences clearly without resorting to bashing her or the company. I’ve reviewed stuff that I hated that other people loved and got the same responses. I’ve also found quite a few of the pigments to be sheer when not described as sheer but I’ve had much better luck with her limited edition shades.

    Anyway, you’ve inspired many a lemming and I’m looking forward to your next reviews!

  6. I like TSS pigments (especially LE collections) a lot but I don’t undertand those (suprise surprise) anonymous comments… :-O Those comments really do not make things better.

    I haven’t had problems of getting response from TSS but unfortunately some of my friends have told me that same thing… I hope it will get better!

  7. Not a feminist? Shame on you. On topic, why is it that when bloggers give an honest negative review the harpies come out? Don’t like that you can’t secure a positive review ? A voice out of control? Silence it with spamming and other underhanded tactics!

  8. Shattered Howlett December 8, 2009 at 4:39 pm

    Wow. If it’s bunches from the same few IPs, either you’ve got some bats**t fanatics or people who actually work for TSS. Try looking up the IPs, see where they’re originating from?

  9. “Why would a company even MAKE three of the same shades?”

    I lol’d. Exactly, why would they make three incredibly similar shades? How the hell are you supposed to pick between them if the descriptions are so off?

    I’ll never order from them again. I got a reply to my question about ingredients pretty quickly and I’m still confused by it, I’m going to run it past some of the girls at the Mutiny with more experience in MMU ingredients than I.

    I’m not a feminist, either, by the way. But I don’t think that’s any great secret.

  10. Well said, LiAnn. I agree with all your opinions about special treatment vs. equal treatment.

    I love how you and Grey actually DISAGREE in your overall opinions regarding TSS, yet there is no animosity between you. This shouldn’t be rare, people!

    I am really enjoying my learning experience as I become a “regular” on certain blogs. (well, regular reader, maybe not such a regular poster, but I digress…)

    I am not spending money on myself so much this month, but come January, my choices will be fairly easy. Some business owners are making it so easy for me to trim them from my list.

    Sheesh. Some people need to grow up.

  11. I’d love to chimes in. I used to love TSS, since they’re my first comapny regarding minerals without all that bad perservatives and run by women. However, my opinions have wavered a bit. In “about TSS” page, she stated that she “does not load up her stuff with iron oxides”; yet, in her customer service page, where some of her ingredients are, she stated there is indeed “Iron Oxides”. Isn’t this contradictory? Go look for it, it’s weird.

    See this specktra thread, it shows that some (not a lot) of TSS colors are repacks.
    Although I have to agree that some of her colors are pretty and nice; others aren’t that special. overall, I would buy from TSS in the future, but with caution. Nicely comapred!

  12. I am a feminist, but I think it is so very daft to support a company just because you and the owner are both women. That’s not feminism, that’s a coincidence.

    • I completely agree with this! I am a feminist because I believe in female rights, the right to vote, the right to make free choices, etc. I think feminism has sadly had it’s name dragged through the mud!

      • Same here. People have completely the wrong idea about feminism and it is, at it’s heart, the idea that women are equal to men. I find it lulzy that so many women don’t seem to support this 😛

  13. Fangrrls, I’m tellin’ ya. It seems like whenever one of ’em smells a less than stellar review, they all come out of the woodwork and go a little nuts.

    As for TSS shades being repacks, as alleged on Spektra, well, I doubt that. Similar colors to others? Sure. After all, she does have some deliberate dupes on her site, if I recall correctly. Similar to other TSS colors? Sure, again. Deliberate repackaging? Doubt it. The swatches on the Spektra thread are poorly done, IMO, and it’s difficult to determine all the nuances from them.

    That said, I do enjoy some of the TSS colors, though my acquisition has slowed a lot lately. How many purple eye shadows does one really need? Wait, never mind, bad example. The answer is “all of them”. 😀

    • Shattered Howlett December 11, 2009 at 11:18 pm

      For the record, those swatches on Specktra are mine.

      It was two colors out of the 43 I ordered, and as I aknowledged there, I trust that she blends most of her shades. However, the two shades that I got, however the mispack worked, were identical to each other and identical to both a Taylor Made shade, who is a known to repack much of her shades, and a TKB shade. I also made fresh new swatch photos for Heather when I emailed her about the issue.

      I said that those two colors I received were problem, nothing more. I just wanted to clear that up.

      Though, I do have to ask, for her accusation of other people copying her as her response to my email, why would she be making deliberate dupes?

  14. First of all I don’t think buying makeup from women has anything to do with feminism, that’s just rubbish. I like to support companies owned by women but only if their products are worth it. I’m not paying for something just because how the seller is equipped.

    Second, I think your reviews are always very informative. You state your opinions coherently and give reasons why you like something or why you don’t. You don’t just say “the packaging is cute, I love this product” or “I didn’t like the blue, don’t buy from this company”. I think some people might even feel threatened because how well you can give supporting information for your statements and opinions. Usually when you have “hard data” and a well-written negative review, some people seem to go nuts. It’s like mass hysteria: people don’t want their dreams and hopes to be ‘crushed’. And some people will not accept any negative criticism towards a company they feel strongly about.

    I wish I could write such well formulated reviews as you. But I’m such a scatterbrain that even if I think that I have stated something very clearly, I go back to read it again and I go “wow, will people actually understand what I’m saying?”. So keep up the good work. I think there are a lot of us who appreciate it.

  15. I really hope all the negative comments you bloggers get after giving a bad review won’t make you hold back when you’ve had a bad experience with some products or some companies. I’m sure it’s quite intimidating to have people raging at you because you didn’t share their feelings about something but it’s really important that you guys give your honest opinion or there’ll be no point for you to even make reviews.

    Stay strong you guys, we need you 🙂

  16. I’m so glad that you are here giving us honest reviews. That’s what I base so many of my purchases on. I for one am grateful, so hang in there!

  17. I really enjoy reading your blog, even if I’m a “new” reader. 🙂 I don’t think you need to apologize or defend anything you’ve said. You’ve done a great job informing people of the type of products they can expect to receive from a variety of companies.

    I wish more companies would take to heart what some reviewers have to say and improve their products. Customer feedback is so beneficial — it’s just too bad that so many people end up butthurt over a person’s opinion (nonetheless, a person who is giving his/her OPINION).

    I also wish that I came across your site prior to ordering from Orglamix. They were raved on a forum I’m a part of, and I totally regret making the larger purchase I made. Now, to figure out what to do with all of these useless mica pigments…

  18. Thank you for putting this up. Personally, I don’t care how ~fantastic~ your company is– if intimidating tactics are used to silence less-than-stellar, but honest, reviews, I will never purchase from you.

    I’m a relatively new reader (was redirected here from Anastasia’s blog), but I already love your reviews and I visit every day hoping for a new post. You’re honest, thorough, and very un-biased… And by TSS/TSS fangirls responding the way they did to your review, I can tell that their products are not worth my money.


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