Dear Santa,

Share with us your Holiday Wish List and win one of five Rainbow Samplers assembled from some of my favorite Indie mineral makeup companies!!

My Wishlist!

Kat Von D’s Solid Perfume Ring

Aromaleigh’s Angel’s Sample Set

Morgana’s Mysterious Veil

Pink Plaid Converse

Bebe Black Mini Dress

Anthropologie Tiered Dress (It will totally go with these shoes.)

Black Indigo Booties

Anything from Tarina Tarantino

Post your Wishlist between now and 6pm PST Monday December 14th, and five winners will be picked at random on December 15th!

Contest is closed!!


35 Responses to “Dear Santa,”

  1. Hah, I call mine the “birthmas” wishlist, since my birthday is close enough to Christmas that people tend to consolidate the two (except for the other folks with December birthdays, who understand). xD Anyway, here’s a version of mine:

    External Hard Drive
    Urban Decay Show Pony Shadow box
    Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencils
    Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
    MAC Gift Card
    Aromaleigh gift card
    Morgana Minerals gift certificate Gift Card
    Firefly, the complete series box set
    We Love Colors Plus Size Nylon Lycra Tights

    (As you can probably tell, I’m big on gift certificates, which is in part because I change my mind so frequently that what I want from a company at one point will be different than what I want in the end. >.>)

  2. My wishlist is kinda nerdy but I wantz:

    Super Mario Bros Wii edition
    Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story for the DS
    Legend of Zelda: Sprit Tracks
    Legend of Starfy (yes the cute lil yellow smiley star that looks like it was made for 8 yr olds but I want it!)
    The Sims 3 collectors edition with the usb drive keychain

    And for the non-nerdy stuffs!:

    Mac Do-the trick holiday brush set (I need a skunk brush and this set looks pretty awesome)
    Storage cart from Office Depot (the one Phyrra has! I saw it in the store and want it)
    The Tudors Season 3
    Generation A by Douglas Coupland
    Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner set
    Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
    All the new shadows Fyrinnae just put out and some of the ones that came out around Halloween
    A ton of Meow’s holiday colours (still waiting on samples before I decide the ones I’ll “need”)
    A bunch of Aromaleigh’s Spring Solstice
    Milani lip gloss in Buzz Worthy and Busy Bee

    I know I’ll only get like 3 things off the list from meh famblies but I dare to dream!

  3. My wishlist …

    Kindle (probably not going to get!)
    Mentalist boxed set
    Dexter boxed set
    Dressy coat (I have nothing appropriate for work)
    Aromaleigh gift card
    Sephora gift card

    That’s really about it, but anything with the words “gift” and “card” are always winners!

  4. My Wish List:
    Phaedra’s near death experience to be a fluke, not a life long disease
    Books for my Kindle 2 (aka Amazon Gift Certificates)
    Seasons 3 and 4 of Farscape on DVD (to replace the lost ones)
    Glow poi for spinning poi
    A cool looking Electric Tart Burner
    Something cute with a standard poodle on it (like the decals I got for my computer)
    True Blood Season 1 on DVD
    Meow Gift Certificate
    Aromaleigh Gift Certificate
    Silk Naturals Gift Certificate
    Sobe Botanicals Gift Certificate

  5. I don’t feel like I lack anything, but I had fun compiling this wishlist! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

    Amazon GC (for almost everything under the sun — wheeeee!)
    Ann Taylor GC (because my SO actually complains that I don’t have enough clothes)
    King Arthur Flour GC (for their Whole Grain Baking cookbook and all the other fun stuff on their site)
    Cook’s Illustrated/Cook’s Country/America’s Test Kitchen electronic subscriptions or cookbooks
    Fyrinnae GC (for Pixie Epoxy, Velvet Gel Silica Primer)
    Aromaleigh GC (for Candy Cane lip balm, Champagne Toast, Angels eyeshadows, etc.)
    Silk Naturals GC (for lippies, Mystery Adventure Club)
    nail polishes in warm metallics (e.g. China Glaze Khrome collection, Orly Solid Gold, Orly Glam Rock, Zoya Austine, Zoya Richelle)

    I could think of more stuff, but I should probably stop. πŸ™‚

  6. Oh my! Well I’ve already gotten most of my christmas presents throughout the school semester since I needed them to complete projects, but I’ll list them anyway πŸ™‚

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35 (got for school)
    Epson 1400 printer (also got for school)
    Anything Aromaleigh, my newest obsession
    “Fail” t-shirt from Threadless
    Snoopy and Woodstock t-shirt from Forever21

    Actually that’s pretty much it… but I have to add my boyfriend to this list, since I haven’t seen him since August. Thankfully I’ll be spending christmas in Nebraska with him! That means I won’t be home for christmas, my first one away… but Aaron promises me a christmas tree, and I’m rather excited to play Santa for him and his room mates πŸ™‚

  7. My wish list:
    A Pukipuki Cupid ( )
    Dollhouse supplies for my Cupid
    Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Ransom and Yeyo
    NYX glitter liner in lavender, dicso queen, red, hot green
    Morgana Minerals eyeshadows in Snowball’s chance, sinister, aqua stars, tavern wench, skeletons in your closet, and warped.
    To not be sick anymore damnit!

  8. My Christmas list was a little eclectic this year, but here goes…

    This year I would love to get:

    a necklace or two from Foxy Originals (I love their stuff),
    Season 4 of Bones or Criminal Minds,
    and gift cards (aka an excuse) to go shopping at Sephora or the MAC store

  9. My wishlist consisted of, primarily:
    Some nice jackets from Amalthea’s attic for my trip to Chicago
    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for Wii
    Aromaleigh package
    Fyrinnae package
    A proper lighted makeup mirror
    Numerous makeup organizers, since they’ve gotten a little out of hand lately >.>
    Sulfate free shampoos & conditioners
    A boar’s head brush
    Urban Decay book of Shadows II
    Urban Decay Hi-fi eyeliner set
    Assorted The Body Shop skincare products that I won’t bore you with naming πŸ˜›
    Lush skincare and bath goodies
    Yet another long, blonde, wavy wig
    Bloomers, corsets and other goodies from f+f
    And of course, cash donations to my “shopping sprees at Chicago fund” are welcome πŸ˜€

  10. Mine is so incredibly long i’ve had to pick out the highlights to share (and it will probably still be longer than everyone elses D:)

    the hologlow lipgloss set from Spell cosmetics
    Harry Potter audiobooks on cd
    Talking Pee-wee Herman doll
    these shoes: in fuschia or lime green.
    a paul and joe brush holder
    this swimming costume:
    a pair of bright red 50s ladies day gloves
    a few of the morgana holiday lipsticks
    pierrot necklace:
    this amazing lamp:
    basically any of the OCC liptars
    and finally:

    And i just wanted to say how sweet it is that you’re offering a prize for sharing your holiday wishes πŸ™‚

  11. Aromaleigh 50$ gift certificate (’cause I want tons of stuff from them x.x’)
    Morgana Minerals Vegan Lipsticks (Licorice, Raspberry, Metallic Maiden and Shrieking Violet, oh the list goes on! XD)
    Frynnae Lip Lustes samples (Hair Dye, Type A and Shangri-la)
    Canon Eos Xsi 450d
    Being and Time, from Martin Heidegger (it’s essential to my future work…)
    The clothes my aunt did for me! (Yay for red PVC skirt! :P)
    Silent Hill Shattered Memories (and hope it works on my video game XD)

    My parents have just sold the company they had for over 15 years… x.x’ while they are sure things will be ok, we had many economical crisis in the past and they usually cause my dad to get depress and stuff… so I also wish things will work just fine this time!
    What I want the most, though, is spending my vacation with mom and dad….
    I’m living with my sister since July and my mom and I were really really close, I’m missing her so much ;___;

    I have no idea what’ll get from my family, though…
    My sister gave me Aromaleigh’s eyeshadow primer! *-*
    Yay! She’s also giving me some Aromaleigh samples! \o/

    Getting some money to my savings-account wouldn’t be bad too…
    I don’t even have half of the money I’ll need to buy an apartment x.x’

  12. Haha I really need to lay off my obsession with eyeshadows but there’s still a few things I really want.

    Kat Von D True Romance Palette
    MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre
    Sigma Brushes
    Aromaleigh Angels eyeshadows
    A new tablet
    Framed insects.. (for display)
    Hm.. some nice rings, maybe new piercings.

  13. Most of these things are kind of vague because I can’t make up my mind, ever. πŸ˜›
    – Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfumes (these have their own wishlist a million miles long hahaha)
    – a Louise Black corset
    – more makeup brushes (you can never have too many!)
    – the Arrested Development series on DVD
    – more skirts (I am especially in need of a high waisted business-casual type deal)
    – cute cold weather-worthy socks (so I can wear said skirts)
    – a nice pair of flats that are comfortable and not ugly
    – a new electric piano (need to do more research on the one I want. My current one is ten years old and beginning to act its age. eep)
    – a job x:

  14. I’m saving up for a big purchase later (a Nikon D3000!), so the most helpful thing I could ask my relatives for would just be money for it, lol. I miss having a good camera so bad.

    Aside from that,
    I want my boyfriend to get the job he’s been after for like, EVER
    and a perfect red lipstick for a neutral skin tone.

    My needs are simple. :3

  15. Here’s what I would like to receive, but overall, I’m pretty happy with all the new makeup I’ve purchased thanks to your reviews:
    – EZ Tag (God, I’m getting old.)
    Dr Cow Cashew Nut “Cheeses,” Vegan – sooooooooooo good.
    – GC to a studio where I can learn how to box
    – Or GC to an Ashtanga/Vinyasa yoga studio
    – Morgana Minerals lipsticks
    – Fyrinnae’s new collection
    – Renewed subscription to VegNews


  16. my wishlist:

    this jacket from clockwork couture
    – aromaleigh gc
    – sephora gc
    – 6 month north american flight pass
    – anything from
    – ankle suspenders
    – season pass to disneyland
    – an opal birthstone ring that doesn’t look like dollarstore jewelry (almost impossible to find. they make pretty sapphire rings, and garnet rings, and emerald rings… but the opal rings look like they came out of a gumball machine)
    – lasenza gc

  17. My holiday wishlist-

    Amazon gift card
    Netbook sleeve
    Target Giftcard
    Candles by Victoria giftcard

    can you sense a theme here, haha? I’m bad at picking out actual items to get

  18. -Super Mario Bros for Wii or Super Smash Bros Brawl for Wii
    -A Terry Pratchett book I don’t have already (Santa will know)
    -something sparkly and lovely from Fyrinnae or Aromaleigh

  19. My wishlist is kind of simple this year…

    Urban Decay’s 24/7 Liner in Zero
    OCC Lip Tar in Grandma
    Nicole Lee Houndstooth Handbag in Purple


  20. My wishlist

    A kiln for enamel jewelry
    Vintage tin cans
    torch tips
    new make up brushes
    yule oils from bpal !

  21. A Wii (expensive, and I won’t get it, but it has to go on the wishlist)
    A juicer
    A mixer
    Some beautiful cookbooks
    Cyan nail polish
    Anything from Dinosaur Designs
    A snorkel set

  22. My wishlist:

    -Sewing Machine
    -Too Faced Shadow Insurance
    -Brown Leather Boots
    -Basically any cute clothes or accessories
    -Total surprise gifts =)

  23. My wishlist:

    -knee high doc martens
    -a pretty new gothy/party dress
    -a big ring (doesn’t have to be real)
    -a SNUGGIE
    -One of those amazing cat claw nail files that are in infomercials!
    -Gift cards
    -Donations made in my name to charities

  24. My wishlist is the one that nobody got, because no one asked, ’til now!

    -Wii (everyone I know is getting one)
    -Sephora gift card so I can get some Illamasqua
    -more eyeshadow brushes, and something to tell what what they all do exactly. ^^;
    -a mac (I’ll have to get that one for myself at some point)
    -high-thread count sheets for my bed.
    -accent pillows for said bed.
    -a clarisonic face thingy
    -no more dark under eye circles.


    -a puppy, either a PBGV or a scruffy mutt from the shelter. Puh-lease Santa?

  25. My wish list:

    – A Swarovski heart pendant (it’s adorable and it’s red, perfect for the holiday)
    – Illamasqua Nail Varnish and Cream blushes (I always wanted to try her products!)
    – NARS Pleasures of Paris palette (An expensive product, but hey, I won’t be paying for it XP)
    – A jewelry item from my boyfriend (I always wanted to wear something that he gives me)
    – A HG toner + moisturizer (I dunno which one is my HG one, so please tell me which will be perfect for me)
    – Better skin
    – Camcorder or a better camera with HD filming function (Ya, my camera isn’t that great, though pictures are still nice, just need to upgrade the video side)
    – iPhone (Hehe, thanks to my bro for getting me an early X’mas present =D)
    – A place for my boyfriend to stay (So that we can celebrate X’mas together, with my family. We’re from different towns =( )
    – New Super Mario Bros for Wii (I love Mario!)

    Happy Holidays everybody!

  26. *20 dollars in my paypal account.
    *Donations to animal shelters and third world countries.

    I want everybody to have a nice and happy Christmas. Even if they don’t celebrate Christmas i want them to have a nice and happy day. That’s what i want for Christmas this year!

  27. Fabric, more fabric and more fabric (I’m an addict!)
    Specifically a wool fabric to make a skirt out of…though it’s no use in the weather at the moment being summer and all
    Like to try Morgana minerals, been meaning to buy and have been looking around the site but of course there’s the need for money)
    More Rocks! from aromaleigh
    The bright orange lippy from stargazer (or any good brand for that matter)
    Beading supplies, some jump rings, weaving wire. love to do another byzantine weave
    I need a perfect pale foundation, none really ever applies well
    Face and eye primer. I want the too faced eye primer but can’t find it around where I live.
    So much Fyrinnae, I love everything!
    There are probably more, definitely more makeup! but i can’t think of them right now
    (and something that will help start my own store)

  28. I have a long and nerdy list!

    Mystery Science Theater 3000: XVI [Limited Edition DVD]
    Little Shop of Horrors (1986 film) Soundtrack
    Abstract Comics by Andrei Molotiu
    We Did Porn: Memoir and Drawings by Zak Smith
    All American Ads of the 80’s (Midi S.) by Jim Heimann
    The Printmaking Bible: The Complete Guide to Materials & Techniques by Ann d’Arcy Hughes
    Dead Ringers: The Criterion Collection DVD
    The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection, Vol. 5
    a painting easel
    a new mounted lamp for my drawing desk
    a multicolored set of Pilot V7 Liquid Ink Rollerball Pens, 0.7 mm & 0.5 mm
    MUFE Aqua Eyes collector set
    Lancome’s Attraction perfume — My sig scent! I recently found out it’s been discontinued 😦
    Nina by Nina Ricci 1 oz spray
    Josie Maran Argan oil
    Yves Saint Laurent TOUCHE Γ‰CLAT Radiant Touch
    Urban Decay Box of Potions
    some full-sized jars of AromaleighRocks! (particularly Personality Crisis)
    Fyrinnae gift card
    Too Faced eyeshadow insurance (to see what all the fuss is about!)
    a vintage Clairol True To Light makeup mirror LM7
    Stargazer lipstick no.136

  29. I’m so excited about Christmas- I’ve been decoupaging pallets for weeks for all of my friends! Everyone knows they get handmade gifts from me!

    My list:

    Urban Decay BOS2
    Benefit BadGal
    NARS Orgasm Blush
    (I have been so good- haven’t bought any makeup since style black!)

    Fallout 3 GOTY Edition (this game is SO much fun)
    Left For Dead 2
    A pretty, everyday ring
    Kitchen Aide Mixer (Baking is pretty much the best thing ever)
    Puppy things! I’m getting a bulldog as soon as it gets warm out!

  30. My mom called to ask the exact same question a few days ago, and I realised all I want is some money to be able to travel. Nothing else πŸ™‚

    To the person above who said Left 4 Dead 2 – excellent choice! πŸ˜€

  31. Don’t really expect much for Christmas as long as my kids get what they want/need. But my fantasy list would include:

    Sassy Minerals foundation and finishing powder (cool/fair and light)
    Sassy Minerals full size shadows in Gasoline Rainbow, Merlin’s Ball, and Sexy Nerd
    Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner set (the one that’s 36 bucks with the various colors)
    A new winter coat–actually had my eye on one from the Big and Tall Men’s shop that my ex shops at. It’s really a heavy insulated hooded sweatshirt but still very nice.
    New socks–I hate wearing socks, so because it’s a necessity this time of year I figure if I wear fun socks it will make wearing them more bearable so bring on the funky colors and designs!
    Book of Shadows 2
    New Cell Phone (don’t really have my eye on any one in particular but I definitely NEED a new one)

    and most of all….I’d want my boyfriend Alex (he lives 3000 miles away and is moving here in March) to be here with me on Christmas.

  32. My list isn’t long at all but:

    New tires for my car
    Door handles/gas tank door fixed on car
    RCMA foundation palettes
    Sugarpill Palette
    Sephora GC

  33. My wish list in a perfect world

    skate stuff:
    Riedell R3 roller skates (I already got these, woo!)
    Sugar hybrid wheels
    money for derby boot camp
    subscription to blood and thunder

    game stuff:
    Assassin’s Creed 2

    music stuff:
    Deerhoof vinyl
    10 years of atp poster

  34. ————cut off for entries—————


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