Detrivore – a Review


Detrivore is on Etsy but also has an independent site.  I ordered from the independent site after realizing they had more colors there then in their Etsy shop.

The website is really basic and somewhat organized.  The menu runs down the left hand size and you can navigate back and forth from there.  My major complaint is that it used the Paypal cart system, which forces a second window open.  A lot of the time I’m shopping on my iPhone laying in bed, so it’s really inconvenient

Navigating around I was a little lost as to what section I was under when I was looking at certain things.  I had some hard time getting back to things I was looking at.

There is no search function on the page at all, so I often had to page back and back and back to find a color I was looking at.

They sell a wide variety of items, shadows in multiple finishes, blushes, as well as primers and translucent powders.

I ordered :







Livor Mortis

Samples of : Psychopathis, Sexualis, Ectoplasma, and Bloodbath Blush


I ordered on December 1st and it arrived on December 9th.

The printing label was posted on the 4th, so shipping wasn’t all that long at all.

There is no minimum order and shipping is generally only around 5$.  There is no additional shipping and handling fee.


My order arrived in a white plastic bubble mailer.  The jars were all individually shrink wrapped and together in a small bag.  Included was my invoice as well as a few extra samples.

Products / Formula

The shadows come in 5 gram jars with sifters, just jam packed with product.  I’m sure you’re getting more then 2 grams of shadow in each jar.  They are all labeled with the color and the collection it’s from as well as a detrivore, such as a spider, a lobster, or some other creepy crawler.  The ingredients are not listed.

The samples come in small baggies, I’m guessing them to be about 1/8th a teaspoon.

From left to right, top to bottom : Switchblade, Guillotine, Livor Mortis, Psychopathia, Spore, Paradox, Asylum, Pathos, Sexualis, and Ectoplasma

I was really impressed with the shadows.  I will admit to ordering a few because of the name.  When they arrived and I opened them I kept thinking that one was my favorite, until I got to the next jar and opened that one.  They are all very clear shades.  Even the darker ones are not muddled, which shows a clear knowledge of color theory.  (I know I’ve mentioned this before, but you don’t just add black to make a color darker.)

I was skeptical about the matte, Asylum.  I ordered it as part of a three piece set.  I loved the color but in my experience mattes are hit and miss with quality.  I really like it, though.  It’s very easy to apply and when I blended it with Switchblade on my lid the colors melted together easily.

I’m not sure how crazy ‘unique’ the colors are, I’m sure I probably already have some that are a little similar to each other, but I know they are all custom blended and not repackaged.  They are all beautiful, even if they are not all that complex.

I actually have no idea how I’d wear this blush.  It’s matte and the formula is a little odd, and it splotched like crazy as I tried to dust it on lightly.  After only a little while on, it turned almost a coppery brown and looked not so good.  I’m not sure if that’s user error or not.



Would I order from Detrivore again?  Of course!!

  • Shipping was really quick, which I’m coming to appreciate more and more.
  • I love the creativity of the branding, all the names and the labels are just awesome.
  • The shadow formula is great, it stayed on all day and didn’t crease.
  • The vibrant colors are very clear and bright!

Overall: /5

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22 Responses to “Detrivore – a Review”

  1. Yay! I liked the colors that I tried from them, and their primer, but I can’t wear their primer on its own.

    • I never buy primer from Indies. I tried some once from someplace and it was so horrible. I just use my UDPP or a paint pot 😦

      • I actually think their primer is pretty good, it’s just I have oily lids. I can’t use UDPP, it creases on me. That’s why I use TFSI.

  2. I really like Switchblade, and am always on the lookout for a good gray. I’ve had colors turn orangish shades before due to oxidation. Very frustrating.

    • Oxidation. I knew that’s the word I was looking for but as I was sitting here yesterday writing I could just NOT think of it. Thanks!!

  3. I really like Detrivore too. I ordered a sample set of their first 50 colors and a primer with free shipping for $23! Great deal! While I don’t think the colors are too complex, I still like them for layering and as a base color or liner. Livor Mortis is one of my favorites!

  4. Yay, I’m so glad people are catching the Detrivore love. They were the first independent makeup company I ever ordered from, and I fell in love, and I think I pestered Phyrra into trying them. xD I have their entire original collection in samples (up to Dr.West anyway, since when I ordered they were just getting started, and hadn’t released all the colors they have now!) I’ve been meaning to pick up some of their “newer” colors, but I just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. I really have been wanting Paradox and Asylum, especially.

    Sexualis is probably my one of my favorite pinks (after Aromaleigh’s Psychocandy), though I’m not sure if your swatch does it justice (or maybe the batch I have is just more opaque and more pink).

    • Wow, thanks awesome!! I’m probably not going to buy from them again soon, but I will in the future. My OMGWANTS list is sort of full enough already. Heh.

      I only got a little Sexualis, but it’s pretty!

      • Yeahhhh, my OMGWANT list currently covers a dozen spreadsheets (one for each makeup company, and I still haven’t updated it in a few months, so there are several more new companies to add, and more products to add to the other lists xD).

  5. I was a bio major in college with a focus on ecology, so I want to love Detrivore, but as usual, I’m paranoid about preservatives! I loved your tip about periodically dipping my Morgana lippies in alcohol, but I don’t know how one can keep a pot of primer–that you’re supposed to dip your fingers in, then rub around your eye–clean. It’s not like I stick my hands in mold all day (although I used to, at a genomics lab), but still…

    Oh well, I’ll just have to sample all the shadows, instead!

    • Same way!! Spritz it was alcohol and give it a little rub off with a tissue.

      You can even spray alcohol on pressed powders to disinfect them, and long as it’s a high enough ‘proof’ that it evaporates. I spray my personal stuff down once a week!!

  6. that’s some good colors! shame that I won’t be able to spend money until…. well… until I get money and that’s going to take a while!
    I’m dying for Aromaleigh’s countdown for christmas! x.x’
    I’ve lost my opportunity to get Estranged half of the price! ugh!

    • I missed it, too. I was saving my monies for a show I went to last night 🙂 Worth the sacrifice, me thinks, though.

  7. Grey, since her ingredients aren’t disclosed, did she let you know her products are vegan? I love what you posted — so many lovely rich colors!

  8. I bought from them and I have to say, their shadows are nice and although not too unique, but basic shades work just as well… One thing I don’t like is how they don’t list their ingredients… Oh, I also bought the primer; doesn’t work and nothing makes it work… though it’s quite complex and superior than most of Etsy’s. (I was stupid enought to order five different primers from five sellers adn they don’t work one bit, one even cost 10 bucks…) I leaqrnt my lesson

    Anyway, I will buy Detrivore in the future.

  9. Shattered Howlett December 17, 2009 at 6:18 pm

    I received my order from Detrivore today, I had placed it on the 11th…the first thing that stood out for me is holy crap, her samples are big compared to other companies! I could actually feel the difference in he bags as I went through them.

    I’m anxious to try them out, and I’ll probably be ordering from her again as well.

  10. Shattered Howlett December 27, 2009 at 11:32 pm

    I went to check the site and see if any new colors were out, and there was an update on the 21st stating she’s posted an ingredients list.

    As far as I can see, there’s a link to it on the collection pages, but she might add a sidebar link to it or something in the future.

  11. So glad to see Detrivore here! Next to BFTE, they are my favorite =-)