Big News!!

I have awesome news.

Lex from SoBe Bontanicals has decided to turn her amazing Halloween Balms into GothLips Lipstick!!

She has sixteen AMAZING shades, from bright to dark, including one inspired by and named for this blog!!

I already know I’m in love with the black.  I’ve ordered five tubes and they were all consistently opaque and creamy and wonderful, even though they were different flavors.  And I know the purple was JUST as opaque and so  bright!  I’m very excited because I know these will be just as amazing!

I’ve already ordered a bunch!


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  1. =O!!

    That’s awesome!!

    I feel the need to get my hands on the yellow since OCC’s yellow liptar isn’t as opaque as it should be, but I would have to wait until after the holidays or something (I need yellow for a costume). And I might as well buy others as well.

    The Gothique shade is so lovely too. Ugh. I love this company and I haven’t even received my order yet. D=

    • I’m sure it will be amazing. I ordered an orange, but the yellow was a close second.

      I hope you will love what you get!!

  2. That is awesome! I got my order yesterday at work, I started jumping up and down as I ripped into the package. One of the things I got was the purple lip balm and it was instant LOVE. I wore it for the rest of the day yesterday and I wore it today.

  3. giant frowny face?

  4. omg! me wants ;__;
    looks so good!
    My sister wants bright orange lippy! When I get money and sooo shopping there!
    (they take international orders? o.õ’)

  5. I was wondering about that frowny face lol

    I really want tragic and an orange…and boo

  6. This is great! I’ve always wanted to try such bright and gothy lipsticks but I can usually never find them, or when I do they are $20, which is not a price I want to pay for something I might not even wear. I love the color named after your blog!

  7. Ooh, this is great news! I really want to try the shade named after your blog (I can’t resist a dark purple), but I’ve also got my eye on Boo, Monster Mash, Frankenstein, Marsh, and Batty. ❤

  8. Ohmygod, I’m so excited for this! Now I know what else I want to add to my wishlist 😛 Oh boy.

  9. Oh boy, this lady is gonna get all of my money!! I love Jackolantern and Monster Mash, but I’m not sure they will look right on me. Well, basically I think all lip colors look awful on me (something about the freckles and red hair). Still totally gonna order though!!

  10. I’m so tempted by Gothic Fairy. I was just wondering yesterday where I could get a bright yellow lipstik from, and then in comes Sobe Botanicals to steal all my money.

  11. oh my god… she is going to take all my money! D:!

  12. Awesome! I’m going to order a bunch. I want some lip balms and scrubs, too. Aniseed flavour, om nom nom.

  13. Ooh, Gothic Fairy looks intriguing! Hopefully Lex will put up another listing soon. Congrats, Grey! 🙂


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