Hi Fi Cosmetics – A Review


I discovered Hi-Fi on Etsy after Veronica started following me on Twitter.  I wondered about the company, so I figured I’d place a small order.  I love shopping on Etsy, it’s a great place for MMU Companies just starting out to list and sell products before they are ready for the ‘big time’ websites, but also a place for established sellers to list to reach out to a smaller (newer?) audience.

Her listings were bright and full of information.  Each product is either swatched or shown being worn, giving it more accuracy.

She sells shadows, gel blushes, and several other glittery things to chose from.

I ordered :

Naughty Style Three Piece Set

Glam Rock Eye Glitz in New Age

I opened it, fell in love and sat right down to place a second order.

The second time I ordered:

Wrath Three Piece Set

Glam Rock Eye Glitz in Electric

Then I realized she was having a amazing Black Friday weekend sale featuring some BOGO shadows.

The last time I ordered I chose:

Paparazzi Flash Powder – RIOT

Hi Fi Shadow – LITHIUM – Buy One Get One FREE

Hi Voltage Glimmer Gel – SUPERSTAR

Hi Fi Shadow – WANTED – Buy One Get One FREE

Hi Fi Shadow – POLKA DOT BIKINI – Buy One Get One FREE

Glam Rock Eye Glitz – CANDY SHOP

Hi Fi Shadow – GRINCH – Holiday Collection 2009 – Buy One Get One FREE

RAGE AND GRACE – MesmerEYES 3-Piece Set

Hi Fi Shadow – NEBULAS OF ETERNITY – Buy One Get One FREE

Hi Fi Shadow – RAID THE KING – Buy One Get One FREE

Gel Blush Concentrate – GET IT ON

Hi Fi Shadow – CRAZY LITTLE THING – Buy One Get One FREE

The BOGO shades I ordered were :

California Girl

Twist & Shout

Adeste Fideles

Punk Rocker

Let It Snow

Mind Manipulator



Veronica ships very quickly.  The first order I ordered on November 20th and it arrived on November 23rd.  She actually convoed me Tuesday to let me know my DC# and the package had already arrived the day before!!

The second time I ordered on November 24th and it arrived within days.

This last time I ordered on November 28th and even with a family emergency she shipped it out VERY quickly.  When it was discovered the PO had shipped it via First Class when I had paid for Priority, she was very quick to make it right, offering me a refund or some additional samples.  I asked her to surprise me with some samples.


Each time my order was well packed.  The first order arrived in a plain envelope, the second and third in a bubble mailer.  They collections were each inside a lovely organza bag and had a ‘look’ card with them, suggesting possible applications for the complimenting colors.  The other shadows were packed together tightly.

Also included each time as my invoice with a personalized thank you as well as several generous sized sample baggies and two full sized samples with my last order, I’m assuming because I ordered SO much.

Formula / Colors

The Glam Rock Eye Glitzs are amazing.  It’s a superfine glitter in an aloe suspension.  I’m not a glitter person, but when applied the lotion dries and the glitter is set they are stunning.  It’s not sticky or flaky, but bright and unique.

They come in a 5 gram jar (minus the sifter) filled to the top and a little goes a long ways.

Glam Rocks Eye Glitz : Electric, New Age, and Candy Shop

Her shadows come in square 5 gram jars with sifters.  They are packed full so you’re getting about 2 grams of product.

Each jar is labeled with the color, the collection (such as her Holiday shades), the size, and a full list of ingredients.

I’ve found her shadows very fine, so they blend really easily.  You don’t need to pack on the shadow to get vibrant colors.

Again, they are not complex colors, but they are well made, well thought out, and blended carefully.  Some have a duochrome and some have extra shimmer, but they are done well, it’s subtle enough that it’s not in your face glitter, but it’s noticeable and delicate.

From top to bottom, left to right : Mind Manipulator, Twist and Shout, Wanted, Decibel, Grinch, and Raid the King.

It was really hard to get these swatches done, the sun wasn’t cooperating.  Grinch is a really amazing green that is almost dead on to the Grinch in the remastered movie (which I watched yesterday) and Raid the King is so clear and such a bright coral.  Decibel is a light lilac purple with a hint of duochrome.

From top to bottom, left to right : Nebulas of Eternity, Let it Snow, Punk Rocker, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Hope, Adeste Fideles, California Girl, Lithium, Polka Dot Bikini, and Basketcase

These pictures are also really dark.  The colors are truly very clear and vivid.

The Trios : Wrath (Voodoo, War Child, and Tempurature), Naughty(In Bloom, Sweet Child, and Live Large), and Rage and Grace ( Plush, Black Magic, and Sugar)

The Hi Voltage gel is stunning.  It’s iridescent and sparkly and opalescent and really hard to photograph to get it’s true beauty.  I wore it over my highlighter, on my cheeks and on my brow, and it was SO pretty.

The blush is a very similar formula, but with a lovely pink blended in as well.  On the checks it’s best to use a small amount and work up to the full color you want, just as recommended on the listing.

Superstar Glimmer Gel and Get It On Gel Blush

I wore In Bloom  and Sweet Child from the Naughty Trio to Wrex the Halls Sunday night.  It was BRIGHT and amazing and I got so many compliments.  I applied the darker pink on the outer 2/3rd of the eye and blended it with the iridescent light pink on the inside of the eye.  It’s really dramatic and pretty.  I used the bright purple as a liner, layering it on top of my usual black, so there was a thin black line and a thin shimmery purple line.  I’m planning on wearing the trio’s like this in the future, I love the ‘sets’ with the pre-coordinating colors.


Would I order from Hi-Fi again?  Yes.  Totally, and probably soon.

  • Her formula is great.  Very smooth and it stays on forever.
  • Her colors are BRIGHT and clear.  I’m not a big fan of darker (deep?) (jewel?) tones (burgundy, navy, forest green, etc), and she makes a HUGE selection of shades I love and wear daily.
  • She ships really quickly.
  • When you have a question, she replies promptly.

Overall: /5


11 Responses to “Hi Fi Cosmetics – A Review”

  1. Oh, geez…you were totally right when telling us to get our PayPals ready. This glitter fan is chomping at the bit!

  2. Nea ❤ HiFi Cosmetics!

    I love the quality, colors, customer service, fast shipping… Well, everything 😀

  3. Damnit. I’m already making carts on Aromaleigh and Fyrinnae I can’t pay for. Stop making me buy things.

  4. Yay! ❤ I love Hi-Fi, too.

  5. I have been wearing my Hi Fi shades so much since I bought them. I LOVE Lithium. Veronica is getting a lot of love from the bloggers lately! I’d like to try the gel blush.

  6. Hmm… some colors really got my attention here! Nice to know!

  7. After several years of not using loose eyeshadows, I’m getting back into them, and your blog has been SO helpful. I just ordered from Hi Fi, and I’m very excited to try them out. Thank you 🙂


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