Lighthouse Minerals – A Review


I found Lighthouse Minerals on Etsy.  I was searching for eyeshadows when I ran across their listings.  I was looking through and saw they had some nice brights.  They have a wide range of products, including foundations and eye shadows and most of their listings are labeled vegan, which of course made me poke around a little.

I read the following in her profile and decised to give the shop a try.

Being a perfectionist I decided to make my own cosmetics leaving out the irritating fillers and more than a year later I am proud to announce the birth of Lighthouse Minerals!

And best of all, after using my own formulation I am completely acne free! I have healthy, clear, radiant skin day after day, whether I sleep in my minerals or not.

I ordered :

New Pop Colors Four Piece Collection


It took a while for me to receive my order.  I placed it on November 24th and I got it on December 12th.  According to the label it was printed on December 8th.

Nothing on the site had shipping times, and for Etsy, this is actually a long wait with no heads up or communication.


My order arrived in a white plastic bubble mailer.  Inside my shadows were packaged in a little pink organza bag with a brush and a sample of blush.  My invoice had a little ‘Thank You’ written on it and also included was a little sheet on how to apply mineral makeup.

Formula / Colors

The shadows are packaged in 5 gram jars with sifters, so you’re getting around 2 grams of product.  The jars are labeled with the color, the amount, as well as a list of ingredients.

The ingredients as listed are : mica, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate.

I ended up getting the mail really late the day these arrived, so sitting at my desk that evening I was looking at the jars thinking they were nice and pretty and not simply mica, so I was really pretty excited to open them.

The next morning I sat down to play with them and when I opened them again in the daylight realized what I’d gotten.

Top to bottom, left to right : Lighthouse in Raspberry Sorbet, Orange Squeeze, Lemon Twist, and Green with Envy

TKB mica in Raspberry POP, Tangerine POP, Lemon Drop POP, and Apple Green POP

Reading though her shop it seemed like she takes a lot of pride in her makeup and that she makes her own shades, especially after the phrase “after using my own formulation”.  I assumed that she named the collection Pop because it seems to be a “hot word” in the MMU community now for bright colors and she was going along with that.


They were just the POP colors mixed on a base.  And not mixed well.  I’m not sure if you can see in the swatches, especially the pink, there are big chunks of white in the shadows where the base isn’t blended completely in.

I went back and looked at her shop and discovered this chart and realized I can identify pretty much most of the colors from straight micas.

I also discovered this phrase in one of the listings :

Light House Minerals offer a natural SPF of 15, and are fragrance, dye and oil-free, as well as being free of irritating substances such as bismuth, talc and cornstarch.

Unless she spent the money on having the product tested and certified by the FDA, she cannot in any way shape or form claim that.

I sent a few convos asking if she blends any of they own colors, and haven’t gotten a reply yet, so I’m disappointed.  I was hoping they might at least have been honest about their product when asked.


Would I order from Lighthouse Minerals again?  No.

  • They make claims they legally shouldn’t about their product.
  • They really hype up the ‘natural’ and healing aspect of the minerals, which is slightly deceiving.
  • I haven’t gotten a reply to my convos, my latest sent in the middle of this review.
  • The product I ordered was just repackaged.
  • The eye shadows were not blended well, leaving white streaks when I tried to apply it.
  • Shipping was a bit too long without any notification of a delay.


I got a reply to my latest question!!  I asked :

Can you tell me if these shadows are repackaged or an original formulation?


The reply was:

Everything is made to order.  Is the quality compromised? Please let me know.

Overall: /5


35 Responses to “Lighthouse Minerals – A Review”

  1. Great review, keep ’em coming! You are doing the MMU world a huge favour by posting these honest reviews! I would love for you to check out Miss X`s makeup line. See if its worth the price…I havn`t found any good reviews on it yet.

    • I’ve looked into it before. It’s HIDEOUSLY overpriced for whatever it is, and on one of the MB’s I read not too long ago someone posted it was repackaged.

      I might have to sit and hunt down what board that was now…

      • i posted a comment on lipsticks and lightsabers mentioning that it looked like repackaged stuff. miss x has a loose pigment on there called “cobra scales” that looks very similar to (based on swatch photos) *she who must not be mentioned*’s “dragon scales”… which looks very similar to “chameleon fine” on tkb.

    • I actually e-mailed Miss X and she replied a little while ago. I posted her response in my blog, but basically the long and the short of it is that she maintained that she does blend her own pigments, she says her brush manufacturer sold extras to other wholesalers, the gel liners she formerly sold which were very similar to ones sold by coastal scents and on makeup geek she said its possible they had the same contract manufacturer.
      She also has a US based website now:
      The prices are lower than the Aussie based one, but still pretty steep.

  2. whoops, “cobra killer”, not “cobra scales” 🙂

  3. Wow, thanks for the review. It’s good to know to avoid them.

  4. “my makeup cleared up my acne!”

    wut. i guess it’s only fitting that the whole review went downhill after that sentence.

  5. Thanks for the review. I was just at the Etsy site & looking for reviews when all of a sudden yours popped up on Google.

  6. Ugh. Thanks for the heads up, we appreciate it. I remember being curious about this company a while ago, but after seeing this:

    “Made from pure minerals, our cosmetics actually promote healing and are safe for post-laser redness, rosacea, distended capillaries, as well as acne and hyperpigmentation.”

    I figured they were making claims that they really shouldn’t. Promote healing? What, is there neosporin in there?

  7. This was good to know!

  8. This is pretty disgusting.

  9. I saw this coming as soon as I saw the name of the eyeshadow set you bought. Clicked on it, and yup – TKB colours, from the image.

    Icky they actually made the product *worse* by thinning it out though, and all the droning on about ‘pure, natural, healthy minerals!’ makes me want to smack them in the face. Clearly, this person has no idea what they’re doing.

    • I was hoping that with all the hype about ‘her own formula’ they’d be unique. Sometimes I give the benefit of the doubt when clearly I should not.

  10. Oh man, there’s too many people repackaging. And a small handful of the ones that aren’t repackaging have awful customer service. What’s up with that? lol

    Oh well, at least there are still awesome, non repackaging companies with awesome customer service out there.

  11. Shattered Howlett December 17, 2009 at 12:10 am

    I had a bad feeling as soon as I read “Pop,” too.

    Honestly, this person is making false claims all the way to Timbuktu, and I wouldn’t wait for any response – I’d be leaving negative feedback (and very detailed feedback, mind you, explaining the whole lot of issues), and reporting the listings.

    Ugh. There are some good sellers on Etsy, but I honestly believe a majority of MMU sellers on Etsy are pulling the exact same BS as this one.

    • I usually don’t leave feedback for bad purchases. In fact, I only leave feedback for OUTSTANDING services and products.

      But this time I might…

    • Reporting?? I did, and Etsy ignored me. -_- yeah, the first time I asked Etsy that I’ve seen some sellers repackage minerals that were simply from a wholesaler and if I may name them. The person asnwered yes. Then, I did; I did not receive any reply now – it’s been more than 8 months btw. I wouldn’t trust Etsy to shun out these mineral repackers. but you could try, maybe yours will work.

    • Technically selling repacked minerals is fine, nothing wrong with it according to Etsy.

      But you can leave the feedback so others see it. And if you don’t get get your item and you report it to Etsy, they do take action.

      • Shattered Howlett December 17, 2009 at 5:56 pm

        Really? Repack = not handmade (and not vintage or supplies) so it more or less goes against their TOS. Frick, that sucks.

      • Nope, they don’t consider it against TOS because they consider the naming and labeling, etc etc ‘creative’ and thus handmade.

  12. I had a look at the Etsy shop, and many of the imges she uses are straight off the Mad Minerals website and I’m sure I recognise many of those eyes. Not a company I’ll be giving any of my money to.

    Thanks for the review.

    • Mad Minerals? I’ll have to check them out.


        They’re not bad actually. Looks like some repackaging (they’re got a “Rainbow Pearl” collection, guess what those are) but I think it’s mostly custom blends. If you look at a pigment called Chartreuse, you might recognize the product photo!

    • Mad minerals, yeah, I bought some from her. One is the strawberry one (from the TKB) and another one is the oak bronze. I believe many of Mad minerals are repacks. nor would I buy from them. Now I really appreciate companies like Aromaleigh and Fyrinnae and such. Le sigh

  13. Hm… I’ll avoid this one! thank you very much!
    Sad to know that you’ve paid for something you already had and that’s not high quality!
    I think it’s wrong to promote your products with assumptions you can’t be sure…

    While I confess my skin looks way better after changing my foundation to a mineral one, I don’t think it’ll work as a treatment for rosascea and stuff like that o.õ

  14. Oh, this one… I ran through shops that sell minerals… well, when I started seeing the brights collection, I ducked out… now, it seems the right choice. Thanks for doing this.

    BTW, have you tried Moiminerals on etsy. She’s the only shop that I’ve bought more than one time. I like her eyeshadow and she also makes other things. (she does state her ingredients and she does have kaolin, but you can request for a custom without kaolin in the minerals) Anyway, I belive her eyeshadows are of her own. I also bought her Simply Original Rainbow collection. (though she does not have on her site, I’m sure if you ask her about it, she’ll give you a more precised decription) I think hers look different from TKB, but I don’t have a TKB mineral with me.

    • Shattered Howlett December 17, 2009 at 6:02 pm

      I can’t find a collection named that, but I did find this:

      It looks too similar to Pops! to me…the colors look a little more muted, but that could be attributed to lighting and camera techniques.

      • Shattered Howlett December 17, 2009 at 6:12 pm

        And reading the ingredient lists, they are the same as the list for the Pop! colors, and very unspecific, which raises a red flag for me.

        I think I’m seeing some other TKB shades in the shop as well (Planetary collection?), but it could be just me.

    • I have ordered from Moi. I don’t think I would again…

      It took over 6 weeks to get my order, she’d broken her foot or something and for some reason couldn’t mail my order.

      Although she did send it eventually, it was mostly repacked and poorly blended, which at the time I forgave thinking she had, in fact, been injured.

      The Rainbow set looks like the POP set with some Diamond Dust mixed in.

      • Yeah, I figured something was off though i didn’t really think that way. Darn, I really should buy those TKB pop collection, so i can see something that is repacked soon enough… I guess I really need to be careful… thanks for teh heads up; no more buying from her.

  15. Ugh, that acne fee line makes her sound like a snake oil salesman! I bet it cured her rheumatism and measles, too. I’m getting so sick of people playing up non-existent health benefits in make-up (and other stuff, naturally, but especially cosmetics)! Don’t worry, I’ll save the rant for when I start up my own blog. It’s everywhere! I emailed Kaila of TKB on 1 Dec to ask about a claim in the listing for her micronized silk powder and still haven’t heard back…