Dear Readers,

Once again I’m turning to you for your input!

What companies should I review next?!

Last time I asked I was introduced to so many new companies, I’m excited to see what you want to see now!


I figured I should probably add the list of companies I’m currently working on!

  • Moi
  • All Natural Face
  • Moxie
  • Pure Luxe – just added
  • Hi Voltage
  • Stardust
  • Pink Quartz
  • Shelly Francis
  • Moximia – just added
  • Suds and Sass
  • Sweet Libertine

35 Responses to “Dear Readers,”

  1. Can you review “The All Natural Face?” 🙂

  2. if you have bought any more morgana minerals lipsticks i would love to see swatches

  3. This isn’t a company request per se; but, I was wondering if you would be willing to review some oddly-colored lip liners (e.g. blue)? The only kind I can find through an online search is Manic Panic. Just a suggestion. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Woman I don’t even know any companies you haven’t —

    Oh! Meow Cosmetics.

  5. Oh. Right.

    Okay then – the stupidly named “Adorned with grace Minerals”

  6. I don’t know. <_< Actually I want to see you do Pure Luxe because I'm pretty sure they repackage.

    • I might take a look…

    • Shattered Howlett December 17, 2009 at 5:53 pm

      The “Gumballz” are all TKB Pops, so that’s confirmed. But I don’t see the regular line really mentioned.

      I ordered from them a few times in the past, and while some of the colors are pretty, I would not be surprised if they are repack. They go on pretty much like straight mica with no base/binder.

  7. And no, I will not learn how to use the reply button.

  8. This isn’t a specific company request so much as it is a overall industry request…

    Would you do a post about the “extras” some companies do that you like or dislike? For instance, I have heard a lot of companies do little handwritten thank yous on their invoices (Just the words “thank you” or do some companies write a little note?), or wrap your order in little bits of lace or organza bags (do they collect around your house or do you regift?), or add a lot of samples/new products (hard to keep track of/orgaize?) that sort of thing. Could you do a post about all the little creative touches you’ve seen, and which ones are nice, and which ones get old after a while?

    🙂 Just a thought. Thanks!

  9. I’ve been browsing Etsy lately for independent makeup companies, and here are a few that caught my eye, that I’d love to see reviews on! (Definitely looks like the most worthwhile of the shops on Etsy I’ve found that you haven’t reviewed, and I like that she says she will custom match foundation for you) (Looks like she might have some nice colors, though I’m somewhat put-off by her extensive use of capslock). (Such an extensive collection of different products looks promising to me!)

  10. Stardust next please 🙂

  11. sugarpill 🙂 well, when it launches, i s’pose.

  12. Well I’ve got nothing but I always look forward to your reviews. So I can’t wait!

  13. I’m with Anastasia on the Pure Luxe. I’ve purchased a couple shadows from them over the last two years, and was spectacularly unimpressed. What about Lumiere? I bought a few samples from them, also, and wasn’t that taken with them.

    I’m kinda grumpy these days, so looking for something I can get all righteously indignant over. Heh.

  14. Sweet Libertine is a company I rather like. I see you’ve got plenty of things on your plate right now, but if you haven’t looked into this one, I recommend it!

  15. Is Shelly Frances legitimate, or a repackager? There’s a lot of stuff I’d like to order from her, but I’m wary now, like everyone. I trust your opinion!

  16. Hmmmm.. Stardust, maybe? Pure Luxe interests me, too. I’ve ordered from them a couple of times and some of the colours (not gumball) were a bit familiar…

  17. I’m curious about Purely Cosmetics. I hear a lot of unpleasent things about the woman who runs it, so I wonder about the product.

    • Sadly that’s one company I won’t be adding to my list.

      • After she left those snarky remarks on your blog I went to read hers. She comes off as such a pretentious know it all. The same with her website. I get she wants to follow FDA rules er whatever it is she’s trying to shove down our throats, but she comes off so bad I have a hard time understanding why people accept that and buy her ‘amazingly so much better then everyone elses’ crap.

  18. I would say red earth as I love the eyeshadow and eyeliner I have of theirs, but it looks like you can’t get it in the US 😦

    I’d like to see more etsy stores I think, it’s nice to see what the smalltime people are doing!

  19. I was going to mention a few of the ones already on your list! I can’t wait to see the reviews 🙂