An Ode to Repackagers

Are you just as frusterated with getting repackaged products as I am?

Make your anger heard, in haiku form!!

Comment with your best haiku about repackagers for a chance to win this 24 piece set of repackaged eye shadows featured in my recent reviews!

All products were opened and swatched, but never used.

You may enter (comment) only once.

Contest runs from December 19th to December 29th, the winner to be voted on by fellow readers.


36 Responses to “An Ode to Repackagers”

  1. Repackagers! Oh,
    try something original
    Oh, you are such bores

  2. I open the package,
    It all looks the same.
    How I wish for something new.

  3. Hopefully swatching
    expecting rainbow brightness.
    Crap! Suckered again.

  4. Oh, boy, it’s here! My
    parcel from your company!
    …Oh, it’s TKB…


  5. *headdesk* Oh well, I’ll just post it with a link.

    i can has colors?
    oh u scammurs all has pops?
    nowai, do not want.

    Skeptical cat is skeptical.

  6. You said you made it,
    but I already have it!
    Repackagers suck.

  7. Three Steps (a repackaged formula):

    1: Purchase wholesale.
    2: Question mark, question mark.
    3: Profit. Repeat!

  8. new and fun colors?
    no, I already have them
    stop repackaging!

  9. Creativity has got me stunned!
    ’cause in many packages
    I’ve seen none!

  10. Creative minds? No.
    Good product sadly lacking.
    You can’t have *my* cash!


  11. I open my draw
    Alas I’m in a sea of
    colorless colors

  12. what are the four repackaged shadows from TSS??

    • Take the Cake and School Girl are the same and match a TKB mica, and then Toast the Traitor and Slightly Insane are just mica with a TON of base added to make them ‘pastel’, but I can match the base mica. So even when you add a base, you’re still repackaging, not ‘creating’ anything new.

      • Shattered Howlett December 19, 2009 at 9:46 pm

        That’s what made Slightly Insane so dull? I haven’t had the chance to try it yet, but I think most of my TSS shades probably won’t get touched at all.

      • The base/dullness is a ton of water soluable titanium dioxide from what I gather. Titanium dioxide is used to ‘lighten’ colours and make them whiter – hence why they’re all pale/whiteish, but there’s two kinds, oil soluable and water, and if you get the wrong one and then try to apply it wet, it clumps, looks like mud, then flakes off when dry.

  13. If I wanted your
    Unoriginal colors
    I’d make them myself!

  14. Shattered Howlett December 19, 2009 at 11:05 pm

    Out to make money,
    You all seriously lack

  15. I wanted excitement
    But all that I see
    Is TKB. Repackaged.

    That was kind of fun. I havn’t used the poetry part of my brain in awhile 😉

  16. Please pass the parcel;
    Reduce, reuse, recycle…
    And I’ll follow suit…

  17. We have a haiku book at work!!!!!!!! =D Nearly everyday we write a new haiku about something crazy that goes on in the office haha!

    Come on now, scammers!
    Repackaging TKB?
    She done done it! Next!

  18. “From The Repackager”

    I am repacking.
    Don’t you dare call me on it.
    Sends a C & D.


  19. Deja vu? Alas
    Unwittingly duped and fooled
    Make color.Repeat.

  20. “made to order”:
    obviously not; your colors,
    i’ve seen them before.

  21. TKB and base
    is not good enough for us.

  22. it’s finally here
    joyfully open with care
    base, dip, swatch….wait, what?!

  23. Oh, the avarice.
    Did you think I wouldn’t see?
    I want my money back.

  24. All around the mail-
    box the girl swatches shadows –
    Pop! go the ripoffs!

  25. (after getting another eyeshadow, two towers on the floor)

    A stack of eyeshadows
    2 metres high, the same blue……..
    Beats my record of green!?!: T_T

  26. You get angry when
    People criticize your stuff
    But we know your game

    (Heh, it won’t take a scientist to figure out who THAT one’s about)

  27. I don’t want to pay
    For a fancy little jar
    filled with some cheap dust.

    • Jeeze, I’m on a roll with totally messing up posts xD My haiku SHOULD read:
      I don’t want to pay
      Ten bucks for a fancy jar
      Filled with some cheap dust.

      I clearly forgot my own haiku halfway through writing it!

  28. This shadow lacks lust,
    like a boring old lover;
    Try new tricks please deere.


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