Sugar Vanity

I recently ordered a singed organza rose from Sugar Vanity on Etsy.

When it arrived I was like a little girl, squealing with excitement.  Basically it’s multiple pieces of organza layered together with a few gorgeous beads in the center and then burned (singed) so they crinkle up.

It’s so elegant and yet punk, I love it.

I sat down this morning and created a color inspired by my rose.  I envisioned a dirty pink.  The shade I ended up with, which I call Sugar Vanity, is a medium pink with a purple duochrome and a touch of holographic glitter.  I then used the mica, before I blended in the base, to make a matching gloss.


22 Responses to “Sugar Vanity”

  1. Your creations are gorgeous.

  2. such a great color!

    • I’m going through all the shadows I have to see if someone actually makes something like it already. 🙂

  3. You’re making lipgloss and I’m still in my pyjamas.

    • I had to go out, so I was forced to shower and dress.

      And lip gloss is easy to make. Spaceships, for instance, would be tricky.

  4. The rose looks stunning and so does the lovely pink colour you’ve created. I would love to use that as a blush or a lipgloss!

    • I made it into a lip gloss, but you’re right, a blush would be awesome.

      Now I have to figure out how to do that!

  5. I love that dusty yet rick pink color.

    • I’m sad it looks dusty. It’s muted, but not too dusty!

      • Ugh, I meant to say rich* Cursed typos.

        It doesn’t look TOO dusty, just ever-so slightly, but it’s still got a lot of shimmer. I tend to use “dusty” as a substitute for muted rose-pink, sorry you got the wrong idea!

      • I forgive you. LOL

        It’s a pretty interesting color, I should send you some.

  6. That’s a really pretty gloss!

  7. That is a GORGEOUS shadow! I bet it will look lovely on you.

    • It’s a pretty good color. I’ll send you some when I eventually get to the post office again. I drove past the other day and the line was wrapped around the building outside.

      I still owe you my Angel colors!

  8. i went to b&bw the other day to get the warm spiced cider gloss you mentioned in a previous post, and OMG. i love it so much. if i ran out of snacks in the pantry, i would probably empty the entire tube in to my mouth. i also got the lip scrub, and my lips have never been softer. they had a 2 for 1 sale going on, so i got one that’s also supposed to freshen your breath (spearmint menthashine), but i’m going to try and not be greedy and give it to my sister. so hard though. they’re so delicious. the only thing keeping me from licking my lips all day today was the fact that i had put lipstick on too 🙂

    • OMG, I’m so glad you like it. It’s not that soury yucky fake apple taste. I need to get some more before they are gone, I can see myself craving them for a while into the summer.

      I’m allergic to spearmint, kinda weird, I know, but I got the peppermint one, me thinks… NO, it was cinnamon.

  9. Oh, Grey. That is the perfect pink!

  10. I like it a lot! It reminds me of Kiki from Aromaleigh, though I think that one leans more pink than muted pink.

  11. Woah! I did a google search to see if anyone has made some sort of real review of our flowers and up jumped your post. I screamed and called everyone to look. Ha. Wow. You made an eyeshadow & lip gloss to match as well?!. I can’t explain how excited and honoured I am. So glad you like your handmade flower. Can’t wait to get your 2 new fleurs to you as well. 😀

    ❤ Riply & That Oren Girl
    { Your Sugared Vanity }

    • Awww, I really love my flower!

      I’m excited for my new ones, I can’t wait to wear them all over the place. I get a lot of compliments on my pink one 🙂