Today’s To Do

I’m planning on sitting most of the late morning now to go back through my reviews and add a few features to the companies I’ve already reviewed.  These features will include:

5 Star Rating : I’ll be applying my overall rating to the ordering experience.

Web Presence : If the store had a Twitter, blog, Facebook, etc, I’m going to hunt them down and link them.  So if any of you know some of this stuff, PLEASE leave me a comment with the company and info!!

Follow Ups : If I’ve placed a further order from them and posted a haul or something similar, this will also get added in a section on the bottom of the review, to be updated regularly.

Vegan : If a company is Vegan or Vegan Friendly this will now also get noted in the review, as well as a small “-V ” in the shop listings on the side of my blog.

Other things I’m working on today are:

Shop Listings : Although I have been keeping them up to date each time I do a review, I have changed some of the reviews names so they fit.  If you’re curious about my experience with a shop and it’s products all you’ll need to do is find them in the sidebar and all the info I have available on them will be in their initial “– A Review” post.

More Companies : Instead of limiting myself to MM and cosmetics I’ll be adding in more beauty product companies as well as one of a kind accessories and fashion.

I WILL be posting a NEW review today with the new format!

Reviews that have been updated will be noted with a – *.

I hope this Christmas finds you well, no matter what or how you celebrate.  I’m busy with a house full of love and craziness.  Thankfully I don’t have to cook today, so I get to sit and work on my projects.

I feel like I’ve been falling behind on you guys!!


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