For Me?!

I love presents that you get to pick out for yourself.  Then you can unwrap them and act all flattered and excited because they are amazing and EXACTLY what you wanted.

This year I got to feign surprise over a huge SoBe Botanical’s order that arrived JUST in time.  Part of the order was SoBe’s new Goth Stix lip colors.  I was so excited to be able to try out some new colors.

Gothique, Grey Scale, Gothic Fairy, Panic, and Blackened Rose


Grey Scale

Gothic Fairy


Blackened Rose

As usual the colors are smooth and very opaque.  They are so moist and just amazing.  I picked a few odd flavors for these: Gothique is Toasty Coconut, Grey Scale is Banana, Gothic Fairy is Coco Mango, Panic is Mango Peach, and Blackened Rose is Cappuccino.  The flavors are all very subtle and not at all sweet or overwhelming making these all incredibly wearable.

Some of the pictures make my lips look crazy lopsided, but for some reason I’m always pouting or sneering into the camera.  Anyway.

Grey Scale is really very romantic.   It’s a soft delicate grey, it looks beautiful with a soft smokey pink eye and pale cheeks.

I was actually surprised at how smooth and even Gothic Fairy and Panic looked!  I’ve had bad experiences with some pale and alternative color lipsticks in the past being thick trying to be opaque, but Lex manages to make these moist and have stunning coverage at the same time.

The two darker colors, Gothique and Blackened Rose, while both black based are totally different and distinguishable.  Gothique is stunning with a smokey eye!

I’m just as pleased with these new colors as I was with the original black.  These are definitely my favorite alternative color lipsticks and I cannot recommend them enough.

Overall: /5


16 Responses to “For Me?!”

  1. They’re beautiful on you!

  2. Yep, I’m pretty sure I need Greyscale in my life, I love how velvety it looks.

  3. After seeing these, I can honestly say I want every lipstick in this collection…because you just swatched ALOT of colours that I thought I wouldn’t like, but now I think they’re awesome.

    Both blackened Rose and Grey Scale are high up on my want list, because both would probably be lovely in a gothic flapper look.

    Gothic Fairy and Panic are both way truer to colour than I thought the lighter colours would be!

    • I’m glad they helped!! I have such odd little lips, but I think lip sticks need to be swatched ON LIPS because just a swipe across your hand doesn’t really show the opacity and creaminess.

      I didn’t think I would love the grey as much as I would. I’m STILL wearing it.


    My order from a few weeks ago shipped last week, but we got demolished by that storm (I currently live on the East Coast) last weekend so I haven’t received it yet. I wanna try the new ones so badly. I have a package to pick up at the post office, so it may be the Sobe purchase, though I also have a Morgana order, a Ms Cuppy Cakes order, and a Hi-Fi order that have all shipped around the same time, so who knows?

    Gothic Fairy’s more golden than I expected, though I read it and it said “golden yellow”. It looks yellower than gold on the picture. Still, it’s so opaque! Need. I’m also eyeing Gothique and now Panic. Grey Scale looks gorgeous on you, but I’m nervous about how I’ll pull it off (they allllll look wonderful on you, by the way. =)).

    You have great taste in flavors, by the way. All of them sound wonderful. Toasty coconut…mmm.. &Peach Mango is one of my favorite combinations – I get peach mango smoothies all the time in the summer. =)

  5. oo i love panic! Blackened Rose takes my interest also, the color looks similar to my NYX lipstick in Bruised, which i have a terrible time applying neatly as the color is soo intense! eep

  6. Hello! I’ve been following your blog for a while and your reviews on the SobeMinerals had me running to their shop to pick up some lip colors. I just got mine today (Candy Floss, I wanted to try something a bit tame before I took the plunge into blue or purple!0. I figured I would

  7. Darn I pressed enter before I meant to! Sorry, to finish my previous comment… I figured I would ask you about a little, uh, defect maybe, in mine first, because I am not all that familiar with hand made lip glosses. Mine has a big chip of something rather hard, but crumbly in it that I discovered after using it once. Is this something relatively normal? Maybe just an ingredient that didn’t get mixed in all the way? I’m sending SobeMinerals a message right now! But I figured I’d ask you as well, since you deal with so many different kinds of mineral makeups. Thank you for your help! And great blog btw, I love it!

    • Opps, I do that all the time!! So many people are used to half comments on their blogs from me 😉

      Might have been something that didn’t melt. All of the ones I have are pretty smooth and near perfect. I have NO doubt Lex will do everything she can and replace it for you ASAP!!


      • That’s what I’m thinking, I’m just used to commercial lipsticks so opening hers up and finding a mystery chunk kind of scared me. Thanks for the super fast response! I just wanted a second opinion from someone other than the seller!

  8. Maude Lynn Bones December 28, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    I just received my first order from Sobe! I love-love-love the texture of her lip stixs. I’m off to order more now. =]

  9. Im surprised at how opaque these are! I didnt trust the other swatches I saw 😛

    Not sure where I would wear it, but I feel Panic calling me.


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