Pinque Chocolat Beauty – A Review


Someone suggested PCB to me in one of my comments, so I went and took a closer look at her listings.  Normally I’d click past them, the didn’t seem well photographed or anything I hadn’t seen before.

I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and place a small order.  Their prices, 5$ a shadow, seemed competitive especially given they were running a sale at the time.  I’ll admit the gloss was pricey, but I was going off the assumption with the sale that was the price of two.

I wasn’t able to find any ingredients on the listings, so I assumed they would come printed on the jars, as I’ve noticed is the case with many smaller Etsy sellers.

They were having a BOGO sale so I ordered:

In the Meadow Eye Shadow, getting Desire free

PinqueCherryChocolat Lip Gloss, getting Summer of ’82 free


I ordered on December 20th and my order arrived on December 24th.  It was amazingly quick.

Shipping costs are $2.oo for your first item, and your second item is free.  There is no additional shipping and handling charge.


My order arrived in a big white envelope folded over onto itself and taped up.  Inside my items were wrapped in bubble wrap.  The shadows and the glosses were each in their own organza bag along with a business card but no invoice.

Formula / Colors

I opened and tried the lip glosses first.  They come in clean tubes with silver lids and doe foot applicators.  The labels are hand written round white stickers.

Looking at them in the tubes they look like they are almost the same color.  Swatched on the back of my hand one was a little more purple then the other.  When applied to my lips they again both looks the same.  They really don’t leave any color, more like a shimmery shine.  If I put a thicker coat I can see a hint of color, but the formula is really too thin and loose for a heavier application.

The shadows come in 5 gram jars, again with a handwritten label on the bottom noting the color.  The top has a round piece of card stock stuck on with a glue dot.  They were taped close, and when I opened them the sifter didn’t have one of those little sticker things over it, keeping it sanitary or closed, or whatever it’s there for.

On the site the listing states:

Your shadow will be packaged in a 5 gm sifter jar containing 1 gm of shadow. It goes a long way and lasts a long time!

I was really sort of surprised to open it and realize that that didn’t mean a full jar.  In my eyes it appeared that there was only a sample sized amount in the jar.

Dumping one out I weighed the contents.  I got .56 grams on one and .52 on the other.  About half as much as stated in the listing.

Swatching the colors I was also dismayed to find they were probably just straight mica with no binders or base.  I can’t tell for sure, again, there were no ingredients listed.

I do really like the green, though.  It’s got a very pretty golden glow to it, although, as stated in the listing, it is really sheer.  Desire also seems like a  unique color, however, it takes a ton to get it opaque.


Would I order from Pinque Chocolat Beauty again?  No.

  • I was sort of surprised at the lack of proper labeling.  Ingredients aside the handwritten stickers was sort of too amateur.
  • The lip gloss, while moisturizing, left no color on my lips.
  • Each jar was half the amount of product listed.

I sent a convo regarding the fact I received less product then listed, and received this reply:

hi, im very sorry that you werent happy with your shadows. i dont weigh but i measure 2 scoops of 1/2 gram each. i will happily refund your cost as i would hate very much for you to be unhappy.

She did promptly refund my payment and was very polite.


21 Responses to “Pinque Chocolat Beauty – A Review”

  1. At least some other brands state that they sale via volume and not weight and let the customer decide. The lack of capitalization when emailing customers is also a thumbs down in my book, it smacks of lack of professionalism.

    • Some businesses are smaller then others, I guess.

      • It’s not the size, but how the owners choose to conduct themselves. I think a lot of business owners could use some help to appear more professional (I don’t mean it in a cruel way, but I’m just saying, if they want it to be more likely to have a future…).

  2. I’m not very interested in “Etsy minerals” anymore… Well, I’ll order from HiFi cosmetics & Mum Mum’s but new companies? No, thanks 😀

    • I don’t mind if some of the companies I regularly buy from like Meow or Lauress sells on Etsy (not like they really need to), but after reading so many of the reviews from Gothique and other bloggers, I think I’ll stay away from any new cosmetic company on there.

      • With a few exceptions, I do plan on looking in to that brand that sells goth and punk friendly lipsticks.

      • I hope that not many people have that outlook on Etsy sellers. I am certain that there are others out there, waiting and working on better product who may see Etsy as a good place to start on the internet and if everyone thinks that just because they’re a new face on Etsy they are not going to have a quality product, that could hurt new companies offering a fresh new idea to the market.

      • There are a lot of great mineral sellers on Etsy, and it’s true, there are also a lot of duds.

        But that’s why ya’ll have me, to pick through them for you 🙂

  3. Does she realize that a gram is a measure of weight NOT volume??

    You can’t measure a gram with a scoop, you need a scale!! *head desk* What a dunce.

    • Beat me to the punch!

      Plus, depending on what ingredients are used to blend, the pigments would weight differently, too.

      I have no idea how she’s getting a 1 gram total since I have yet to see ANYONE sell scoops by weight. 😐 Does she not realize it matters what you put into the scoop that causes it weigh a certain amount??

    • I know. I almost want to convo her back with a few suggestions…

  4. If she’s scooping, why not just list how much she’s scooping? Wouldn’t that be easier than trying to use a Google calculator to figure out how much she thinks it weighs?

    Then again, she shouldn’t be saying she sells them in a sifter jar if there’s no sifter, either.

    The unprofessional packaging alone would probably be enough for me to avoid her store, but it looks like she makes a point to not really show any of the packaging in her photos. If you’re going to sell cosmetics, repack or not, at least try to have computer-printed labels; see if your local FedEx Office will help you print them if you have to.

    Lastly, I have to cringe at the lazy, punctuation-less response you got. One cannot talk like a middle school student on AIM and expect to be taken seriously or look any kind of professional.

    • One cannot talk like a middle school student on AIM and expect to be taken seriously or look any kind of professional.


  5. Well… at least she was polite?

  6. …Yeah, I’m not putting something on my face if it’s sold by a person who doesn’t know the difference between weight and volume. A 1/2 gram scoop means it would hold half a gram of water, not loose powder. Just like a 5 gram jar doesn’t actually hold 5 grams of loose eyeshadow, with a sifter it holds around 1.2grams.

    I’d consider her pretty much fraudulant, whether through ignorance, sheer stupidity or what.

    • She seems to have amended them to say 2g of ‘measured’ eyeshadow now, which isn’t sufficient. “Measured” could mean volume, weight, mass, anything.

      She’s added ingredients, though, your blush contains carmine.

      • Totally missed the fact it’s also a blush… I wonder if she added that. I see she’s redone a LOT of of listings and stuff.

        In general, when I get stuff to review I’ll get a mix of vegan and nonvegan goodies. I’ll usually pass on the nonvegan stuff to a cousin (I have about a dozen greedy ones).

        There are some products I’ll use, though generally I try to stay away from carmine.

      • Hmm. I find it odd that someone in the indie or mineral makeup business would fail to mention that, seeing as how a big chunk of buyers in those sectors are specifically looking for vegetarian or vegan products. Once again, I’m reminded of the evil sushi bar I worked at. The vegetarian menu wasn’t very extensive, and vegans were SOL. Usually servers would recommend miso soup, thinking that because it’s got tofu in it, it must be ok for veggies. Unfortunately, the miso used bonito (fish) stock. Some servers genuinely didn’t know, but others would outright lie to their customers just to make the extra sale. (The owner encouraged the lie, but that’s another story.) In this case, I’m betting/hoping Pinque Chocolat was just clueless rather than mendacious, but you never know.

  7. I admit it; I’m not the brightest when it comes to measurement. At first, I was confused about volume and weight… Now still do, but a bit clear. I wonder if some sellers claim that you receive 2 grams of product, they probably added the weight of the jar too…. I, however, could care less about how much I was told I would receive. (I do have 5 gram jars and I do have an approximate amount I could stuff into a 5 gram jar with sifter) I don’t really take some people’s measurement seriously though

  8. Thanks for this review, good to know that while the owner is polite, I’d want to avoid their products.

    • He mauve shimmer is always the eyeshadow I reach for when putting on make up. I love the way it lasts through the day rather than wearing off. I wore it to NYC on a very hot June day and I still had the shadow on when I returned home. Not something other, more expensive mineral eyeshadows can claim. Wish she was still on Etsy.