My Favorites of 2009

5 – Clinique’s Even Better Foundation in Ivory

Finding a foundation both light enough and not yellow-ish has always been a quest of mine.  This year I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Clinique counter, which is one of the few make up brands I’d steered away from.  How I got there is a long enough story, but there was no giant yellow question mark floating there showing me the way.

I tend towards products that do something and so something else.  This foundation provides excellent natural looking coverage AND helps improve the condition of my skin.  I have  fair even skin, but I was left with a few odd spots of sun damage on my cheeks from sunburns as a teenager.  Some might call them ‘freckles’ but I know better.  They are one of those things that *I* notice, yet no one else seems to think is a problem.  Since I’ve been using this foundation I’ve noticed they have faded and practically disappeared.

4 – Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Liner in Black

If someone would have told me last January when I was buying my fourth jar of Fluidline that I could spend 4$ for a product just as good, if not better… yeah.  I’d have laughed.  Sometimes I can even get it for 2$ is Rite Aide has them on sale.  So that’s roughly 1/8 of the price.

This stuff is AMAZING.  I use it in my waterline (on the top, mostly) using a thick liner brush.  Once it’s on, that’s it, it’s on.  No smudging, no smearing.  It dries in seconds, so no sitting there with your eye open at an odd angle waiting.  Even if I’m not doing a full eye I tend to use this for definition, which I never did with Fluidline because OMG I didn’t want to waste  it.

3 – Aromaleigh’s En Pointe Eye Shadow Collection

I’m pretty sure at this point I have most of the ones still available.  The unique plush texture of these is what makes them stand out.  I’ve said it so many times, but until you see what I’m talking about, I sound like a mildly rambling lunatic.  They are matte and yet not, shimmery and yet not.  They are not one flat color, but rather many (as is the case with most AL colors).

They are beautiful enough to wear on their own, but blend amazingly so that they can be worn with a myriad of other shades.

Sylph should be in everyone’s makeup kit :

Add a touch of shimmering tiara glamour to any shade to add sparkly and shine… brilliant sparkling jewels in a white plush matte base.

2 – Maybelline Great Lash Big in Blackest Black

I’ve tried so many mascaras this year.  I went through Sephora’s Lash Sampler trying to find just the exact right mascara, and was left with clumps and dry brittle lashes.

On a whim I picked a set of these mascaras up while in Target.  I applied it in the car and it took all of the ride home to decide to throw all of my other mascaras out.  It was either really rash or really decisive of  me.  I’m leaning towards the latter.  I don’t have issues with clumps and my lashes look long, plump and I never have little broken off flakes under my eyes from some fancy tube co-polymer system that can’t seem to handle being worn more then a few hours.

1 – MAC Girl About Town Amplified Creme Lipstick

Nothing beats this amazing creamy, smooth, and opaque BRIGHT pink lipstick.  I have a tube in my kit and a spare in my purse.  I love MAC’s formula and their traditional shades are amazing (for nontraditional shades, see this post).

Lots of companies have been coming out with similar shades, but I contend the original is the truest color with the best texture and wear.


16 Responses to “My Favorites of 2009”

  1. That Wet n Wild liner is quite possibly the best $4 I’ve ever spend on makeup, and I have you to thank for that. ❤ I haven't tried it on my waterline, because I was worried it wouldn't stay, but rest assured that I will be trying it there posthaste.

  2. I used Maybelline Great Lash for years, until recently when for some reason, my drugstore was all out (booooo), so I picked up a tube of Rimmel Sexy Curves. mostly because it came with a free purple eyeliner (and I liked the shiny purple tube the mascara came in…what can I say? I like things in my makeup bag to be pretty 🙂 ). The purple eyeliner goes on all clumpy and patchy no matter what I do, but I love the mascara.

    OT, I started following you on twitter, and I think I can help you out with your memory card woes, but you don’t follow me and my tweets are private, so I don’t know if you would see my replies.

    • I tried the Sexy Curves, in fact I still actually HAVE it, it survived the purge, but I never could master the brush.

      Also? I’m following you now.

      • I like the brush because I can use the end of it to get my corner lashes, which I always struggled with previously. I just wiggle it as per the instructions in my “five minute face” book. My eyelashes are short and stick straight out unless I curl, put on a bunch of mascara, then curl again. Then you can sort of see them 😛

        That’s not to say I don’t still love Great Lash though, and I’ll probably buy some since Walmart has Great Lash gift sets (comes with Great Lash Big Lash, fake lashes, and an eyeshadow trio) for *holy shit I just checked Walmart’s site* $5.

        $5! *brb making trip to Walmart*

  3. The big brush on the Great Lash is perfect for me. I loved the formula of Great Lash, but needed that nice full brush from BadGal. This was just right!

  4. I really need to give Great Lash a try! My mom is 70 years old & that’s all she will use – I haven’t used it myself in years – I struggle trying to find a mascara I like!

  5. I was having a hard time justifying another Fluidline purchase, but damn if I don’t have to hunt down that Creme Liner now!

    Thank you so much for the tip!

  6. Great Lash BIG was one of the best (and also one of my first) make-up purchases. I’ll be looking into the creme eyeliner though because it sounds amazing. I hope I can apply it just as easy as when I do with a pencil 😀

  7. Love, love, love WnW creme liner! I have the black and the purple and they are the best creme/gel liner I have ever used, bar none.
    I will seriously have to give Great Lash another try now too.

  8. I just got 5 of the En Pointe colours (Clara, Waltz, Dulcinea, Calliope, and Arabesque) and I am SO in love with them. I have dozens of purples and greens in my makeup box and these are some of my favourites.