2010, Or as I’ll call it ’10.

My Resolutions

Write more.

It’s what I do and what I love.  I try to get a post here up everyday, but lately I’ve been not only slacking, but posting a lot of reviews more then anything.  I’d like to add other stuff.   Like fashion and design and crafts and more makeup stuff and and and… I’d like to write more.

Create more.

I’m a crafter.  I have about two dozen projects ready to go.  As in all the stuff I need is purchased and everything is ready to go.  All that’s needed is for me to get to it, and I have no legitimate excuse.

Media-ate more.

I read.  A lot.  Buy I tend to buy things faster then I can get through them.  This year I’ve placed an embargo on purchasing new media until I’ve finished what I’ve got.  I must read one book before I can buy another.  I must watch one unwatched movie before I can buy another.  I must rock out to one album before I buy another.


7 Responses to “2010, Or as I’ll call it ’10.”

  1. Those all seem like very good and sensible resolutions, and probably do-able too! Happy New Year.

    • I try not to make resolutions, actually. I like to think that I’m capable of evolution all year round.

      • ^ This is my philosophy.

        I just want to blog more, and I started that before New Year’s.

        Oh, also, my blog needs more Firefly references. I’ve only got one, what the hell?

      • I also need more Firefly references. I don’t think I have ANY.

        But part of my new blogging philosophy is to be a little more personal. And I’m a leaf on the wind.

      • Watch out for that giant spike! Oh god. How could they do that to Wash. JOSS, WHAT THE HELL.

        *Trauma moment*

        Uh, oh, yeah. I was just going to say that this title “Or as I’ll call it ’10” reminded me of Burnt Face Man. Taps man, in it. Aha. How obscure. “Now I shall be free to splash people, and erode metal over a period of time! Hot and cold. Hot and cold. And a combination of the two, which I call – “hold”.”

        More Firefly, please. Perhaps you need a post-holer. For making holes, for posts.

      • I literally busted out crying in the theater and I have a hard time now watching it cause I KNOW.

        It was just an ordinary day in Frying Pan city…

      • You know Burnt Face Man! We should elope. Ooh we could steal the Fyrinnae boys and all live together, it’d be a lovely little community of kidnappers =D