Rodarte for Target

Target is partnering with celebrated designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte to create the next limited-edition collection for GO International®, an innovative program designed to provide affordable fashion created by world-renowned designers.

Known for directional designs, intricate detailing and standout, red carpet dresses, Rodarte will launch an exclusive collection on and at most Target stores nationwide on December 20, 2009.  The amazingly-priced collection of women’s apparel, belts and legwear, will be available through January 31, 2010.

My brother called me one morning.  He was dropping his wife’s sister off at work.  Someone had slid into her car overnight (hello, snow) and she couldn’t drive herself to work.  It just so happened this was the day that Rodarte launched.  It was 7am his time when he called me from the parking lot in disbelief.  There was already a line outside the building.

Later that day I stumbled over a lot of posts mentioning it.  I think it was this picture that made me really take notice.  I felt sadly out of the loop and made myself a list of things I wanted to get.
Yesterday was the first time I managed to get to Target.  While they had a lot of pieces left, most of them were in XS or XL, two extremes too much!  After much deliberation I ended up picking out this sweater.  It’s grey, which hey, is totally me.  A lot of the collection is print, and I don’t do print.  Ever, unless it’s plaid.  No florals, no dots, nothing like that.  I don’t even wear printed T shirts.  So I felt like this would be the most versatile piece if it’s the only one I manage to get, although I am actively searching for the stockings.  Sadly most of the items available on the Target site are sold out.

I would probably never wear it like this.

Grey is my new nude.  It’s simple and sleek and this sweater is lacy and delicate.  There are so many possibilities to how to wear it, I went vintage.

Vintage Floral Cocktail Ring – $7.99 from Target

I saw this ring and literally snatched it off the display.  I’ve been collecting these big cocktail style rings and it was exactly what I needed to jump start the vintage feel of this collection.

Hoop Chain Necklace – $12.99 from Target

I typically don’t wear necklaces, but this one was perfect.  It’s long enough that it hangs low onto my chest and sort of makes a pretty clanking noise (like chain mail) when it moves.  What makes this a perfect accessory is that it’s smooth and it doesn’t have any edges or pendants that will get snagged in the sweater or the lace camisole under it.

Lace and Crinkle Camisole – $6.98 (on clearance) from Target

I ended up getting a few of these in various shades as well as a plaid one.  But the black is perfect for this vintage feel look.  It’s trimmed in lace on the top and bottom and the bodice is made of a crinkly material that looks like rumbled lingerie.

OPI Nail Laquer in DS Reserve – $7.99 from eBay

This is a really sweet vintage nude pink shade sprinkled with light silver shimmer.

L’Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipcolor Compact in 120, Geranium – $9.99

Oddly the color on the L’Oreal website makes this look like a dusty pink color.  (I would have actually thought Geranium would have been a bright red, anyway…)  Looking at it at the store it seemed more like a pinky nude.  I’m not a fan of dusty colors, so it was a gamble to buy this, since you can’t test them in the store.  Thankfully on my lips it’s the perfect vintage nude.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipliner in Beyond Pink – $4.99

It’s the perfect light pink / nude match for the lipstick, keeping the gloss edges nice and smooth.  I’m growing to be a pretty big fan on L’Oreal lip products.

Aromaleigh Eye Plush in Pink Negligee – $8.00

The soft nudey pink color is just perfect for sweeping across the lid, keeping the eye pale and neutral.  The plush finish from Aromaleigh is one of my very favorites


8 Responses to “Rodarte for Target”

  1. I love how you put it all together, and the sweater seems like a great choice. I’m a big fan of gray, also. I think it’s a terrific staple/basic color that is overlooked a lot of the time.

    • I worked at a stylist for a while, so I’m hopeless. I can’t get ONE thing without wandering around trying to get a million things to ‘go with it’. It gets expensive.

      I love grey. I never actually wear black if I can help it. No black pants, no black shirts. Most things are grey, it’s very Eeyore of me.

  2. Ooh…I *love* that particular shade of pink. It’s not uber-girly; more like the pink of seashells or kitty noses.

    I was interested in the Rodarte Target collection, until I started reading other people’s reviews of the quality of the clothes…apparently, it’s a bit on the shabby side. For example, here’s one blogger’s review of it:

    I like your grey sweater, though! I’m loving the whole Mr. Rogers sweater trend, and I’m trying to stock up on that style before it goes out of fashion.

    Target usually has much better quality stuff than, say, Wal-mart, and I’ve been lucky at getting some really nice basics from there. Target tees usually come in a bunch of neat neon and jewel tone colours, and they have a really nice selection of makeup.

    • You know, I read the review and it really wasn’t applicable to the actual products they are selling in the Target stores.

      The shirts, skirts, jackets, dresses, etc that I was looking at are gorgeous. The materials are really nice and the construction (while admittedly some are sewn in a deconstructed style) is great. As some who’s sewn for way more years then I’ll admit to, I find the Rodarte collection well made and designed

      My sweater is soft and well made, the seams are reinforced and more then that, sewn evenly. The dresses I looked at were really nice, I did try one on and it was comfortable, the only reason I didn’t get it was it was impractical.

      After visiting a second Target tonight I got different sweater, and looked at a few other items and had the same opinion of the new things I saw.

      I typically don’t buy clothes at Walmart, so I can’t really compare.

      • Wow…I’m so glad to hear you had a nice experience with their stuff! I’m gonna have to get my butt over to the nearest Target (which is like…45 minutes away while going above the speed limit) and snag some of their things before they disappear.

        I’m currently feeling some serious sweater envy right now 😉

  3. I have no idea who/what Rodarte is. Fashion is a mystery to me. I like those stockings, though.

    Your chain necklace is awesome, too – is it sad that my brain is still stuck on “chain mail” and imagining how much I want a chain mail shirt, now? Fashion comes full-circle, doesn’t it? When’s Medieval coming back?

    I have about $300 of Aromaleigh and I don’t own a single En Pointe or plush eyeshadow. Don’t hit me.

    • My brother has a friend who makes custom chain mail pieces for Ren Faires and stuff.

      OMG, that’s insane. I sometimes do the softish ‘Steampunk/Victorian’ thing, so I like a pinky softy plushy color. They are pretty tame. But there are a few from En Pointe that are dark and sparkly. Promenade was a nice duotone purple.