In a Dreamworld

Back before Christmas I was surprised to find a package in my mailbox from Ellie McDowell.  I looked at it a few times, not  knowing who it was or what it was I’d ordered.  When I opened it I was literally silenced for a good ten minutes as I went through the package.  Ellie is the creator and imaginative force behind Dreamworld Minerals and she sent me 135 different samples of her shadows, blushes, and finishes as well as several full sized shadows, glosses, and eye gels.

I had been checking the shop page for a while now, knowing the shop was closed as the owner was trying to catch up on life.  Which is totally understandable as she was running the business on her own.  I found it to be an incredibly responsible thing to do.  Now it seems like DreamWorlds will be reopening soon!

I’m sure that many have seen some of the new colors that will be coming up when I reopen. As for that time I cannot tell you exactly when it will be. I had planned for it to be Valentine’s Day so that I can announce the addition of 2 new worlds…BookWorm and another that I’m holding onto for now. But with being in school and wanting to get the shoppe fixed so that shipping can be accurate and fast, I am not sure I can do it by then.

And as I have already told in the past, DW will be under new management and the name will be changing slightly to DreamWorlds…the makeup will remain DreamWorld Minerals, the skin care will be DreamWorld Naturals….I may also be looking into changing it slightly more as I get my ideas in focus and decide how I wish to do it…

It should go without saying it took me a while to get through everything.  Most of my readers know I like to have product for a while before I review it.  While I did end up swatching everything, I’m only going to talk about my favorites, or else we’d all be were all day.  We still might, I ended up loving a lot of colors…

From the Atlantis Collection, Five Rings –

When Poseidan created Atlantis, he created the 5 rings that surrounded the island world. Five Rings is a lovely, soft mauve.

From the Illuminating Glos, Serenity

From the Cambrian Collection, Pixie Sunset

Bright pink, undertones of violet, sparkles of gold.

From the Abydos Collection, Ra’s Chariot –

True greenish gold, sparkles

From the Mother Earth, Father Sky Collection, Cherry Blossom –

Light pink copper, green and red undertones.

From the Trinity Collection, Amelia –

A deep purplish blue color that has undertones of gold, so when placed on the eye will turn 3 colors.

From the Trinity Collection, Joan –

A pretty purple color with pink, blue, and burgundy undertones.

From the Neverland Collection, Peter Pan –

True green with a touch of yellow.

From the Mystical Treasures Collection – Lumeria

Orange, gold, pink.

From the Mystical Treasures Collection – Sands of Atlantis –

Gold, copper, bronze.

From the Avalon Matte Collection, Blade

From the Liner Collection, Elysian Fields –

Deep turquoise.

From the Muses Collection, Melete

From left to right : Amelia, Five Rings, Joan, Cherry Blossom, Ra’s Chariot, and Peter Pan.

Her focus is on deep, rich, imaginative colors inspired by mythology.  There are so many shadows I would buy based on name alone.  There was obviously a great deal of thought put into each color and it’s coordinating name.  Often you will find a bit of the mythology listed with the color description.  Writing this review has taken me a while because I keep going page to page to read them!

The formula it’s self is really soft, smooth, and opaque.  While many of the colors appear light, they are not weak, the color stands up when swatched.  Cherry Blossom, for instance, was one of the pale colors I didn’t think much of in the sample bag, but when swatched it was such a sweet pink with an amazing glow.

The colors are a collection of simple and complex, but certainly NONE are repackaged.

I was also really impressed with the lipgloss or Magick Wands I received, in particular Simi –

Bold, intense, metallic red.

It’s thick and pigmented and works like a lipstick, even though it’s in a gloss tube.


Will I order from DreamWorlds when it reopens?  Yes.

When it does I’m going to order a few things from the new collection that Phyrra got a sneak peek of as well as write my usual start to finish review.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy all the samples I have!

*Why yes, apparently I did put my lipstick on in the dark…


4 Responses to “In a Dreamworld”

  1. Yay I’m so happy to see your review! I’m glad she sent you a package 🙂 *big hug*

    • I’m really glad she did, too. Talking to her she seems so sweet and very awesome. I’m really looking forward to her new line!!

  2. I might have to get my hands on some of those Magick Wands 🙂 Simi didn’t look too great to me on the site last night, but it looks great on your lips!

    I adore the vampire inspired names of some of her products *cough* except Twilight *cough* and the Greek mythology ones.

    • It’s amazing! It so uneven in that picture, but it’s a beautiful shade.

      She’s just very creative and I admire that!