In honor of Fyrinnae’s emergence on Twitter today I thought I’d swatch one of my newest hauls!

From top to bottom, left to right: Nijiro, Rapunzel Had Extensions, Predatory, Moon Child, Javan Rhino, and Fujiro.

From top to bottom, left to right : Nonsense, OMGWTF, Steam Punk, Dokkalfar, Jade Ghost, Dragonmagic, Still Breathing

Romantique Lip Lustre


Ivory with rainbow sparkles.


Rich, velvety matte royal purple.

Javan Rhino

Vibrant turquoise with a lavender-pink highlight.


Medium blue-violet with a shimmery lavender highlight and silver sparkles.

Moon Child

Soft shimmery ivory-beige shade with subtle sparkle.

Rapunzel had Extensions

Stunning golden pink-peach.


Crisp lime, nearly-matte.


Bright shimmery chartreuse.


A little deceptive, this shade looks bronze in the jar, but is more of a sparkling combination of gold, orange, and copper on skin.

Still Breathing

Matte black with tiny red (not pink!) sparkles, creating a soft, glowing red shimmer.

Arcane Magic, Dragonmagic

Deep charcoal with a shimmer that changes from a violety ice blue to pale green to almost gold, depending on the light.

Jade Ghost

Satiny pale white-green in the jar, but once applied (especially wet!) it has an iridescent glow of light green shimmer in varying shades


Black filled with hues of pale green to golden-lime sparkle.

I’ve been wearing Nonsense on the outter 3/4th of my lid with Jade Ghost blended in the inner corner with Dokkalfar as a liner.  I’m really stunned at how lovely green shadows look with my brown eyes.

The same concept works with Rapunzel on the outer lid, Moon Child on the inner corner and lined with Steam Punk.

I’ve also been wearing Nijiro as my brow highlight, it’s the only one of the haul I got in full size.  It’s really very subtle and so multipurpose.


30 Responses to “Tweet!”

  1. I love Nijiro, great as a highlighter. Great swatches, thanks for doing them. I need to add a few more shades to my wishlist now.

  2. I was SUPER impressed with Moon Child. I absolutely love Nijiro, Javan Rhino, Nonsense, OMGWTF.

    I find Rapunzel makes a great all over color wash. I love Nijiro for the same purpose you do as I think it’s a FANTASTIC highlighter on pale skin 😉

    • I was going to hold off on swatching until my macro lens for my camera came, but I figured it was a special occasion.

      You have to realize that like HALF of the colors I get because I see you wearing them…

  3. Still breathing kinda looks like it could be a dupe for Mac-beauty marked, or possibly my much beloved Lorac-afterparty….

  4. Fyrinnae is soooo amazing! Gaaaaahhh…I hate not having a job. I need Fyrinnae. D:

    • 20$ gets you SO many samples and free shipping. At least that’s what I tell myself, and then like four orders later I realize the fault in the logic.

  5. Okaaaaay adding Nijiro to my list. Ahh I can’t wait for my package to get here so I can swatch it all and play with it and hug it and love it *_________*

    How much do you own now?

    • I really love Nijiro. It’s totally going to be on my HOH list.

      Well right now I have probably 30 different shades, but I do have like three more orders coming, so when it’s all here I’ll have to take an inventory.

  6. Wow. I need to order Moon Child. I think I’ll be placing an order soon, and will be sure to get some Pixie Epoxy as well. You and Phyrra are enabling me way too much.

  7. I’m placing a Fyrinnae order today, and you just made me add Romantique lip lustre to my cart. And I think I need to have Moon Child too, haha.

  8. Rapunzel Had Extensions is the coolest shade name LOL and it’s gorgeous too

  9. by the way Miss Grey, I posted a full top hat making tutorial on my page. I *was* working on your hat, however life conspired against me, it sucked and I had no glue sticks and your hat still needs to be done. (and not be terrible)

  10. Ahhh, spreadin’ the Fyrinnae love is always a good thing. Because of you and Ana and Phyrra, I’m just about to place a rather large sample order. xD

  11. Rapunzel is one of my favourite pinks to date (and I have LOADS of pinks in my storage system)! It’s great for neutral looks when you still want to keep things interesting. I also love Dokkalfar and Jade Ghost. I could write thousands of sonnets about Fyrinnae if I had the talent because the colours are amazing and the guys rock.

    • I didn’t realize how much I loved wearing greens until Fyrinnae. I keep going back and making more and more ‘wish list’ carts and then accidentally ordering them.

      • I’ve had THOSE accidents, too. A Lot. Meerkat is another favourite and I use Polar Bear/Snow Leopard with Rapunzel (also Polar Bear with Snow Leopard) when I have to look ‘neutral pretty’. I also have a crush on Tamarin + Red Panda combo. And before Fyrinnae, I didn’t wear much peachy or orange colours. Or greens. Or yellows. Or or or…

  12. BTW, I can’t read your blog from my work computer. The firewall categorizes your site as porn XD

  13. Yeah. Really really. Maybe it’s your makeup hotness that creates some sexy vibes.

    Grey, the international makeup pornstar! 😀