Pure Luxe Cosmetics – A Review


Pure Luxe has an independent site that pops up with a flash intro page.  Clicking past the flash it gets a little confusing.  Apart from the flash wonkiness the site is somewhat weird to browse, several categories are on one page and the stock header remains the same no matter what page your on although the navigation menu jumps around.  The navigation runs across the top of the page in a ramble of categories.

The first thing I always check now is the cart system.  It’s a Paypal based site, so nothing is integrated and the purchase buttons sort of float under the products.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but it really needs repeating, this type of cart and shopping system is irritating and confusing.  You can’t keep track of what you’ve ordered without flipping back and forth between tabs.  What’s more, when you check out there is no invoice sent by Pure Luxe, it comes via PayPal so there is no way to check your order on the Pure Luxe site.

While I was shopping I sent a message through the site’s system asking about some ingredients in one specific product, but I never received a reply.

Pure Luxe sells eye shadows, liners, lip products, foundations, primers,  finishes, correctors, bronzers, glitters as well as skin care products and brushes.

I ordered a wide variety of product samples, which are priced at $1 for about 1/8 a teaspoon in a jar.  The full sized products were competitively priced.

All together I ordered the following samples:

Apparition Glow in the Dark Eye Shadow

Reckless Flashcube

Glass Slipper and Sequin Pure Shimmers

Lust Lip Wand

Razzberry Blush

Mulberry Ultimate Liner

Fairy Wing Eyezcreams

Shadow samples in :

Latte, Galaxy, Ghost Mist, Grape, Charm, Asp, Tart, Chaos, Bad Girl, Ouch, Kitten, Sunny Side Up, Godiva, Racy, Blueberry, Bubblegum, Awakening, and OMG!


I ordered on December 17th.  Actually I ended up placing two orders, one about ten minutes after the other because Ana and I got to talking and I went back and added a few things.  I emailed right after asking if my orders could be combined to save on shipping and I never received a reply.

My invoices were printed on December 21st and I was emailed a notice from Paypal saying Pure Luxe added shipping details, however, the tracking numbers provided never came up when I entered them into the USPS website, so there as no way for me to check where they were.

After waiting for them to update a few days I sent another message to Pure Luxe asking to check to see if the numbers were correct, and again I received no reply.

My orders arrived on December 30th.  I talked to the mailman when I got the package and he laughed, saying that Pure Luxe affixed a DC sticker to the packages, but never paid for them, so yeah, the packages technically HAD a DC# on them, it was just not valid.

Shipping costs are sort of high :

cart total           shipping cost

.01 – $9.99 $3.50
$10.00 – $49.99 $6.00
$50.00 – $99.99 $8.00
$100.00 – $199.99 $10.00
$200.00 + $15.00

There is no additional shipping and handling fees.


My orders arrived packed in bubble mailers, my jars inside wrapped again in bubble wrap.  Both of my invoices had little messages on them ‘Happy Holidays’ and ‘Thank You’.  There were no additional samples included.

Product / Colors

(Yup, I’m changing this section from Formula / Colors to what you see there.)

The samples all came in 3gram jars.  They are the typical 5gram size with false domed bottoms, making them 3grams.  While the site said the shadows would have 1/8 a teaspoon of product, about half of the samples seemed to have more then that.

They were labeled on the top with the company name and on the bottom with the product (liner, blush, shadow, etc) and the color.

Checking the site, the ingredients are listed on one page.  I can’t say for certain if they are printed or included with full sized products, but they are readily available.

All in all I ended up with 26 different items to try.

Eye Shadow

Yes, right away I can see they sells the POP! collection, they call them Bubblegum Ballz. Both Blueberry and Grape that I ordered from this collection are repackaged *.

Sunny Side Up is a match for TKB’s True Yellow.

Galaxy is the usual blue/gold that I always seem to be buying.

OMG! which was 2$ for the sample, has this included as the color description :

We had to separate this color because it is so unique and pricier then our standard shadows, but DEFINITELY worth every penny.
The brightest red you will see! Deep bright red with SUPER metallic red highlight. Not for the shy, you WILL stand out 🙂

However, it pretty much matched TKB’s Hot Moma (which is also a favorite of a few other repackagers).

Tart is could be based on Taurus Orion, although somewhat more sheer and golden.

Asp seems based on TKB’s Aladdin’s Lamp.

Charm is a close match to TKB’s Bishop’s Violet.

Chaos seems to be based on TKB’s Sagittaire.

Ouch! is really close to TKB’s Brilliant Glitter Red.

The rest I can’t seem to match definitively enough to say they are not dupes, so Ghost Mist, Awakening, Bad Girl, Godiva, Latte, Racy, Kitten, and Bubblegum may be original colors.

Latte, which is matte, is a fairly lovely neutral color that would work well as a blender.

Pure Shimmers

I bet you already know where this is going.  Sequin is an exact match to TKB’s Pinky Pink and Glass Slipper is an exact match to Diamond Cluster.  I suspect that the rest of her Pure Shimmer collection can be duped to TKB’s Reflecks Natural Glitters.


The one I ordered, Wreckless, is a basic micro glitter blend.  They are a little poky and you defiantly need a fixative to use them.  I would also say they are probably NOT eye safe although the Pure Luxe site doesn’t state that.

Ultimate Liners

Mulberry seems awfully close to TKB’s Smokey XXX (the picture is above with the POPS!).  It doesn’t seem to be a different formula then the shadows.  Sometimes liners are more matte or a ‘thicker’ formula.


Razzberry is a truly gorgeous shade and I genuinely like it a lot.  It’s a fairly intense pink, so a little goes a long way.  Again, though, it seems to be the same formula as the eye shadows.

Lip Wand

The color I have, Lust, is gorgeous in the jar, however it’s not completely blended.  There is a large swirl of what I assume is the base.  I would like to hope that the full sized product might be more carefully blended.

The color on the lips is just as amazing a in the jar, however it’s a little thin and somewhat gritty.  I do plan on wearing it until I run out.

EyezCreme Shadow

This little sample came in a tiny doe foot tube.  The color is really pretty and I do like the formula.  You have to be really wary using it on your lid, it creases very easily when it’s dry.

Glow In the Dark

I’ve saved probably the most controversial product for last.  Apparition is apparently sold as an eyeshadow, it’s listed on the Specialty Eye Colors page of the Pure Luxe website.

It’s a super fine powder that has that distinctive greeny cast in the light and GLOWS LIKE THE DICKENS in the dark.

According to the Pure Luxe page :

A fixative/sealer is STRONGLY recommended to adhere the powders.

Which I would say is totally true since to me it feels essentially like very fine sand.

This was the one product I repeatedly emailed and requested ingredient info for, since they are not listed on the ingredient page.

A quick poll shows that many people are curious as to if it’s even safe for use in an eye shadow.  One MM expert says no, “Glow in the dark pigment (l.zinc sulfide) is actually very harsh to the conjunctiva.”  I looked to the FDA for an answer and found the following :

Luminescent colors: These colors glow in the dark. In August 2000, FDA approved luminescent zinc sulfide for limited cosmetic use. It’s the only luminescent color approved for cosmetic use, and it’s not for every day and not for near your eyes. You can recognize it by its whitish-yellowish-greenish glow.

In short, this product should NOT be sold as an eyeshadow at all, or should at least be noted that it is NOT eye safe.


Would I order from Pure Luxe Cosmetics again?  No.

  • Out of 26 products I purchased, I could only say that 10 were original.
  • One of their products, Apparition, probably shouldn’t be sold at all without a warning.
  • The DC# they ‘supplied’ were never paid for, hence never valid.
  • Shipping seems a little high, I paid 6$ per package and the shipping labels where both under 2.50$.
  • I sent messages and emailed several times looking for responses and information and never got a reply.

Overall : 0/5


60 Responses to “Pure Luxe Cosmetics – A Review”

  1. Dammit, repackagers! I wanted to try out their Kaleidoscope Collection, but now I’m not to sure. I wonder if I could find cheaper dupes for them on TKB?

    • I’d have to take a look, but it’s possible 🙂

      • I did a bit of research, and I think…don’t KNOW…but think, that she may be using TKB’s colour shifting “travel to…(mars, neptune, jupiter, etc)” micas for her kaleidoscope collection. That will certainly save me a lot of money. Seriously Grey, thanks so much for the reviews you do!

      • Aye aye, Kaleidoscope Collection is TKB’s Travel To’s.

        Honestly with a company like this, which repackages as much as it effing well can, I think a general rule is “if in doubt, it’s TKB”.

    • I checked out the Kaleidoscope collection and they appear to be Very similar to the TKB travel to collection. I own two of the colors (from TKB) and would highly recommend them they are absolutely fabulous. The price is great on these. So I would say order from tkb and save yourself some money. 😀

  2. I’m very glad to see your review. I tried them last January or February and wasn’t overly impressed with them. Then I saw the nasty comment she left at the mineral makeup mutiny (please remove my post if the link isn’t appropriate) – http://mineralmakeupmutiny.wordpress.com/2009/11/14/rainbows-skittles-gumballs-brights-roygbiv/

    and decided I would NEVER order from her again. Anyone who acts like that won’t get my money.

    • I didn’t realize that was the same person. I haven’t been to the MMM site in a while. I wanted to try them out for a while, they had so many things that looked so awesome.

      It’s too bad…

  3. I was pretty darn sure that Tart was a Taurus Orion dupe, but don’t own Taurus to compare.

    It’s so weird – literally an hour ago, I was considering the pros and cons of placing one final order with them for the purpose of reviewing, since I had been suspecting repacker from my years-old purchases that sit around unused, and here you go and post yours. The magic of the internet!

  4. I ordered from Pure Luxe in March/April of last year and Lust was really the only thing I actually liked. Does it makes your lips tingle, though? It makes mine tingle and go a little numb for about 15 minutes. It’s a gorgeous color though. Mine was mixed all the way and it’s really nice, and over a black lipstick it come ot a pretty purple/blue color.

    I only ordered a few shadow samples from them and they had the consistency of flour and were really hard to blend…and are usless without a primer/base. :/ Then I saw what she put on MMM and yeah. D:

    • Nope, no tingling, but I’m pretty sure that’s NOT good unless it’s a plumper.

      Most of the consistencies weren’t that bad, but honestly I didn’t swatch them all because they didn’t want to go on easily, I didn’t want to have to load up myself with primer over and over.

  5. “Yes!” to all the others who have already pointed out that her comments on the MMMutiny page demonstrated a very poor attitude, IMO.

    I won’t forget her attitude, and she won’t be getting my money.

    I feel fortunate that Gothique and other awesome beauty bloggers have been willing to blog so honestly. I thank you for letting me learn from your mistakes. I got introduced to indie mineral makeup this Fall, but luckily I was introduced to beauty blogs at the same time. “Round about this time, the repackaging issue came to a head, and the MMMutiny was born. So, it was a real explosion of information for me.

    All these events were timed serendipitously from my point of view. If I’d been a newbie only a few weeks earlier, I’m sure I would have made purchases that I would have regretted.

    I agree that some things on the Pure Luxe site look interesting, but I will not give my money to that business.

    • I don’t think some people realize the consequence of their actions. One little pebble sends ripples though the internet community.

      I’m sure now thinking back there was a dozen different ways to comment and to react that were more tactful.

      I’m glad, though, that you’re finding my reviews helpful!! I try to be honest, it’s hard to sometimes because I KNOW these are people’s businesses, their time and effort and I’m such a softie.

  6. I was so disappointed when I got my order from Pure Luxe! I should have checked to see if they were repackagers but I didn’t… their eyeshadow Kinky is a ringer for taurus orion, chocomint is a ringer for Aromaleighs discontinued pure hue Earthen Sage, and Molten looks identical to Meow’s tutankamon to me. It really sucks that 3 out of the full four sized colors I got I already had and the fourth was the unusable glow in the dark shadow! Its great you’ve done a review hopefully other people won’t end up with eyeshadow redundancy.

    • I can’t say they 100% repackage. Somethings they make themselves, I’m sure, such as the glosses and the cream shadows.

      But a vast majority of what I did order was…

  7. Amazingly indepth and impartial review as always. One question, in the photo of the swatches, what is that black smear on the left in the pink?

    • Thank you!

      That is the bottom edge of a tattoo. I try to swatch on my arms when there are more colors to test, but I only have a little bit of bare skin on that part of my arm (none on the other), so I have to squeeze them in. 🙂

  8. Me and my pocketbook thank you so much for these reviews!

  9. That’s just really sad and disappointing. I wouldn’t be so disappointed if they said outright that they are not unique but instead they are deceiving and all the prices and shipping look really dodgy. I wish there was more we could do about it!

  10. I’ve ordered from them twice and was not impressed with the products I bought. They weren’t bad, just indifferent. Well, okay, I actually thought one of them was bad, but it was a charity color, so I felt bad about disliking it.

    After see what the owner posted on MMM, and now two negative reviews of their products, I can safely say they’re off my list.

    • I didn’t look at the charity page until after you mentioned it. I’m not sure how I feel about that whole thing.

  11. Some of these poorly reviewed MMU companies could be their own drinking game. Srsly.

    – “I was tired of being disappointed by dull department store colors!”
    – “Cleared up my acne/rosacea/wrinkles/crooked teeth/blindness/secretary butt/chest hair!”
    – “Before I came on the scene and invented color, everyone was using BROWN eyeshadow. Ewwwww!”
    – “What is this word that keeps showing up in your emails to me? eeeeeeeeen….vooooooooice. You want what now? I don’t understand. Will add to my tl;dr pile!”
    – “Answer my emails? Pffffft. Email is for computer nerds trying to get dates, LOL!”
    – “What do you mean, ‘3 weeks to 1 month to receive items is an obscene amount of time to wait for shipping’?! Going to the post office is harrrrrrrrrd. I’m busy formulating all my makeup/my cat died/my boyfriend dumped me/no one loves me anymore. 😥 ”
    – “OMGYOUWANTMYINGREDIENTLIST HDU! Why should I give you all my ideas and recipes that I spent days separating from my giant TKB stash years formulating in the dark after they turned off my electricity because IWOULDN’TGIVEUPONMYDREAMZ?!”
    – “What do you mean ‘that ingredient isn’t FDA approved’?! These are all minerals from the earth, duh! Everything from the earth, from apples to arsenic is 100% totes good for you!”
    – “Study web design? Get a ‘properly functioning’ shopping cart system? Stop using MSPaint to make graphics for my site? LOLZ, oh you! And your crazy pills! :D”
    – “All those mean things you’re saying about me. Um, stop that. Or I will send my lawyer *insert lawyer-y old dude sounding name here* after everything you own! And your pretty little dog too!”

    And so forth.

  12. I’ve ordered from Pure Luxe a couple of times but have always found their shipping to take waaay too long (I live in the UK). The powdered mineral products seemed OK (but repackaged in many cases as you said) but I got really excited by the cream blushes & eye shadows when I saw them as I had been searching for more natural cream based products – until they arrived, that is; the colours were lovely in the tube but the pigment & base mixture separates terribly and despite shaking to blend before using as instructed on the packaging, I ended up throwing them all away. What a shame.

    • I’ve noticed the little sample I have is totally separated. I got one good use out of it to wear it once, and when I went to use it today it was, yeah, just blargh…

  13. Pure Luxe was one the first MMU companies I tried. I bought a lot of products from there but I have nothing left anymore (well, just a few samples :D). I did find the colors very pretty (then) but I didn’t like the quality much…

    And that message to Mutiny was something!

    • I’m not sure that they took the time to read what the Mutiny WAS before firing off that comment. It was almost nonsensical…

      • The comment that Christina Kocher, owner of Pure Luxe, left at the mutiny was so full of hostility and accusations that I think she read what the mutiny was about and because it looks like she probably repackages, she found the mutiny to be offensive. I think that’s why she attacked Aromaleigh and the Mutiny.

      • It would have been a great opportunity for her to improve her company, I’m sorry she didn’t see it that way.

  14. Yeah! haha, all those ring a bell quite loudly!

  15. Completely not surprised by the review, I suspect to find the same thing whenever my samples arrive. And yeeeaaah, I heard from a few people in the business that selling Apparition as an eyeshadow is illegal, but it’s not like the FDA would bother investigating such a tiny company.

    One more huge repackaging dinosaur.

  16. I used to order occassionally from PL but stopped when I realised most of their minerals were dead on for my TKB samples or from Sweetscents. Also their hissy fit over at MMM really made me lose all respect for that company.

    Sweetscents is another wholesaler that people don’t really seem to know about. A lot of the times if a repackager has a pigment that doesn’t match TKB, it’ll probably match Sweetscents.

  17. “Your Guide to Reporting Problems to the FDA” – http://www.fda.gov/ForConsumers/ConsumerUpdates/ucm095859.htm

    “Consumer Complaint Coordinators” (listed by region; talk to yours, not the one where the offending company is based) – http://www.fda.gov/Safety/ReportaProblem/ConsumerComplaintCoordinators/default.htm

    I’m thinking about complaining myself, even though I’ve never ordered Apparition. Of course, a complaint to a body like the FDA always carries more weight if you’ve actually purchased or been injured by the bad product. (I’ll give a cookie to anyone who’s willing to scratch their cornea for the cause! 🙂 ) A lot of people think small companies get away with things like this because the FDA isn’t willing to waste their time. It’s more that they’re better able to escape scrutiny. If Revlon, for example, came out with an eyeshadow that could blind you, milllions of people would see it… even FDA agents would see it firsthand at the drugstore. Even if only a small percentage of customers complained, it would still be hundreds or thousands of people. Small companies with only a few hundred or thousand customers total would only get a handful of complaints at the same rate. In fact, you could argue that it’s easier for the FDA to go after small companies since any fine or sanction they impose would wipe out a smaller business, whereas a megacorp could just pay for it out of petty cash. Smaller businesses definitely have more incentive to comply.

    In short, speak up! If all the people who take issue with this complained to the FDA, they’d have to do something.

    • HonestlyBeautiful February 1, 2010 at 2:14 pm

      Just wanted to point out that contacting the FDA over a minor issue such as this could seriously backfire. Because the FDA doesn’t have the resources to monitor small companies, the legislature is currrently trying to write and pass a bill that would essentially shut down all small businesses. If you love your indie’s keep doing what your doing and blog, share and review these bad companies, but if you start making formal complaints, those will just be used against the Indie industry as a whole. As much as I would like to stick it to the liars and frauds out there I would hate to lose my favorite brands that create unique and beautiful items. Check out the Indie Beauty Network for more information on possible legislation and how it could damage the small companies we love so much.

  18. I just ordered a few samples from PL, and the sample of their shadow “Pandora” I received seems to match my discontinued Aromaleigh “Arbor” perfectly. Arbor was a Pure Hue (which were sold as unmixed micas), so I’m assuming Pandora is another wholesale pigment. I’m not overly distressed about it, as I only purchased a sample and it is a beautiful color, but it has cured me of my desire to check out any of their other colors – if they are colors I like, then I probably already own them from another company. No need to purchase what I already have!

    • I love Arbor, too. I should get that out and use it this week.

      I have to admit, with all the stuff Pure Luxe sells, I was really surprised so much of it was repackaged. I really saw potential!!

  19. I’m not sure if you can get it in the States, but Boots Botanics do an amazing intense conditioner that is the only thing that saves my hair! I’m utterly in love with it and cannot recommend it highly enough. It’s called 3 Minute Deep Conditioning Hair Mask. I insist you go out and buy some!

  20. Frickinfrickinfrick, I think I commented awhile back saying I suspected they were a repacker from what I had, before you announced the review was coming up?

    I just determined that Peach Champagne shadow, one of my favorite colors, is identical to the mica Aromaleigh sold as Adobe Pure Hue. I have had both sitting here for months, and never thought to swatch them until now.

  21. So are all blacklight reactive shadows not eye safe? Pure Luxe isn’t the only company that sells blacklight reactive shadows.

    • No, black-light reactive shadows are totally FDA approved and eye safe. This particular one is Glow in the Dark, not simply black-light reactive. The one I specifically mention in the review is not eye safe.

  22. Oops, I see the difference now between glow in the dark and UV reactive. However, TKB sells UV reactive pigments and states:

    “Our Fluorescent color family are cosmetic-grade pigments which are made by combining D&C certified dyes with a resin matrix technology.

    The result is clean, bright pigments with virtually no bleeding or staining which are UV and Blacklight responsive.

    These colors are great for novelty cosmetics and personal care products. They are not approved for use around the eyes.

  23. I mean, maybe there are blacklight responsive pigments that are safe, and others that are not, however, seeing that some are not safe worries me.

    Here is another example of an unsafe for the eye area blacklight reactive pigment:


    Anyways, I’d rather be safe than sorry and just not go for blacklight reactive until there is more clarification.

  24. Uhmmm..all the makeup in the world is repacked you dipshit.
    They come from a total of THREE companies all over the world.
    Only three.
    Theyre also the same colors MAC carries
    Theyre also the same colors NYC color carries.

    • I’m sure after reading the rest of the site you realize what an ignorant statement that was. Thank you, your IP has been logged, shared with my network, and banned.


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