Any Suggestions?

I’m currently in the market for two things I’ve never used before…

1 – A green corrector.

I started a new supplement  that gives me rosy cheeks.  So while I know it’s helping with my circulation, I’m going to go mental if one more person asks me if I was just running.

What I’m looking for should be light and matte, preferably soft focus.  I don’t need it every day and it would be best to be a powder since I don’t get ‘rosy’ all the time and I’d like to be able to just dust it on when I need it.

2 – A GOOD hair conditioner.

After years of bleaching and coloring my hair, a little bit before New Years I had it colored my normal color and had all the ends cut off.  As a result my hair is now much shorter (although very sleek) and brown.  I actually love having my natural color back, but I’m going to have to condition the hell out of it to keep it happy with me until all the bleached and over dyed parts underneath grow out.

I use Lush’s BIG shampoo about every third shampoo, but I don’t have a conditioner from them I like, and I’m not crazy about dropping 20$ on a tube or bottle of something at a salon only to not like it.  My hair is thin and lots of stuff is too heavy and oily.

So I’m asking you all, my faithful and wise friends, what do you recommend?!


Thanks so much for for recommendations, keep them coming, I’m expoloring all of them, you guys are amazing 🙂


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    Their coconut milk shampoo and conditioner saved my hair when I fried it. I also enjoy their teatree mint as well.

    What supplement are you using? My circulation is terrible.

  2. Actually, have you tried LUSH’s solid Jungle Conditioner?

    I have extremely thin hair, and the Jungle conditioner works very well to keep it soft and conditioned withouth weighing it down. And since it’s solid, you need only spend a couple of dollars to buy a tiny chunk. I know you have tried a few LUSH products you didn’t like; but this works so well for me, I thought I’d share!

    Also, I have a bit of a rosacea problem — damn my Northern European blood! I find that Mario Badescu’s control cream is the only product that really calms down my skin (especially the cheek area). I don’t know if it would work for you, since you don’t have a pre-existing condition, but here’s the link:

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  3. For a green concealer, I use Allure by Jen’s on Etsy.

    (Feel free to delete the link!) It’s my favorite…not too chalky, but works really well. I either mix it in with my foundation or dust it on before depending on the redness!

    For conditioner, have you tried Bed Head Dumb Blonde? It’s not only for blonde hair or anything, just chemical treated or colored hair. I’ve been using it for a few months now and I love it. Works MUCH better than the expensive Aveda stuff I was using before!

    Hope that helps XD

  4. I think Lush’s conditioners are pretty much useless. I’ve tried all of them, and even when my hair was very healthy, they didn’t do much.

    I personally adore Abba’s hair care line. Their Pure Moisture line is wonderful. It smells great (minty and herbal), and it’s easily found at Ulta in a ~15 oz size or a larger ~30 oz size. You also need just a little bit (let it sit in your hair for at least two minutes) and it does a hell of a job moisturizing your hair!

    The best part? Their line is 100% vegan, which as you may know, is a bit harder to find, especially with conditioners. They also list their ingredients on their website, and I think it’s a solid list. 😀

    Their stuff tends to be in the pricier range, but you can get a discount with their coupon since it doesn’t fall under Prestige Cosmetics. Also, with stores like Ulta, you can do a return if you absolutely hate it.

    Simultaneously, you can also do the same with Lush. They sample out their stuff, but if you buy a product, you can do a return in 30 days with a receipt or an exchange after 30 days. I know you primarily buy vegan but also aren’t entirely adverse to veg products, but aside from Jungle (which I personally don’t like because I like liquids — Jungle can also be insanely crumbly depending on the batch and can easily solidify into one chunk that you need to press into your head to use) and Veganese (which is their least moisturizing conditioner), all of their conditioners contain lanolin.

  5. I love Kiss My Face Miss Treated shampoo and conditioner, if you can find it.

  6. coconut oil can’t be beat for conditioning hair, but definitely not something for every day use. i’m a big fan of pantene’s restoratives line for that.

    good luck with the green concealer, i’m super pale and i have rosacea and have yet to find one that doesn’t make me look sickly. my rosacea is heavy and patchy, not just the nice even rosy cheeks you see in commercials for ros. products.

  7. I’ve never found a conditioner that did NOT feel too heavy or oily on my very thin hair and I’ve stopped looking.

    If you can’t find one either, you might try what I do, use a good shampoo (you can consider more expensive types since you’re not buying conditioner) and an overnight weekly / twice weekly natural treatment, so my hair takes what it needs and I rinse the rest off the next morning. I get compliments on my hair all the time.

    I use a shampoo that moistures enough but not too much (A L’Oreal salon shampoo does it for me, in rotation witch a Body Shop for dry hair one). I leave it on for slightly longer and comb through it before rinse, as with a conditioner. And every now and again, I apply a natural treatment; leave it on overnight and wash in the morning. The jar will last you for ages because you need little product as it’s so concentrated. You might need to put a little water in your hair/scalp to ease the process since you’re using a pure product. Olive oil is a wonderful and cheap option, it’s great for balancing and soothing the scalp too, but it might not be rich enough for you right now. Coconut oil is slightly richer and makes your hair shine more than anything else I’ve tried. Next up is the shea butter, it is the richest and gives you heavenly soft hair (warning : it may not be a suitable scalp treatment unless you have very dry scalp as it’s very rich so best used on hair only). It’s a very good all purpose product too, it works for your lips in winter, strengthens your nails, soothe your dry patches like elbows or feet etc. Pure shea sometimes smells pretty raw, but you can place the jar on your heater so it soften up and then add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil to it, mix in, let it cool and you’re done.

    I’ve been through the same after years of bleaching + dying at one point, and at another point I was living by the beach in Northern Australia and I would swim in the ocean twice a day everyday – on both occasions I used mostly shea (for power) and coconut (for shine) in rotation. Now I’ve not used chemical dies in a while and don’t put my hair in harsh salty conditions anymore either since I now live in a big amazing but polluted city with no beach, so I only use olive oil, it’s cheap and it also helps with itchy scalp.

    That’s what works for me, hope it helps.

  8. Just to note, my sister’s actually going to school for hair, and says that Pantene’s about some of the worst conditioner out there; the ingredients and ingredient ratios are not conducive to healthy hair at all.

    As far as something to tone down the redness, I would suggest checking Aromaleigh – she actually sells a couple different green concealer powders, as well as a couple different green finishing powders. I just got a sample of the You’re a Doll! powder in Parfait, and it toned down the redness in my face quite nicely, however, I’m pretty pale so ymmv.

  9. Well, when my hair was fried to all hell, the only thing that seemed to help was Aussie’s Deep Conditioner. I used it as an everyday conditioner rather than occasional, but since my hair was so gone, I was willing to try anything. One bottle seemed to do the trick, so after that, I was able to use it every 2 days until half of my hair grew back again.

    I tried the Organix ones that are meant for damaged hair, but they just made my hair feel stringy and rubbery and gross. (For the record, I have baby-fine hair that had about 6 bleachings under its belt.) I tried a couple of conditioners from Sally’s, but nothing really seemed to do the trick whatsoever except for Aussie. :/ Well, that, and when my hair got really, really bad, I used it along with a regular conditioner.

  10. I use John Frieda’s Root Restoring line, the ones in the green bottles. It’s relatively cheap and works pretty well. My hair was also fried to hell, and my hair feels almost virgin now. I don’t need to use a lot of it either, just a little bit is enough.

  11. My hair is really thin and limp and bleh, and for yeeears I struggled to find a conditioner that worked, and now I swear by this

    It makes my hair feel so fresh and soft and gives actually makes it easier to style. I really can’t recommend them enough. I dont think they stock it in the US, but if you can’t find anything else, I could probably post some over to you or something (seriously, I love this stuff!)

  12. I’ve been looking at buying this conditioner to try it:

    Right now, I use this:
    The way I use it is like this. I wash my hair with the tigi superstar sulfate free shampoo, towel it off, and then I spray the conditioner onto a comb and i run the comb through my hair. It conditions my hair without leaving it feeling heavy.

    For Deep conditioning treatments I use this:

    Keep in mind I have medium-fine, stick straight hair.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  13. First conditioners – I LOVE one by sexy hair which has soy in it. I use it in combination with their chocolate shampoo and it has done wonderful things for my hair. I have fine hair & I think this stuff has even made it thicker. It has certainly made it grow quickly. Sexy Hair also has an organic line – just bought some but haven’t tried it yet. And yes, Pantene has some horrible ingredients. Aussie has lots of wax in it according to my stylist.

    Green concealer – best I have found so far is a product from The She Space called Green Nylons. It’s a power you use after moisturizing and before applying foundation. I have quite a bit of red in my skin and this really does the trick for me.

  14. For the hair, I swear by Pantene (I tried to bleach out black permanent hair dye… yeah). Though online I can’t seem to find the products of their line we have here, it was the leave in conditioner for, um damaged or bleached hair? Something like that. It had brown sticker on top (I remember using purple one; I think it’s for greasy hair, but it didn’t work as well). It seems like a *very* (and do I mean *very*) heavy product, but I swear by it, even with my horribly greasy hair.

  15. My hair is incredibly thin as well, and I previously have pretty much sworn off conditioner for how it made my hair feel (gross and oily), but recently, I’ve tried a few Herbal Essences conditioners, and I’m finding that I really like them. I’m currently using a combo of HE Color me Happy Shampoo, and the same line conditioner, and I’m really liking how they make me hair feel. I only wash it every other day, to try to maintain the current color as much as possible (my hair’s so thin and my scalp is so naturally oily that it’s all I feel I can get away with without feeling gross), and even on the second day, is I stick a hand in my hair, it comes away with no oil (until the very end of the day, but that’s to be expected). I hope you find a conditioner that works for you!

  16. I have to say that I am not a big conditioner user because I grew up with oily hair, my hair has changed, but not my habits. However, I find that Ojon conditioners (they have several) are really very nice. They have tons of yummy stuff in them like shea butter, sweet almond oil, and jojoba seed, plus other extracts. I found that the Hydrating conditioner never weighed my hair down, even if I used it every day. I remember being at the beach for July 4th where it was really windy. I came back inside after a windy golf cart session, my hair still looked awesome and was not tangly at all. I have never used a conditioner like that. The downside is that it is really really expensive. All their products are. But if you don’t use conditioner daily, a bottle will probably last a while. It’s about $20 a bottle for 8.44 oz. I have Shine & Protect right now, which has slightly different ingredients, but it also works well. I don’t know about how it performs daily because I don’t do it daily (no time!).

    Now, it does have chemical ingredients that may be ideal, but it has no animal derived products. If you’re big into the natural/no chemical thing, I would check the ingredients first. However, if you’re interested, I’d be happy to send you a little sample of what I have. I have 3/4 of a bottle that I got back in July, so I’ve got plenty to share. Just let me know. ^_^

    P.S Ingredients are listed at Sephora, but not on the official website.

  17. I saw that someone suggested Aromaleigh You’re A Doll in Parfait. I wanted to second that, and add a vote for Aromaleigh’s Coquilles and Pure Covers.

    Meow Cosmetics’ Color Correcting Concealers are also very nice, and I think they feel especially soft when I brush them on.

  18. My hair is very different from yours, due to my ethnicity, I’m assuming. But my hair is very coarse and thick (my hairdresser swears I have enough for 3 people), but it’s also extremely dry. I also bleach and color my hair at least once a month, so I deep condition often.

    I picked up a travel-size bottle of Dove Intense Damage Therapy shampoo and conditioner while traveling one weekend, and OMG…I was immediately hooked. My hair has a really weird texture (I’ve been told it feels fake or like a horse’s tail…yeah, I know…), but after using this shampoo and conditioner, it is SO soft. And my frizzies from heat-styling/bleaching are definitely minimized. At around $4 per bottle, it’s definitely a money saver compared to the Frederic Fekkai shampoo and conditioner I was using…and in my opinion, it works just as well.

    I also deep condition about once a week with Queen Helene’s Cholesterol conditioner (from the ethnic hair care aisle at the drugstore), but I’m afraid it would probably make your fine hair a little too heavy and/or greasy-feeling.

  19. I havent tried it, but Silk Naturals have a green corrector called Unblush:

  20. My special batch of green Diamond Perfect Finish, I’ll have to get a sample out to you, although she doesn’t sell it, just mixed it because I asked.

    Still, wouldn’t be hard to find a finishing powder you like and mix in the right amount of green dye, though.

    I like PC’s green colour corrector, too, but it’s not finishing powdery. Although you’d use it under foundation, before finishing powder. So I could send some of that, too.

    And then there’s the creme red logic cream I’ve been using, which I’m still erring on.

  21. I’ve been using Aromaleigh’s green pure cover poweder to help correct my rosacea and it’s been working fairly well. It does a great job at balancing out the light red spots on my forehead and chin and an okay job on my really dark cheeks. I’m not 100% sold on it but depending on how dark your cheeks have gotten, you might want to give it a shot.

    I will swear up, down and sideways about how fabulous my conditioner is but it may or may not do anything for you. I use Oyin’s Honey Hemp Conditioner, which is obviously not vegan as it has both honey and silk extract in it. My hair manages to be coarse and thin and dry and textured all at the same time and this conditioner, plus their Greg Juice, have made my hair feel like hair again rather than thin little bits of sticky nasty plastic.

    Store’s here: though it’s down for a few more days for remodling.

  22. I have EXTREMELY thin, fine, limp hair with bleached and colored streaks, and I’d given up on conditioners until I found Shine Sweetie and Junket from Cocoa Pink ( They make my hair insanely soft and shiny, don’t weigh it down, and don’t leave it oily at all. The downsides– they can be HIGHLY scented though I believe you can get them without scent; and the customer service and turnaround times can be extremely hit and miss.

  23. I second Silk Naturals. I haven’t tried Unblush, but I know their products are great.

    The All Natural Face also has a green concealer, she has two kinds – a spot concealer and an all over facial concealer. The latter “does not contain any “white” meaning it can be used alone without foundation, under foundation, on top of foundation during the day…whenever! It is a translucent powder that just applies pigment to the skin to cover redness…”
    I have both, but I’m not sure I can see a difference. I have to use a foundation with both, otherwise I look ashen.