Picks of the Week

1 – China Glaze polish in Bad Kitty

As soon as I am possibly able I plan to re-polish my nails in this amazing sparkle filled watermelon shade.  It reminds me of those jelly shoes I wore as a kid.  I picked it up the other day (before I wrestled with the garage door) and it’s such an whimsical and springy color.  I realize it’s bleak and cold in *most* of the world, but it remains bright and clear and pleasantly warm here in So Cal.

2 – Sobe Botanicals Fill Me In eyebrow powder

As a result of reshaping my eyebrows I’ve got sort of an odd bare spot that’s growing in on one side.  When my eyebrow cake (I was using something from MAC) fell on the bathroom floor and shattered into a million powdery bits, I turned to Lex at Sobe to replace it.  While this shade is dark and matches my brows perfectly, she was willing to mix something for me custom.  The chances I’m ever going to use all of this jar is slim, it’s highly pigmented and I only need the smallest amount for natural looking, crisp and even brows.

3 – Sobe Botanicals Glitz Gel Shadow/Liner in Truth or Dare

I’m not sure Lex is selling this yet, but I got a special little package of goodies from her not too long ago.  This is a gorgeous creamy blend of glitter and gel.  In the past some of these gel liners I’ve tried felt like I was smearing sandpaper across my skin.  This formula is very smooth and I really can’t FEEL the glitter at all.  I haven’t used it as liner, but I’ve been using it on my lid (smack dab in the middle as a little highlight) and I’ve really liked the look.  Ever since I rediscovered glitter from Hi-Fi, I’ve been collecting as many smooth shades as I can.

4 – Fyrinnae Nijiro eyeshadow

I looooove this color.  I love all Fyrinnae’s colors, but this one I can just about wear with anything else as a highlighter.  Bright pink?  This works.  Dramatic greens?  This works.  Smokey blues?  This works.  Classic muted eyes with black liner?  This excels.  The boys at Fyrinnae are not shy about packing the jars full, either.

5 – Liplicious Tasty Lip Color in Black Cherry

I can’t seem to find this flavor online, I got mine in The Mall.  In the tube it’s a burgundy sort of color.  On my lips it’s a sheer purple/pink color with amazing shine and a hint of shimmer.  It looks AMAZING over so many different lip colors, my favorite being MAC’s Rebel (which will be featured in a ‘Purples’ post next week).  Plus it has a real great cherry flavor that’s quite true and not at all sour or overpowering.


10 Responses to “Picks of the Week”

  1. Great picks! It seems one can’t go wrong with SoBe. I have a big package of GothLip Sitx coming my way soon!
    I will be anxiously awaiting this “Purples” post of which you speak. How did you know that just last weekend I was agonizing over whether I should buy “Rebel” or not during MAC’s free shipping offer??
    It will be nice to read about it/see some swatches from someone I trust 🙂

    • I love Rebel. Love it with a deep fiery passion. So many MAC shades are safe and sort of vanilla, but this so SONIC GRAPE.

      • Excellent — that is just what I wanted to know! I totally agree on the majority of MAC shades being too “safe.” I think I may stop by the mall this weekend 🙂

  2. I’ve just discovered Fyrinnae, and I’m 99% sure Nijiro may be my HG highlight color. I’m pretty pale (not as pale as Ana, but pale nonetheless), and it’s wonderful for me. Light, but not quite white.

    • I’m also pretty pale, so it’s not TOO obviously light, just perfect. It also make a nice highlighter on your cheeks.

  3. Yay! So glad you love Nijiro, Nijiro is so sexy.

  4. I got a sample of Nijiro and promptly ordered a F/S. LOVE it too…..I use it a lot to highlight my browbone.

  5. I kind’ve want to eat your nail polish.