Take me out, to the black…

…tell ’em I ain’t coming back.

Vera Wang Booties

The cornerstone of this look are these stiletto heeled booties from Vera Wang.  Black and sleek and just a little bit dangerous they are deceivingly comfortable.  Pair them with some dramatic fishnets.

Ruffle Bum Panties

No one else might know they are there (unless the night goes *very* well), but you will.  This pair is from Target, but places like Frederick’s and Vickie’s also sell more, ahem, adventurous versions.

Black Jewelry

Wearing an assortment of simple beaded bracelets gives the look of a complicated cuff.  Pair it with an overwhelming ring for an eye catching adornment.  Just make sure you talk with your hands, add to the mystique.

A Dramatic Fragrance

This look calls for a deep rich scent.  Sobe Botanicals makes a wide variety of Essential Oil Perfumes to chose from.  Wearing a spicy scent like clove gives you all the mystery of being draped in a veil of clove smoke catharsis, just with less of the carcinogen.

Black Polish

Try a matte for a bit of a twist.  Man Glaze in The Death Tar is a great alternative to a shiny black, and just a little unexpected.

Neutral Lip Stick

To counter the intensiveness of the rest of the look, go for a soft neutral lipstick, such as Hug Me from MAC.

Black Eye Shadows

Using a combination of three black shades, wearing a simple smokey eye adds easy drama.  The shades I’d wear are Harlequin from Fryinnae, Shadow Play from Aromaleigh, and Ebony Matte from Aromaleigh.

Rose Hair Peice

This burnt black organza rose from Sugar Vanity adds a touch of softness to whatever hair style you wear.  I’d suggest softly pulling your hair up and fastening this rose close to one side of your updo.


16 Responses to “Take me out, to the black…”

  1. Sounds like a lovely look!
    I love the boots!

  2. Thanks for putting a soft lip with a dark look. Too many gals go gung-ho with the black on black on black. I love those shoes….theyre like modern witchy boots.

    • I’m pretty measured with my makeup. I know it’s silly to follow ‘rules’ but that’s one I tend to have adopted as personal style rather. One or the other, eyes or lips.

      • that’s something I can’t do. My lips usually need some color, ’cause they are kind of full and, when I focus on my eyes, I look wrong. x.x”
        So, I try to add some more color to it, but without being too much… x.x’
        But I can’t wear nude lipstick or anything like that x.x’
        I look so wrong!

  3. Firefly. ❤

    I quite love those shoes. I am thisclose to buying a pair of awesome black booties on Amazon, but I think I'll end up saving the giftcards I have for books. Because, well BOOKS.

    I've also always wanted a cute pair of ruffle panties, and I might make it my mission to find some, now, especially if I can pick them up at Target.

  4. Everyone is making Firefly references lately, and it’s got me convinced that I’m following the right bloggers.

    The Death Tar is one of my favorite polishes that I own, actually. I also have Fuggin Ugly, and it has quite a bit of dimension of you throw a coat of Vite over it.

  5. Burn the land and boil the sea. You can’t take the sky from me.
    Have no place I can be. Since I found Serenity. But you can’t take the sky from me~

    No, you can’t. Don’t even try! *Smacks fingers* my sky >:[

    Your style is fabulous, and I need Harlequinn.

  6. I really love these posts! Sounds like a lovely look. I adore ruffle butt pants 🙂

  7. Props for the Firefly reference. I’m adding myself to the “those boots are awesome” list.

    Also, I have placed a huge order with Fyrinnae because of your reviews, and also want to thank you (and Anastasia from Lipsticks and Lightsabers) for saving my wallet from LimeCrime! Now that I don’t have to save for weeks just to buy two eyeshadows, I can spend my money on quality products backed by genuine indie make-up artists.