Rainbows and Happy Things

I’ve been enjoying my collection of Sobe Botanicals MineralEyez Shadows so much I wanted to post a few cheery little pictures of the amazing rainbows they create!  These are original shades from her Rainbow Brights and Spring Fling collections.

From left to right : Dahlia, Tropical, Monarch, Sunbeam, Grass, Set Sail, Azure, and Orchid

From left to right : Shortcake, Mango Tango, Orange U Glad, Gleam, Sublime, Jaded, Capri, Blue Grotto, Shacked Up, and Parfait


3 Responses to “Rainbows and Happy Things”

  1. Beautiful!

    I actually ordered from Lex when I saw your review, and I’m totally impressed by them. 😀 Thanks for sharing!

  2. I was put off ordering from SoBe because I wanted say, two balms, for instance, and they only ever have one of each thing listed. I’m not sure why that is – perhaps to keep order numbers down when they custom make it all?

    Either way, I decided to finally convo her to set up a custom listing, and I’m amazed at how nice and helpful she is. I was thinking-out-loud about flavours and she gave me advice on the difference between essential/blends to help me make a decision without me having to ask, and even told me that the cinnamon can be stinging/tingly on some lips but does have a plumping effect, which I thought was nice and straight-up.

    When my loan ACTUALLY clears I’m definitely placing an order.

  3. Beautiful swatches! Mango Tango and Orange U Glad are lovely colors!