Picks of the Week

1 – L’ Oreal 360 Go Clean Deep Cream Cleanser

The only reason I got this was I had a free coupon.  I wasn’t particularly interested in it, I have a ‘routine’ I like that I stick to for my face.  So it actually sat in the downstairs bathroom for a while.  Since I’ve been sort of out of commission, I didn’t want to have to walk upstairs to wash my face, etc etc.  So instead of using soap on my face (never) I used this, since it was there.

Wow, do I love this stuff.  I’m not even sure if I got the ‘right’ formula for me, but it’s super amazing.  The little scrublet dealy-ma-bobber pops in and out of the actual bottle so I can never lose it.  And it works.  It leaves a really nice tingly feeling, and yes, I realize that doesn’t mean it’s actually doing anything, but I like it.

In the last few days I’ve noticed an obvious change in my skin, the pores around my nose seem like they aren’t even there and the new problem spots I’ve gotten on my chin (long story, but I normally have very good skin) have all cleared up.  I’m actually considering switching from my usual cleanser to this L’Oreal product permanently.

Next time I’m out I’m defiantly going to get the exfoliating version of this as well.

2 – Maybelline Lash Stiletto

There are two versions of this.  One in a red tube with a funny wand and one in a black tube with a normal wand.  Pretend that the red one doesn’t exsist, even though it’s newer and supposedly better.  Between the formula and the brush, it’s crap.  But the original formula in the black tube,  the lengthening formula, is amazeballs.  I usually use Great Lash Big and it makes my lashes nice and fluffy, but this Stiletto seriously makes me look like I have falsies on with only a coat or two.  It doesn’t have the volume I usually get, but the actual ‘voluminous’ formula isn’t all that great, that would be the red tube.

3 – Fyrinnae Arcane Magic Eye Shadow in Mystic

I have a new favorite Fyrinnae shade every other day.  This time it’s Mystic.

Sparkly deep pewter with shimmer that varies from aqua, pink, lavender, silver, and light green, depending on the light.

It’s beautiful as a liner.  Or all over the lid.  Or in the crease to darken up another shade.  Or just to look at, it’s that pretty.


14 Responses to “Picks of the Week”

  1. Glad to have you back, Ms. Grey. Hope you’re feeling better!
    I will have to try out that mascara & cream cleanser. It seems I’m eternally on the lookout for my HG mascara…even Diorshow doesn’t do it for me!
    Not to pry, but is that purples post coming soon? I just got a MAC gift card for my birthday and I’m eager to do some spendin’ 🙂

    • I had sort of a set back with my last dentist appointment. I had to go BACK because another bone chip was loose. Since I don’t take painkillers (and they prescribed vicodin) I’m running just a little slow.

      The purple post is waiting on something in the mail that was delayed 😦 So hopefully Sunday, that is if it arrives today or tomorrow!! But if you’re wondering about Rebel, do it. Totally worth it. I’ll swatch it in a minute for you 🙂

      • Oh, geez. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! I’ve had some painful dental surgery in my life, and it is no fun (to say the least) 😦 Hugs sent your way, if you want them!

        A swatch of Rebel would be most awesome, thanks 🙂 Do you have Cyber? That’s one I’ve been fretting over, also. It looks so brilliantly purple on the screen, but I’m afraid it won’t be IRL.

      • Nope, no Cyber. It’s NEVER in stock at my close MAC. I keep meaning to swatch, but there was almost no sun today.

        But I will do it!!

    • Whenever is cool 🙂 My MAC is out of Rebel right now, sadly. They do have Cyber, though. If I end up buying it, I could swatch it for you, if you’d like.

  2. Is that the Lash Stiletto everyone says is really bad, or is that the red one? I’ve never tried either, but it crops up on a lot of “worst mascara” lists I’ve read. But then, I absolutely hate Rimmel Sexy Curves and other people love it, and I love Bourjois Liner Effect and some people hate it…

    Heard that the L’Oreal one you got, the pink one, is the best of the bunch, I’ve read a few reviews on it. Apparently the green one isn’t up to much.

    • The red one is pretty bad. I actually really like the black one. I suspect I’d like the red one’s formula if the brush wasn’t as stupidly shaped as it was.

      I just picked one at random, didn’t even read…

  3. Im sad that new stiletto isnt as amazingly awesome as old stiletto. Oh well, at least old stiletto hasnt let me down. I ❤ my scrublet too…I have the exfoliating kind…it isnt bad but it isnt amazing. I use my scrublet with my other facewash 🙂

    • I’m pleases with the Stiletto! I’m so glad I got it!

      I’m going to horde those scrubbies, keep them from every bottle I get, you know, just in case.

  4. I’m really hoping that l’oreal cleanser comes over here too. I shelled out £4 for a soap and glory ‘mini facial mitt’ which turns out is the same thing as the ‘scrublet’ you get with l’oreal, but you get a whole thing of amazing cleanser too!
    I wanted to try lash stiletto for ages, but i’ve seen some terrible reviews for it. Maybe i’ll give it another go when i run out of lipstick.

    • …run out of lipstick? I meant run out of my lancome 😛

    • I think the Stiletto worth a try. I read a lot of people don’t like it, but I wonder if they mean the Voluminous one?

      I kept seeing the scrubbie things on eBay and I almost ordered one!

  5. The Lash Stiletto commercial ruins everything. It’s so awful. D: