Silk Naturals – A Review


Ordering from Silk Naturals is easy.  They have a well organized site with clearly marked navigation down the left hand side and as well as a few links across the top of the page.  The only thing I found confusing was the categories, some seemed to repeat products and the lip glosses have several categories to page through.  It didn’t take me long to fill my cart and hit my review quota, though.

The prices are very competitive at 4$ for a shadow and 6.50$ for a blush, for example.  I easily got quite a selection of products well within my budget.

I noticed that they had a category called ‘Gumballs‘ and right away I groaned to myself, expecting to see the same old repackaged POP! shades.  Instead I was surprised to find that it was actually a little section that sells ‘experiments’ or little bits of products that are in development.  Genius.

I was holding out on reviewing Silk Naturals because the name itself implies it’s not vegan, however, they do have a variety of vegan products available and have them listed in separate categories.

The site has an integrated cart system that keeps track of your running total along the top, which is one of my favorite features of an indie shop.  Creating an account is easy and worth the effort to be able to keep track of previous purchases

I ended up ordering :

Carrot & Pumpkin Salve Gumball

Climax Blush – Nars Orgasm clone

Nekkid Eye Shadow – MAC Naked Lunch clone

Nymph Eye Shadow – MAC Vex clone

Purr – Stilla Kitten Clone

Halo – MAC new Vegas MSF Clone

Sparkle Vegan Lip Gloss

I received ExtraVert and Cream free.

I didn’t see an order minimum but their shipping is very reasonable.

Shipping starts at $2.75, and the most you will ever pay for shipping is $6.50.

There is no additional shipping and handling charge.


I ordered on January 8th and my package arrived on January 13th.  I was very pleased it arrived so quickly.


My order arrived in a bubble mailer.  Inside my products were wrapped in purple tissue paper keeping them snug and together.  Also included was my very professionally done invoice, a thank you note signed by the owner, a sample of  vegan lip gloss, a two free eye shadows, and an amazing ‘Guide to Mineral Makeup’.  It was a really awesome little extra to include.  On the back of the guide was a printed listing of her ingredients.

Product / Colors

Ok, I’ll admit I ordered some very tame colors.  But I knew right away I wouldn’t be keeping them to use myself (they’re not vegan) so I ordered shades that I knew my cousin Elizabeth would wear.  We’re often mistaken for sisters, our coloring is the same, so I felt pretty safe with my choices.

I was curious mostly about the ‘Clones’ and ordered several.  Although I didn’t have much to MATCH them to, Phyrra did do a little comparison herself recently.  I was able to compare Climax to Orgasm and Nekkid to Naked Lunch.

From left to right : Nars Orgasm and Silk Naturals Climax

You can see that while they are close, I wouldn’t call it a match.  Orgasm is much brighter and clearer while Climax is more of a ‘dusty’ peach.  But again, unless you knew the difference, no one would know.

From left to right : Naked Lunch and Nekkid

In the case of Naked Lunch and Nekkid, the shades are pretty close, however the clone, Nekkid, is much more shimmery.

I noticed that in general the Silk Natural shades are all quite shimmery.  Shimmery as in an almost metallic quality.  I’m not sure if it’s just what I ordered or just how they formulate.  The one shade, ExtraVert, I’m sure will make a lovely liner and goes well with the peachy tones of the other shadows and Cream is just satin enough (NOT as shimmery) that it makes a good highlight.  They seemed to blend really smoothly, but stayed on best with a good base.  I found my Paint Pot worked best, the UDPP didn’t seam to do much, the colors were too sheer to show up, but over the smooth opaque base of the Paint Pot they were lovely.

From top to bottom, left to right : Nymph, Purr, Cream, Halo, Nekkid, and ExtraVert

After poking around looking at their foundations, I don’t think I get how they work.  I think you have to mix your own shade with the pigments and ingredients included in the kit you purchase.  That could go either way, either an amazingly perfect color match, or one heck of a mess.  I don’t wear mineral foundation, so I didn’t order any, so I should reserve my speculation.

I only ordered one lip product, a vegan lip gloss.  It’s a clear shimmery color that I can wear on it’s own or over another color.  There isn’t anything very remarkable about it, but I would say it’s a nice gloss.

The MSF clone, Halo, is great though.  It’s about what I expected and it is very pretty.  I can’t comment on how close it is a match to the actual MAC product.  According to the ingredients list I have the Glows do not have silk powder in them, so I’m probably going to keep this one for myself.


Would I order from Silk Naturals again?  Yes, if I were buying only vegan products.

  • Their shadows are, obviously, like silk.
  • I love their Clone line and see some cheep alternatives, I would only hope they expand those color selections.
  • The prices are very good, as was the cost of shipping.  No gouging here.
  • Everything arrived quickly, well packed, with generous extras.

Overall : 4/5


19 Responses to “Silk Naturals – A Review”

  1. I’m glad you mentioned the shimmer. I’ve been looking for low shimmer shadows lately, and these are way too much for me at this time. Cream looks very pretty, and maybe something I’d like to try. I’m also glad you note in your reviews if there is an extra handling charge. I won’t buy from a company that has one as I think it’s ridiculous. As a customer, I have a lot of alternatives, so why should I buy from someone who tacks on that extra charge?

    • I think the shimmer was one of the first things I noticed with these shadows. Usually it’s the feel, like how smooth or gritty, etc etc, with these it was the finish and I was sort of like, whoa…

      I only know of a few companies who charge a S&H charge, and personally the ‘explanation’ given for it is ridiculous. So I totally agree with you.

  2. I saw a couple of Silk Naturals items in my oldest sister’s makeup collection. I’ll have to ask her how she likes them. I like that they seem to have a lot of vegan red lipsticks in their lineup, since a lot of companies seem to think you can only get that shade of red using carmine.

  3. thanks for this review!

    I have visited their site and added a few of the clones to my cart in the past, but never gone through the checkout. I’m kind of glad, as lately ive been tending more towards matte colors, and these have just a bit too much sheen for my taste at the moment. I also was looking at the Nars Orgasm Dupe, but from the swatch i gather its not quite pink enough. I’ll probably just end up ordering the milani dupe from cherry culture, i think.

  4. Good review & I think it’s fair. I’ve never thought of the shadows as being shimmery but there is a wide range of finishes in the collection and I love the idea of the GWP sample with only a $10 purchase. Brimstone is probably my favorite color & it is definitely not shimmery.
    As for the foundations, you choose your base & experiment until you find your recipe. The insert gives you lots of help with that. Initially there was only one base but this has expanded & many of the ladies really like the ability to tweak when necessary. Because I need heavier coverage I didn’t find it with the first kit. Need to go back & try again now that she has a different kit. The forum is very good in helping you find a match.
    A lot of ladies have just migrated from EDM now that their forum has changed. Don’t know what happened there but the few comments I’ve seen indicate they like what they’re seeing.

  5. I skimmed your list of purchases and thought to myself that a Sparkle Vegan must be an interesting sort of vegan indeed. xD

  6. I’m glad to see you review them 🙂
    I do agree that their shadows are shimmery, but I definitely like their finish.

    • I thought they were a little TOO shiny. I guess I just picked ones that happen to be that way. I do like the Cream, it’s not SO bad, but it’s sort of sheer… I love them, though.

  7. I agree with you on the shimmer factor, but I really like them. And this is coming from someone who’s favourite finish is matte, haha.

    I also thought the gumballs would be the TKB Pop colours at first >_>

    • It’s not that they were a little shimmery, they were down right metallic… I looked back over the listings and none of them mentioned the finish and they don’t seem to shimmery in the swatches on the page.


  8. I love Silknaturals – their reasonable cheap shipping and their neat organized order system/login page. I don’t care about vegan stuff, so this works for me and I love some of the colors I bought. ie. fairy dust, burnished

    I honestly love their lip stuff – the only place I buy online. Is that extravert a GWP? How does orglamix and climax look on your cheeks, grey? which one looks better? thanks!!

    • I didn’t use the Climax on my face, as I was giving it away… So sorry, I can only say that in swatches it wasn’t as bright.