La Bibliothèque

Having been very well behaved, I placed my first Amazon order of the year Monday.  And with the super fast speed that only the UPS (and an Amazon Prime membership) can provide, I received my books yesterday.

Looking at them I can see now I’ll be done with them by Sunday.

My first choice this go round was Mr. Darcy, Vampyre by Amanda Grange.  I love Jane Austen.  I can read and reread anything she’s written over a hundred times.  I’ll sit for hours in front of any TV that’s playing any version of one of her stories (well, maybe not Emma, with Gwen Paltrow).  I’ve got a few Austen based books, you know, the ones that pick up where such-and-such left off.  Sequels, if you will, giving us more of the happily ever after of the lives we’ve grown so fond of.

This was the first one I’ve run across with vampires.  And I love vampires.  Good old fashioned whiny ass Lestat, before Ann Rice found God, vampires.  Dracula vampires with sexy Gary Oldham and the younger more ‘duuuuuuuuuuude’ version of Keanu Reeves in the movie adaptations.  Lost Boy vampires and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie) vampires.  I just don’t get the Twilight saga.  Sorry.  I tried to read the first one but found it so poorly written I was surprised Stephanie Meyer found anyone to publish it, they probably only had $$ in their eyes.  And it’s filled with SUCH bad role models, not that a vampire is a good role model, but Bella?  Come ON, she’s five levels of unstable.  I watch True Blood, though, purely for it’s laugh value, but I also found those books unreadable.  Anyway…

If all this new found vampire fanaticism got someone to write about Mr. Darcy being a vampire, I’ll take it.

The second one I picked out was mentioned in a comment here.  It’s Soulless, by Gail Carriger, which is a new series of Steampunk sort of Victorian sort of supernatural books.  Since just explaining the genre I used three of my favorite words, I had to grab it up.

The third in this seeming trifecta of fiction is Witchling, which is written by an author Phyrra recommends, Yasmine Galenorn.  This series, Sisters of the Moon, is already on book 7, but I like to start at the beginning.

I’m really sort of excited to try these new reading ventures, there are some new genres for me.  I mostly stick to historical biographies (Weir, Plaidy, and Fraser) or historical mysteries (Saylor, Barron, Peele, or Blanchard), and mix it up with the usual Gaiman or Bukowski and the timeless Tolkien.


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  1. Interestingly enough, I was reading a blog entry recently by the agent who took on Soulless, and thought it sounded exactly like something I would love. And the cover is so interesting!

    • It’s a quick read, that’s certain. I got it without reading any reviews, I should see if I can hunt down that article.

  2. YAY!
    I love Yasmine Galenorn’s books!
    I even dressed up as Camille.
    I think I need to pick up Soulless.

    • I’m almost half way through Soulless, it’s pretty cute. Cute? I’m not sure that’s right, but I love the whole alternative history / Victorian era thing it’s got going on.

  3. Jules Noctambule January 21, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    Oh, ‘Twilight’ — or ‘How to Become a Victim in Four Easy Volumes!’, as my younger cousin calls it. I’ll have to send her links to these books because they sound like things she’d really enjoy reading.

  4. nooooo…!!!! letters to alice reminder…*RUNS*

    (i don’t really mind it, until i study it ;D)

  5. have you read the pride and prejudice and zombies, and sense and sensibility and sea monsters?

  6. Pugnacious Priest January 21, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    If your happy with slower shipping but with free postage world wide book depository has been awesome for me, costs half the price for a book then what it would be to walk into a store in Australia and buy. Am currently in the middle of the Blacklotus brotherhood series for my non twighlight vampires with a little more spunk fix.

    sorry I just get really happy inside when some other than me knows about that movie.

    I have been neglecting my reading lately. In the summer I can read a book a book a day, but high school has cut in to my doing fun stuff time. 😦

    But, Mr Darcy as a vampire? I don’t know if that is the most amazing thing I have ever heard, or if I should run and hide.

    • I feel like it is now my responsibility to turn your attention to the band ‘I Will Never Be the Same’ headed by my dear Nynex. They do a cover of Cry Little Sister that you MUST hear.

      I will certainly let you know about the Darcy bit, though. The running or the amazingness, I mean.

    • I choked on my cereal when I read, “when some other than me knows about that movie.” It’s Lost Boys! Everyone’s seen it, right? Perhaps she hangs out with the Amish? Then I noticed you’re in high school, and it all made sense and made me feel freakishly old.

      • LOL, yes, haha!

        I find myself rewatching movies that, in my head, came out “not too long ago”…and then I see the special effects quality and the styles in clothes, and am left with that same thought.


        At least we know some people in the younger generations don’t mind digging though the oldies but goodies.

  8. I didn’t even try to read those books (twilight) because of all the ridiculous fangirldom attached to them. I saw the movie on accident (long story) and laughed/sarcasmed through the whole thing. Vegetarianism and sparkles do not a vampire make.

    Let us know how Soulless is though. I’ve become intrigued by Steampunk lately. Have any suggestions?

    • I was looking at the dolls at Target after Christmas on clearance, and even the DOLL sparkled.

      This is my first Steampunk novel!! So no recommendations, but I will let you know how it goes!

  9. Oh, I LOVED Soulless, absolutely loved it. I just stumbled across it in Borders several months ago, was intrigued, and have read it twice since, and have been recommending it to absolutely everyone I think would be interested. xD I can’t wait until the second book in the series comes out. ❤

    I will have to look into "Mr. Darcy, Vampyre", though right now, the average customer review rating makes me a bit wary of getting it just yet (plus, I have a pile of books I'm waiting on to come out later this month, and in early February).

    • You should probably just give me a list of the books you’ve been reading so, you know, I’m prepared next time I order from Amazon.

      I’ve skimmed Mr. Darcy, and I likes it.

      • It um, would probably be easier to give you authors, since I tend to read books in series, and I haven’t started any new ones lately. My current absolute favorite authors are Jeanine Frost, Patricia Briggs, and Nalini Singh. All of them have two different series out right now (well, Frost’s new series is coming out soon, anyway, and Singh’s only has one book, with the second also coming out soon). As far as Briggs is concerned, I’d definitely recommend reading the Mercy Thompson series (first book is Moon Called). I’ve also started her other series, the Alpha and Omega series, which is alright, but I don’t like it as much. Singh’s books have a bit more of a romantic focus (which I personally don’t mind, but I know some people don’t like), but I’ve absolutely fallen in love with her writing.

        Let me know if you end up liking Mr. Darcy, Vampyre once you finish it! 🙂

  10. I will say one thing: Ms. Meyer has perfected the art of the crappy Mary Sue. I’ve read fanfic better than her sludge.

    But I figured I should endure some of it, so I had something to back up my hate – can’t knock it until you try it. So aside from wanting to knock myself unconcious at the first page of Twilight, I also watched New Moon (since it was allegedly better than Twilight).

    Biggest waste of 2 hours. Ever.

    *cough* Getting off my soapbox. Promise.

    I had not heard of Mr. Darcy, Vampyre yet. Very cool!

  11. I absolutely adored Mr Darcy, Vampyre which says a lot because I am NOT a fan of Jane Austen (mostly I just cant understand what the hell she’s trying to say), though just for once I would like to see a male vampire who isn’t completely self-loathing.

    And I’ve had Soulless sitting on my hard drive for months now, I must get around to reading it.

  12. I was just looking at Soulless the other day; seems like I’ll have to pick it up now! And I’d not heard of Mr. Darcy, Vampire, I’ll have to check that out too.

    I actually read Witchling, and didn’t really care for it. But YMMV. on the other hand, I actually really started to enjoy the Sookie books after about the second one, so we might have slightly different taste!

    Oh, have you ever read Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan series? It starts with Dead Witch Walking, adn I definitely recommend those. And the Harry Dresden series (starting with Storm Front. Give it at least two books try before forming an opinion.)

    I can talk books for days! 🙂

  13. If you like historical fiction at all, I HIGHLY recommend anything by Sharon Kay Penman. The Welsh trilogy starting with Here Be Dragons, or The Sunne in Splendour (the only stand alone) is a good place to start. Penman is so talented; I can’t understand why she isn’t more popular.