Moximia – A Review

Sort of a review anyway.

I’ve had this company lined up to review for a bit now and I am just so burned out reviewing repackaged stuff that I’m going to skip the review and just get right to it.

Moximia – Most likely repackaged.  Slow shipping.  No invoice or anything else included.

There, that clears one review out of my queue and I won’t feel bad anymore for skipping it and I can get on to some good stuff.


18 Responses to “Moximia – A Review”

  1. LOL well that was certainly to the point. 🙂

  2. Well, I think you said what needed to be said lol.

    Re: the lack of invoice. For many international customers; that can be an advantage since we are less likely to get hit with a large customs fee if an invoice is included 🙂

    • Errr…. I mean, we are less likely to get hit with a large customs fee if an invoice is NOT included.

      • Well, until orders are packed by a machine, I’m sure it would be no trouble to skip invoices for international customers and still include them for domestic customers. Or put a note on the shop page saying “I don’t include paper invoices – save the trees!” 🙂

      • Yes, that would be very good service. I think Fyrinnae does this since I did not get an invoice in my package 🙂

        May I ask why it’s bad to not get an invoice? I might be missing something obvious here, but is it used for something?

      • An invoice is actually your receipt for your purchase. In many cases it’s illegal in the US not to provide one.

        It’s just good customer service to include a record of the purchase, the price paid, what was ordered, how much shipping was, etc etc.

        I generally find the better run business who are serious business include them, and the fly by night ‘hobby’ places don’t.

      • On top of that, it should have a list of what colors and formulas, etc etc, cause some times you’re sent the wrong items, or nothing is labeled, so the invoice is one way to ensure the company was paying attention to your order and it’s accuracy.

      • Ah, I see. That does make sense. I guess I never really paid attention to them unless I could clearly see that something was missing.

      • An invoice can be very useful for both the customer and the company – I recently received an order from a company, opened it up, swatched everything…and realized I was missing something I had ordered. I had to go back through my emails and find the PayPal email to determine what exactly it was. Usually when companies include a paper invoice, they’ve marked off each item on the invoice and use it as a checklist to make sure the entire order’s there.

  3. Yeah, that one looks kinda obvious. I clicked the link and saw their store banner, and my first thought was “Oh hey, look, it’s the Pops! colors.” Looking through the store is even worse – what doesn’t look like TKB to me (do I see the entire Pops! collection on the first page?), looks like TKB with white or other TKB added to tweak the color. Some of those colors look really ruddy, in spite of their brightness.

    Maybe they’re not repacking. But if they aren’t, I would expect more unique, complex colors than what they’re selling.

  4. That sucks, mostly because it seems like they put some sort of effort in the shop by doing swatches, taking better pictures, etc etc.

    Man repackagers suck, why bother going into the business of being the same as other people?

  5. Hm, I think the hand swatches almost tell us that it’s repackaging, since there not much change between colors…
    I mean, the blues are similar, so are the greens and so it goes…

    There are no claim of originality. Still, no clear state of being a repackager…

    Hm… o.o

  6. Grey, have you ever heard of Spectrum cosmetics?

    (feel free to delete this if you don’t want the link)

    I just found out about them, and I can’t find any reviews of them anywhere.

  7. I need to write more reviews like this.

    “Pure Luxe:

    Eh. Don’t bother.”

    Done! 😀

    • LOL. I think my usual reviews are normally very verbose and well thought out, but this time I was like OMG, repackagers are not worth my time or wit.