You Shameless Tart!

I’m not a fan of candles.  They make good decorations, but until you’ve had to chase down a wily cat with it’s tail on fire… Well, I just don’t care to have them burning around the house.

For a while I’d been looking for a good electric tart burner, because the last one I had used a tealight, which is again, a candle.  I ran across one on Etsy from Woodcrafts and Candles, and after going back and forth finally ordered it in black, since my living room is black and red.

It came with a sample pack of the company’s tarts.  Up until then I’d been using one’s I picked up at Target that had some generic scent that was nice.

But these tarts?  Crazy good.  As soon as I was able I ordered a ton more  in the following scents:

Bubble Gum

Tequila Sunrise

Fuzzy Navel

Bite Me

Coffee Vanilla

Fruity Loops

Spiced Orange


The company ships via Priority, so while I paid 10$ for shipping it was for 7 sets of tarts.  They came within a few days, I ordered on a Saturday and got them on Wednesday.


My tarts arrived packaged in a large flat rate box.  Inside they were all wrapped carefully and the box padded.  Also included was my invoice and a few extra single tarts as a thank you.

The Tarts

Before I ordered I double checked that they weren’t made from beeswax.  Not only do I not care for the way beeswax burns/melts, but it’s also not vegan.  These tarts are paraffin, scent, and coloring, so they burn clean.  Because they are made of an actual wax, though, you will have to pour out the wax when the scent has finally dissipated from the tart in order to change tarts/scents.

I’m finding the scents delightful, I find that if I’m doing something I’m not keen on (aka chores) I’ll use a nice bright fruit scent and it’s great motivation.  When I sit down to write I like the spiced or coffee scents.  It’s a poorly applied form of Aromatherapy on my part, I suppose, but it’s working.


Would I order from Woodcrafts and Candles again?  Most definitely.

  • Made from a nonsmoking and clean wax,  the scents burn clean and clean up easily.
  • Each scent I’ve gotten has been very clean and not all potpourri.

Overall : /5


20 Responses to “You Shameless Tart!”

  1. As you know I bought the same tart burner in burgundy. I really like it 🙂 I also like the tarts I’ve tried from there, as well as some soy tarts that I have from another etsy seller. Good stuff 🙂

  2. I have never, ever heard the word tart used in this manner. In England, it’s either a kind of pastry or a slut/skank/slapper, so I just– I can’t read the entire review, my brain does a backflip everytime I read the word ‘tart’.

    I am, however, addicted to home fragrance. If they have some kind of fresh linen scent I might have to get over my word aversion.

    • I believe they are called tarts because they are in the shape of the pastry, rather then in the shape of the skank.

      • californianinkansas January 23, 2010 at 4:51 pm

        …”rather than in the shape of the skank.”
        Brilliant! I laughed so hard I had Diet Dr. Pepper up my nose.

      • Oh! That makes sense.

        I didn’t know they existed. I, too, hate candles, at least I spend all my time freaking out imagining I’m going to somehow set everything on fire, and then you have matches everywhere and pfft. But the electric plug-ins are expensive and don’t last long, and you only get one scent. This sounds great!

        If only shipping weren’t $40. Time to find one in England!

      • 40$ WTF mate?!

      • This is pretty much the best thing I’ve read all day.

    • Lulz, skank slapper. The image that produced in my mind… well… I don’t think I should type it out 😀

      • Now I’m curious.

      • It’s the latest wonder! The new Skank Slapper®! Keep the hos away from the bros! Great for clubbing and parties! Got a trollop infestation in YOUR neighborhood? Then you need the Skank Slapper®! Made from durable space age polyurethane made by real NASA scientists, the Skank Slapper® is 100% money guaranteed to de-slutify your social gathering TODAY! It even folds your laundry! Act now, and we’ll include the Ho Guard® and ANOTHER Skank Slapper®! Makes a great birthday gift! All for the low, low price of $19.95!

        CALL NOW!

      • “Yes, hello? I’d like to order my Skank Slapper.”

      • NEW, from the makers of the legendary Skank Slapper — get all our great skank-slapping benefits now in a convenient travel-sized spray! Twat-Be-Gone! Just apply a light spray to yourself or surroundings, and this NEW, SUPER-CONCENTRATED skank-repelling formula will keep all twats, hos, skanks, and sluts at a distance of at least 15 feet!

        This ground-breaking formula is made with only the finest secret ingredients. Available in unscented form, and in cherry, peppermint, and orange — fun scents for the kids!

        One of your friends can’t come close to you after applying this spray? WATCH OUT! You may have discovered a twat in your midst! Who knows how many embarrassing social situations Twat-Be-Gone will reveal!

        Act now! Twat-Be-Gone is available for a limited time only!

        *cheesy wink*

  3. Oh, great, they have wooden pens too. I may as well just sign my entire Paypal account over to them.

    Have you burned the Bite Me tart yet? How’s that one?

    • I’m burning one now! It’s amazing, one of my favorites, that and Fruity Loops. It’s sort of strong, but it makes the whole house smell yummy!

  4. Actually, you don’t have to pour the wax out to change tarts – when you’re done, let the bowl cool slightly (to the point where it’s starting to solidify) and pop it in the fidge overnight. The wax disk should pop out without too much work the next day.

    My mom’s been burning tarts for years, and with this method there’s no mess of working with hot wax (and finding someplace safe to pour the hot wax, since it can’t go down the drain), plus I get to reuse the wax disks to make candles. 🙂

    • Eh. I’ve just been pouring mine into the garbage and swishing it with a paper towel. I’m too anxious to get the next scent burning to wait 🙂

  5. oooo Im addicted to that damnable scentsy company but have been unable to find a local gal to buy from. I may be needing to indugle in some soon

  6. Hm…. I have no idea of what kind of thing a tart is. I can understand it’s similar to candles but… uh… ^^”’

    But… I just wanted to ask: is the yellow one actually called “monkey farts”??? O.õ’

    • A tart is basically a candle without a wick that you melt instead of burn.

      And yes, it is! It smells like banana 🙂