Aromaleigh Angel’s Retiring!!

Yesterday Kristen announced the end of the Aromaleigh Angel’s line of eye shadows!

From left to right : Phaedra, Rhinestone Housewife, Absinthe Rock, Anastasia, Loretha, and Tanya Angel

The Angels’ shadows will be available now through February 6th, so order now!!

In order to simplify things and return to their roots, Aromaleigh is also making several changes across the site.  They’re discontinuing a lot of the private label cosmetics and face products.  They’re also extending their 25% off sales to two weeks, from the recent 10 days and raising their minimum order from 5$ to 10$.

I placed an order on the 21st and it was #103403 and then a second on the 22nd and it was #103488.  So in about a day Aromaleigh received 85 orders.  It makes complete sense to me to streamline and I’m looking forward to seeing the positive and new things that will come about with less stress and craziness!


24 Responses to “Aromaleigh Angel’s Retiring!!”

  1. /cry

    My budget wouldn’t let me participate in October and won’t let me buy now, either! I’ll admit though, that reading some of the stories behind the shadows made me a little sad… the ones that were basically, “Omg eyeshadow!!!!1! And… uh… yeah, schools and stuff.” I guess the schools won’t care about motivation as long as they get the aid they desperately need, but as someone who donates to charity on a regular basis (time more often then money) it broke my heart a little. And the fact that people were apparently complaining to Miss K about not being able to use coupons or get free samples on *charity* items? How selfish!

    Otoh, the finished shadows were all fantastic, and there were a lot of people who weren’t just in it for sparkly bits, so it’s such a shame the program has to be canceled!

    • Thankfully I’ll get a payday between now and then and there are a few I really want full sizes of. There was a lot of work put into the collection, and I worried people might try to take advantage of the situation.

      But there was some amazing donations made and some great colors came out of it. For example the story behind ‘Little Flower’ was very touching to me, and I love that color.

      • I actually plan on buying a fulls-size of Little Flower because of both the story and the eyeshadow name ( St. Therese is my mom’s absolute favourite saint)! A lot of the colours are gorgeous, though!

    • I’m one such. Not a complainer, but my motivation for doing the Angel thing was entirely selfish.

      Yes, it’s great that it goes to charity, but were I not getting a custom eyeshadow out of it, I wouldn’t have done it. That might sound horrible, but I give regularly to charities of my own choosing, and I don’t have a vested interest in American school projects. As it was, I think there were a lot of great causes up there (I went with one of the science ones, who actually reached their goal, which is great), although because of my personal history, I always opt to donate to children’s shelters and organisations like the NSPCC, and there were no options like that. My story would’ve been, “Well, I picked the best cause I could see”.

      I think what Kristen did was fantastic, and I’m sad that my own colour will never make it onto the site for people to buy it.

  2. Agreed; I think Melissa, who commissioned Little Flower, really understood the spirit of the whole program. Luckily, for every story that hurt my heart, there was at least one that made it feel better.

  3. I’m a little disappointed since I decided to buy them after I’ve seen some swatches. The swatches were put up recently, and I felt like I could only afford them maybe in Late Feb. I’m tempted to bite the bullet and go for it. Absinthe Rock and Anastasia look SO good side by side like that.

    But even if I don’t get to buy them. I guess it’s okay – There’s bound to be new, exciting things on their way in Aromaleigh!

  4. Absinthe rock & Anastasia are my favorites so far… When I ordered these, all of the colors were not available for puchase, but I’ll order the rest of the colors soon 🙂

    • I loved those two the minute I swatched them next to each other. I didn’t think I would, to be honest!

  5. It sucks . I was waiting till they all were available before placing an order . Hmmm now I gotta figure out which ones I want the most.

  6. I just ordered Absinthe Rock & Anastasia. I dug the green swatch, and of course, I’ll order my namesake, even if it wasn’t mine.

  7. I’ve already received my samples of the ones I was interested in from the rest of the collection, so in the next few days I’ll narrow it down to a few loves and splurge. It’s for a good cause, after all. 🙂

  8. I’ll try to buy samples, but I don’t have much money right now…
    So many beautiful colors! I wanted some in full size, but I doubt I’ll ever get them.

    • Ended up ordering some samples today, with an order I’ve already planned (I’m buying gifts for friends *-*). Shame I could only try 3, I wish I could help more x.x’

  9. i would really love to buy them, but as always is the case, money is tight.

    it’s such a shame miss k couldn’t hold on to them. 50% to charity is a great amount to be giving. i don’t know if she’s underestimating how well they may be able to sell in the future. i think the timing of their release and the way they are not themed might be some of the reasons why this isn’t working out. and maybe how they are displayed on the site. hopefully in the future there will be other opportunities to be able to donate through her site.

    • Yeah, I haven’t even ordered samples because I’d like to go in and order a bunch at a time or pick from that “list” that other collections have. I didn’t like going in 1 by 1 so that’s why I haven’t bothered and of course at this point I’m too broke to even try to snag f/s and that’s too risky not actually knowing what they look like sample wise. Damn me and my procrastinating ways! :s

  10. Honestly, I feel like if I’m going to donate to charity, I’ll donate to charity, not to get something out of it. Most of my charity money tends to go to Doctors Without Borders, as well as local food drives and fundraisers for the homeless population. Really, if you get something, it’s not a donation. It’s a payment. That’s how I feel about it.

    If I’m going to buy an eyeshadow, it’s because I like the color, not because it’s going to charity. I think the program would have worked better if she had stuck to making the shadows for donations rather than selling the colors. There was a lot of response to custom colors, but I think most people were probably “eh” about buying others personal colors.

  11. It was great of her to do the fifty percent though, no doubt about that. ^.^

  12. i’m not sure if you’re aware, but it’s not only that the current Angel eyeshadows are being pulled – she’s also going back on her commitment to those who donated but haven’t yet received what they were promised.

    i donated back in mid-september, and only yesterday found out that i’ve missed out. four and a half months later, and numerous e-mails to her ignored. yeah, i understand that personal stuff gets in the way, and extra patience is called for with charity work – but being a small business and charity work isn’t an excuse.

    she has kindly offered a refund, however the only way to get money back is via cheque, which is useless outside of the US. hopefully i’ll be able to sort out the store credit option without being slugged for shipping. (the donation amount was the same for all locations, so one can only assume that shipping wasn’t factored into the $35 product value)

    it really sucks though, that people have given her a hard time over the other stuff like coupons and discounts. that’s ridiculous. it’s up to a business owner how they run their specials, regardless of it being a charity item. she also should have been more strict and not offered samples at all, i actually expect special products like that not to have samples or be eligible for coupons. it’s a shame that such a good idea didn’t work out, both for the charity work and because i’ve been looking forward to my custom blend for so long!