In Da Haus!

Soooo, remember how I said I was going to get a couple more Haus of Gloi scrubs?  I meant to say a lot more.  After a bit of back and forth on Twitter after my SECOND order arrived I did indeed go back for a third helping.

I only got a few full sized things, but each order was shipped quickly and I received it within days.  Each order came with a soap sample as well as a little thank you card.

Parkin Bar Soap

This was one of the LE Holiday scents.  I used to eat Perkin all the time, but it took me a minute to catch on that Perkin and Parkin were the same thing.  This soap isn’t QUITE as spicy smelling as I remember it being, but it’s good enough that I keep wanting to take a bite out of it.

Imp Ethereal Bathing Dust

The bathing dust is basically a mix of salts and shea butter.  The scent reminds me of tropical drinks on a breezy day on Waikiki.  It’s yummy and amazing and surprisingly a little fruity.  I’ll admit, though, I don’t really like bath salts, I prefer a more emollient bubble bath, but this is a great addition.

Sugar Scrub in Aduwa

This is a slightly creamy coconuty, coffee scented scrub that reminds me of this frappacino that Starbucks used to make.

Absinthe Perfume Oil

This scent is every bit as amazing as perfume as it is as scrub.  I’ve been wearing it on and off and I sometimes forget and get a little whiff and it always makes me smile.

The rest of what I got were samples of the sugar scrub, sort of to try out the scents.  Vice reminds me of walking into Starbucks and that scent that wafts over you, sweet coffee. Madcap Garden is sort of a minty tea scent.  Moondog is a coconutty spicy scent, which I think I’ll get in full sized next. Satyr totally reminds me of Creamsicles.  Orangey and sweet and yummy.  I plan on getting a full sized jar of this next time, too.


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  1. So I picked up some bathing dust and a bottle of perfume, both in Satyr. Let me just say YUM. I’m not sure if you’d like Honey Tree or not, but I found it to be nice, honey with a smoky hint.

    • I was trying to figure out if it was honey scented or if it had honey in it, cause that’s not vegan…

      • Crap! I forgot that.
        You should ask them.
        I’m guessing it is a honey scent.

      • It’s vegan. I asked her this when I first bought from her. It’s a honey scent. I believe the descriptions for Honey Tree have been updated to ref-lect that.

        And errr, yeah. That is WEIRD. Had to put a – there because an F and an L together change into a capital L. o_O

  2. mmm sounds delish! i would order, but im moving in 3 weeks and would hate for my parcels to not arrive in time. stupid nz post doesn’t redirect packages, grr. need to stop shopping and start packing anyways :S

    i would love to smell of coffee mmm

  3. Haha you inspired me to buy some of these. Of the ones i got, Satyr is definitely my favorite. It doesn’t quite smell the same on my skin but still tasty.

    I was sad about Lavender Sugar though, it smelled straight up peppery to me which definitely confused me, unless I’ve been smelling some funky lavender my whole life

  4. I have you to [STRIKE]blame[/STRIKE] thank for introducing me to Haus of Gloi and getting me hooked. 😉 I love the Elevenses scrub and Troika perfume that I received. And wow— shipping was lightening fast! They even refunded $1 to my account when they noticed I was overcharged for shipping. (I hadn’t even noticed that.) Awesome experience all around!

  5. Hey Grey! I just stumbled on your blog and all your mineral repackaging investigations/escapades were a blast to read! While going through your blog, one question popped up and I thought you might know the answer. Is there such thing as cream eyeshadow repackaging?

    I know Mad Minerals advertises something called Indelible Cream Shadows that I’ve also seen on Aromaleigh and JW Cosmetics. Supposedly they’re a great MAC paint pot dupe, and all these sites advertise that. I thought Aromaleigh was against repackaging wholesale products, but I guess that only extended to mineral makeup? If you could offer any insight, I’d be very grateful!

    Here are the links I referred to:

    • Hey there!!

      In the industry, those are what’s called ‘private label’ cosmetics. Basically it’s the same manufacturer that each company buys from, but it’s pretty well known that they don’t claim to make them, they just sell them because they are popular products.

      • Thanks for the clarification 😀

        Just wondering, have you done any reviews for MAD Minerals? (I’ve looked through all your entries, but I might’ve skipped some so just thought I’d check)

      • I think I’ve talked about MAD in the comments before…

        Yup, I’m pretty sure they are the run on the mill repackagers…

    • I’ve never tried MAD Minerals, Alice, but I just looked at these –

      Colours look familiar? Yet more TKB Trading POPs. Ingredients indicate repackaged, unless they’ve added more titanium dioxide as a base.

      • Aww, I can’t deny I’m a bit disappointed…they looked like they had potential! Thank you for the info though 😀 What I first saw Grey’s review for Pure Luxe (from which I bought a a decent amount of samples) I was pretty ticked off, but thankful that I at least didn’t get duped into buy full sizes.

        It’d be so helpful to keep a running list of “MMU sellers whose products are uncannily similar to TKB’s”, but given the affinity for spamming legal letters most of these people apparently have, I guess that’d be a tough thing to pull off :/

        (PS I read through all of your blog too; great time killer ;D )

  6. Ooooh, when i eventually run out of bath and body products (some time in 2020 probably…) i’m going to have to get some!

  7. You most definitely got me hooked on Haus of Gloi products. They are absolutely amazing! So far my favorite scents are Depravity and Satyr. I can’t wait to get my second order in the next few days!


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