Unpacking one of my amazing packaged from Vivka last year I found one of Acryliana’s business cards inside among the goodies.  The next time I sat down I looked her up on Etsy and squeeeeeee’ed like crazy.

Image property of Acrylicana

Acrylicana is run by Mary Winkler, whose illustrations are fun, bright, and infectious.  Her designs are kooky, and urban and I absolutely love her style.  Her drawings are clear and bright, her point of view obvious and whimsical.

She puts her designs on rings, barrettes, stationary, bags, necklaces, bracelets, and magnets.  All of which can be found in her Etsy shop.

I’ve ordered from her a few times.  Each order was well packaged and shipped quickly.  I really love her rings.  While I’ve bought a few, I’ve only kept two myself.  Her little pieces of jewelry make great one of a kind gifts.  Each time I’ve given one I was met with looks of astonishment and then lots of giggles.  Maybe my family is weird…

The little pieces she uses are really interestingly made.  The illustration is somehow printed on the back of the clear acrylic and then die cut around them.  The art isn’t glued so there is nothing to eventually peel off.  The die cut piece is them securely affixed to the finding, such as the ring base, or a barrette.  I see she’s got a few little charm bracelets now, as well, and the cupcake one is coming home with me.

You can follow her blog or keep up with her on Twitter.

Why yes, that is a TP and Poo themed magnet set.


14 Responses to “Acrylicana”

  1. That is awesome. I love that she uses brightly colored poop as a motive!

  2. Acrylic-Ana =D

    I just spent money there. Damn it, stop doing this to me.

  3. Aw 🙂 thanks so much for the feature. I’m so excited that you’re so pleased with your purchases from me 😀 AND even more excited that you’re one of Viv’s customers as well 😉 You just made my day 😀 If there’s anything you’re eager to get your hands on, let me know 😉

  4. I love the magnet set…

    Love how her prices are actually very affordable. 🙂

  5. ohh I love acrylicana! She’s got some seriously awesome stuff!!

  6. What a coincidence you featured her, I just started watching her DeviantArt account! I love her art style, it’s very cute, and I will most definitely check out her Etsy store.

  7. Oh, what a cute shop! Definitely going on my Etsy list. ❤

  8. I love acrylicana! I purchased a print of a martian space girl on a scooter a few years ago. One day I’ll actually get a darn frame for it and hang it up, too! I love it so much.