Love is in the air!

And it’s almost time for my Valentine’s Day Giveaway!!

The prize includes :

A candy filled goodie bag

A Hello Kitty Freindship Bracelet Kit

Whipped Body Butter in Coffee Beans from Suds n Sass

Pearl Drop earrings from Kim Smith

Color Club polish in Rock Candy

5 pink eyeshadow samples from Aromaleigh

The contest will be posted February 1st and run though the 10th, so get ready!!


7 Responses to “Love is in the air!”

  1. ooooo
    thats all so cute!

  2. Ooooh so cute! I can’t wait!

  3. I wonder how many of us didn’t see anything past “Hello Kitty Friendship Bracelet” – *Raises hand*

  4. Awesome! Now I have something to look forward to. Thanks, grey!

  5. Aww….how cute. =) Love the Hello Kitty Bracelet kit. I bought HK valentines for my mom’s second grade class. Soooo adorable!! =)

  6. Hello Kitty is what is really driving me crazy about this *drool*
    I can’t wait!

  7. That looks awesome!

    I was wondering, I looked through your reviews, but didn’t see one for the company I was looking for. Have you ever tried Lumiere Cosmetics?