Picks of the Week

Ecotools Brush Set

I got mine from Target, I’d been looking at them for a while, but a recent review of them was enough to finaly force my curiosity over the edge.

This was the only ‘set’ they had.  I noticed that several pegs were empty, but they were for individual brushes.  Curiously, the ones that were missing were about 6$ and the set that contained all of the single brushes Target sells was less then 11$.

I also found it odd that being  ‘eco friendly’ their packaging was both plastic and a cotton material.  Seems like TOO much packaging, although they claim it to be a ‘reusable’ pouch.

So far I’m very pleased with them!! They are a really nice quality synthetic fiber and a nicely weighted handle.  The big fluffy brush has been doing the work of my kabuki.  Even though I did just BUY that kabuki, it’s shredding all over my face when I use it. So far the Ecotools brushes haven’t shed at all.

I might toss some of my old brushes and move these into the daily lineup.


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  1. I have that set as well. I like it. I keep it in my purse. The blush brush is pretty nice, I think.

    • I really like the blush brush as a face brush since I don’t always wear blush. I’m thinking of getting a second set, too, just to tuck in my bag.

  2. I seriously love these brushes so much!
    I need to do a video update on my brush collection so you can see how much ecoTools has taken over. I have 3 sets of the 6 piece brush set alone! I do hate the plastic eye lash comb though.

  3. I have the same set. I use the brow/mascara brush, angled brow brush, and blush brush on a daily basis. Check out Fyrinnae’s brushes – they’re very similar, amazingly soft and I haven’t had any shedding yet, I have the angled blush brush (which is a bit like the 168, but not a dupe).

  4. Those are great brushes. And yes, I have wondered why the packing materials aren’t made of recycled and/or organic materials. Have you seen their bodycare line? I can’t tell if they’re vegan and they have no organic ingredients.

    • Seemed a little odd to me.

      I haven’t, I didn’t know they made anything else!! I’m off to look!!

      • I seem to remember reading somewhere that they used recycled packaging for their plastic and same with the paper and ink. This was in another blog/interview.

  5. I really need more ecotools brushes. I only have two at this point, but they’re my absolute favorites. ❤

  6. Your set is like mine, but mine came in a bamboo cup instead of the pouch. I think I prefer your pouch though. And yours cost mucho less than mine 😦 Damn cdn difference on everything

  7. http://www.treehugger.com/files/2008/11/ecotools-makeup-brushes-for-your-ecofriendly-makeup.php

    This is from Eco-Tools: Packaging is made with 100% cotton backing, and Acid-free PVC made without chlorine and other harmful chemicals that are in regular PVC. The packages are printed with plant-based ink. The packages are meant to be reusable and a great place to store brushes in. With the zip-top closure and the cotton backing, the packages will keep your brushes safe and protected while you are traveling or on-the-go!

    That’s what I read, so that’s kinda neat.

    • I’m not sure that makes sense. PVC is Poly Vinyl Chloride, so there is no way to take the chloride out. PVC by itself is not bad, but when it is burned the chlorine is released as hydrochlorid acid. PVC often contains pthalates to soften it. They might have removed though, but honestly it would make more sense if they would just use another material.

      I really do like the brushes, and I love the idea behind it, I’m just not 100% sure they took their packaging into consideration. I’m seriously considering buying their retractable kabuki since my too faced one broke.

      • The only alternatives to PVC right now though are PLA and PHA, right? Both bio-degradable ‘plastics’ derived from corn starch which will degrade over time and shed into annoying nothingness. Not good if you’re packaging a product with no expiry date in it. And people have to be able to see the brushes, and they can’t be open to the air, or they’d get damaged and have bacteria/dust build up.

        I’m not seeing many alternatives.

      • Oh no, I wasn’t saying that it HAD to be biodegradable (though that would of course be nice). Just that they could use another plastic without chlorine and eliminate the issue with hydrochloric acid. That would give them lots of alternatives.

  8. I have one of their brushes and they’re quite nice, but a bit pricy. The packaging is reusable I think, since the one I got had a zip lock on the top.

  9. I got my EcoTools a few days back, and since then I’m staring at that bag not knowing what the hell to do with it. I’d like to see, if I had enough info and time, whether energy savings that the recycled materials is even overturned by the energy expenditure of that damned bag.

    I’d *like* to reuse it but, um, *how*? It’s too stiff, kind of useless and shaped weirdly.

  10. I am soooo jealous of your Ecotools – they don’t seem to sell them anywhere near me in the UK….