Villainess – A Review


The Villainess website itself isn’t confusing.  Trying to figure out what everything is, is.

For example, I was looking at the Samples page and trying to figure out what was was to order.  Was it a soap, a scrub, or a what?  I discovered that they are pretty much all just soaps, but even clicking on each listing, none of them actually SAY they are soap.

Some of the other pages take two or three paragraphs of f-lowery descriptions to actually get to WHAT the product is.  I found it a little annoying as a first time visitor to the site.

The navigation runs down the left hand side.  Each product has several scents available, and when clicking on those you get a lot more f-lowery descriptive paragraphs.

So ordering is a little trying, at least it was for me.  Thankfully they use an integrated cart system, so I was able to keep track of my order easily.  The prices seemed a little high, but there was quite a bit of hype behind the company when it came up here in the comments, so I thought perhaps it was well warranted.

The site itself is really unique.  The theme is gloriously Steampunk and well designed, the graphics and fonts used fit the genre.  You can make an account on the site, they keep track of orders based on points that you can use towards future orders.

I ordered :

Krakatoa Whipped!
Blush Mud
Pyromania Smooch!

The cart prompted me to pick two free soap samples, I chose Blood and Silk & Cyanide.


Shipping was a little on the expensive side, almost 10$, but it was for Priority.  Although they only ship on the Tuesday after your order is received.  So it’s not exactly high because it’s ensuring you’re getting your order quickly, so be advised.

I ordered on January 22nd, it was shipped on the 26th, and it arrived on the 28th.  I just happened to place my order at the right time.


My order was carefully packed in a heavy little box.  My invoice was included, and it was very professionally done, in the style of the site.  There were also several small pieces of candy.


First thing I noticed when looking through everything was that there was hair on the soap.  I thought maybe at first it was just an odd swirl pattern, but no, there was a thick (hopefully pet) hair trapped in both of the soaps.  I sort of stood there stunned and took pictures with my iPhone, I have no idea why, it seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

I sent off a message via the websites system regarding it.  I never got a reply.

The jars of the full sized product where sealed.  Once I opened them I still felt the need to inspect them a little.  Just in case.

The Pyromania Smooch intrigued me on the website.  Apparently it had some sort of warming action, which appealed to me.

Releases a rush of warmth on impact, to open pores and soothe skin. Soft brown sugar for the gentlest exfoliation.

The scent itself seemed interesting, too.

Peculiarly spicy, warm black pepper, sweetened with brown sugar, and touched with a veil of smoke.

I was thinking something along the lines of cloves and nutmeg with a little bite.  What it reminds me of is steak rub, you know, the salty kind that you get in a jar.  And keep in mind that I’m vegan.  It was pretty seperated, too.  So I had to mix it up a little before I used it, which I didn’t want to do, I was afraid I’d somehow activate whatever activates the warming of the scrub.

I managed to use it a little in the shower, and it did have an amazing warmth to it for the first few seconds it went onto my wet skin, but it did fade fast.  I actually couldn’t manage to use much of this, the smell reminded me of a BBQ way too much.

The next product I tried was the Blush Mud.  It seemed like a nifty little product.  A dry mud mask base to mix as you see fit.  I’m not sure why I picked it in the scent I did.  Blush is described as:

A blend of sweet berry and tart lime notes, grounded by a slightly tipsy touch of cheap dry wine.

Being also Edge, I have no idea why I’d order anything that smelled like cheap wine, and that’s exactly what it smells like.  Like a fruity wine cooler.  I sort of like it, but it does have sort of that spoiled-y wine-y smell to it.

It works about as well as my homemade kaolin masks do.

I think the only product I’ll really use completely is the Krakatoa Whipped.  The scent seemed really complicated.

Flashes of exotic foliage – coconut, banana, papaya, dewfruit, mango – amidst slightly more domestic fruits – nectarine, red apple, peach, plums, pears, and raspberries – and an explosive burst of citrus – mandarin orange, pineapple, lemon, and tangerine. Light musk, salted driftwood, sugar cane, and dry sandalwood work to ground our island paradise.

I totally don’t get any of that.  My whip is so lightly scented I barely pick up a nondescript fruity scent.  But it’s soft and the actual lotion is a pretty nice consistency and makes my hands nice and nongreasy.

The soaps I won’t use, but I’ve heard to use some caution, they make your tub or shower SLIPPERY and dangerous.

What begs the question is ‘Are they vegan?’.  Checking around I see a lot of products contain glycerin, which could be either plant, animal, or synthetic, but they don’t distinguish.  I do find this little paragraph in the FAQ:

Some time ago we quit actively labeling our products as “vegan” because the label suggests more than I can stand behind. It also leaves no room for a cruelty free ingredient like Tussah Noil (aka Peace Silk), and we couldn’t pass up that kind of decadence. We have not changed our stance on animal cruelty, and are constantly looking for ecologically sound ingredients that haven’t been sourced through animal testing. Have something to contribute or suggest? Try our Vegan Objective thread.

As a vegan I don’t care how it’s made, I still won’t use silk.  Plus a tussah noil isn’t the same as Peace Silk.


Would  I order from Villainess again?  No.

  • Finding hair on my soap pretty much sums it up.  But I’ll go on.  Someone ELSE also found hair on their samples.
  • I’m not sure if I just picked bad scents, or if the descriptions are really that vague, but nothing was what I expected it to be.
  • The products were of fair quality, not what I was expecting for the price.
  • The shipping was high, and the postage on my box was less then what I paid.

Right now I’m pretty happy with Haus of Gloi as a vegan alternative.  They might not sell all the same products, but I’ve never been disappointed, the scents are crisper, and I haven’t found a hair yet.


Someone finally replied to my inquiry, and this was the responce :

Because of the sanitation measures we have in place, it would be …. impossible for an actual hair to be present in our soaps. It’s far more likely that you’ve run across a botanical fiber – our rose petal/bud material, for instance, has threads of  leafy material running through it.

However, I’ve had it looked at under a microscope and it is, in fact, hair. So while they’ve offered with the following “I would love to do a personal examination to verify what you’ve found” I already know what it is and don’t want to deal with the hassle of mailing things back and forth for inspection.

They also addressed my seperation issues :

It’s also neither unusual nor alarming for a Smooch! to arrive partially liquified. Because the vegetable oil/butter blend is designed to melt at skin-temperature, postal travel can expose them to temperatures that will melt and/or resolidify them. It’s easily remedied by a quick stir at room temperature. This is a fairly common concern, but altering the formula to compensate for melt points would also alter the skin-feel.

However, I’ve stirred it twice now and it’s still separating.
Overall : /5


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  1. Aww, that’s a shame– after reading up a bit on that place, it seemed quite promising 😦

    I may *eventually* decide to snag the 1 dollar samples, just to see if there ae any scents that agree with me (I had my eye on Datura)….

    And as a hand-spinner, YES, Tussah silk isn’t at all the same as Peace Silk. The only way the owner could be sure it’s Peace silk is if they got it from a reputable source. That’s a huge mistake people always make….but Tussah silk is just silk from a slightly different moth that eats oak leaves rather than mulberry leaves. They still get their silk robbed from ’em while in the cocoon, just like the Bombyx silkworms.

    • I was sort of like, uuugggggg. But if things are unsanitary where they are making and wrapping the soaps, that’s also probably where everything else is made, and it concerns me.

  2. I decided to check the site out and what the hell!?!? I still can’t figure out what half the stuff is. They should have it set up where you float your cursor over “smooch” for example and a little pop up clarifies it.
    Also the hair thing is disgusting. Even if it was from a pet. I have to wash my hands after petting my cat or I get an allergic reaction if I touch my face. Imagine if I rubbed that thing ON my face?!?!

    I shall stay far far away. Even if the Chlorophrom sounded nifty, I’m sure there is a bpal out there similar and cheaper.

  3. I think I’ll stick with my BPAL.

  4. That’s pretty interesting because I really dig my Villainess Gingersnapped smooch.

  5. I caught that Tweet and I kept thinking to myself “Where the hell do I know ‘Villainess’ from?!” and today, as I went to wash my hands, the answer hit me… I have some of their soap samples! Well, HAD. I got sent a bunch of them a long time ago with my BPAL swaps, and I never used them because I completely forgot about them.

    One day, I ran out of my hand soap, so I dug them out and used them. I didn’t particularly like them; they all smelled the same to me– like raw cookie batter– and they left my skin a little dry.

    Thanks for posting this, though! I definitely agree that I’m more drawn towards House of Gloi. 😀

    • Sorry to confuse you 🙂

      I’m so not even going to try the soaps, even if they were free, cause ewww hair.

  6. Oh my god, I’m so GLAD I decided not to order after looking at their site. I was so close! That’s disgusting that you found hair!

  7. Bummer that you didnt get the best order =( Their prices and shipping are high, and that really sucks about the hair- and that they didn’t respond yet. Can’t remember what scents I got, but I really loved them (gingersnapped was one of them and very hard not to eat)! I’ll have to use more scrutiny next time I’m in the mood for bath products!

  8. I love how it all looks and stuff, but it’s so difficult to find out what anything is. I don’t feel like ordering samples of everything just to find out what’s what.

    That said, I wasn’t bowled over by House of Gloi either.

    • Even though I’ve ordered from them, I’m still like, wait… what was that stuff?

      Not bowled over, huh?

      • Maybe I just didn’t pick the right scents. I don’t like musky, or overly complicated, rich smells. I like fruity, light, sweet, and fresh. Usually stuff called air, or ocean-y, or clean linen-y, or apples, y’know.

        I wish I’d gotten Imp and Satyr, since they sound like fruity scents I might like. I got Twice is Nice, but it just smells of marzipan to me, and I haaaaate marzipan. I quite like absithine, although it’s muskier than I anticipated. I also quite like Aduwa, which is weird since I hate coffee, but out of everything I have it smells the most fruity to me.

        I got Troika too, which is okay, but the coconut/almond again makes it a bit marzipan-y, also Apocathery which is the worst imo. The lemongrass in it is so overpowering, I think mine smells like some kind of industrial cleaner, it actually makes my eyes water. yeuch!

        I’ll order again, I think, samples of Imp and Satyr, because I really enjoy the formula of them, although they’re not uber-exfoliating, they leave the oils behind which is nice, unlike some cheaper exfoliating scrubs. Absinthe is my only full-size atm. I’ll use everything I have except for Twice is Nice and Apocathery – really can’t stand either of those.

        I was impressed with the gorgeous packaging, the fact that the jars were sealed, and the customisation that went into the box and all, though.

  9. Yuck, how disappointing that there was a hair in your sample. It makes me really question their business practice and what else is in their products.

  10. Aw that makes me sad 😦 I love the smooch’s. I use the perfume oils frequentlyas well. Ooooh but the hair is super skeevy.

  11. I was thinking of ordering from them once I amass some extra pocket money (what spare change I had went to Fyrinnae), since I *love* their manifesto. But if you still haven’t gotten a response about friggin’ hair, it seems like they don’t actually back that it up. While a company’s philosophy is important to me, I’m not going to buy unless the products and customer service are worth it, too. Otherwise, I’d just donate to charity. *sigh* My current apartment doesn’t have a bathtub anyway…

    • I think it’s safer to give all your spare change to Fyrinnae…

    • And another thing… After all their talk about not giving into marketing hype, they tout grapeseed oil in Smooch! as being “vitamin-rich.” While that’s true, you’re only going to get the benefit of those vitamins if you ingest the oil; rubbing vitamins on your skin has comparatively little effect. I wonder if I could find more examples… eh, I’d rather not look.

  12. Ewww…that’s really gross that there was hair actually in the bar of soap. And that you’ve heard of someone getting hair in their soap as well….that’s really bad. Not to mention the meat seasoning smelling scrub. I would hate to smell like seasoned meat. Sorry about the not so great experience.

  13. From my one experience with Villainess, I have to say that there’s either something really wrong with my nose or I don’t know what black raspberry, sandalwood, and dark chocolate smell like–I got their perfume oil in Crushed, and it smells like a bitter cherry cough syrup. I don’t even dare to try to use it on my skin! And I got it in the full size, because I was just that certain that I’d found the raspberry-chocolate perfume that I had been looking for. Now I’ve got $16 worth of disappointment in my medicine cabinet. The hair-in-the-soap is not making me want to give Villainess a second chance. Would you happen to know where I can find raspberry-chocolate-scented anything, Grey? Haunt’s Vargas started the addiction and now that Haunt’s gone, I can’t find that combo anywhere.

    • The Body Bakery has a raspberry chocolate and I thought it was a nice foody scent.

    • Lurker emerging from the woods of cyberspace! 🙂

      Ciambella: I have actually found a lovely independant perfume company. They started on etsy and have moved to their own website. They have 600+ scents and, I believe, accept custom work. I ordered 2 batches of samples from them before ordering 2 full-sized perfume roll-ons. They offer oil or alchohol based perfumes (as well as a huge variety of other products). Their scent descriptions, with the 15 or so different perfumes I have tried, are really accurate. I have the full-sized Xocatyl (I may have misspelled that), which is a gorgeous spicy, chocolatey scent (like cookies, yum!) and Midnight Orchid, which is a musky incense-y f-loral.

      F-loral! Nice bypassing of that weird typo-bug there, Grey! By the way, the Body Perfumery does a lot of bath-type products that you can get scented or unscented. I have not actually ordered anything besides their perfumes, but maybe you could have a look? Their site is really well put-together, IMO. I’m not sure if they’re vegan, though.

      Anyway, they’re at, and I think their old etsy shop is still up, just not with any products on it atm.

      • Thank you for de-lurking 🙂

        I actually emailed WordPress about my f-l problem and the guy who replied was stumped!

        Thanks so much for all the scent recommendations. I think it goes without saying I’ll have to try them!!

      • I went ahead and placed an order for samples from the Body Perfumery last night. However, I had trouble with their site. I thought I was choosing the PayPal option to pay, but it completed the payment without ever having me log into PayPal. I emailed their customer service immediately and got no response. I went digging around their website for a phone number today, which there isn’t one, so I sent an email through their webform and this time at least got an automated response back that they’d received my message.

        I anticipate a problem with this order because their site is set up like the Meow site, and it _should_ have just directed me to PayPal, but it didn’t.

        The scent samples I chose are:
        Amour Cocoa
        Chocolat de belgique
        Essence of Vanilla
        Midnight Orchid

      • I was going to try them too but the shipping for 5 was crazy high. It’s not like they’d be sending me text books! Maybe later. Way later 😀

      • Mmm, the scents sound nice. Thanks for the recommendation, Jade! Unfortunately, it looks like their site’s having some problems at the moment–maybe that’s why it didn’t go through the Paypal portal for you, Phyrra? I’ll definitely be checking back to see if they’re up. But I do hope the shipping is reasonable. How high was it, Mindy?

      • For 5 roll ons it would cost $15 shipping to Canada, 6 roll ons and $23 dollars!

      • Plus, to try out the scents it says you can only order 1 set of samples (5 scents) per order and it’s $7,50, but shipping just for that is another $6.50, so $14 just to try 😦

      • Well that’s confusing lol. Even the rest of the chart doesn’t match up to what I had stuck in my “almost” order. I don’t like that they have to refund you, why not have the cart set up right in the first place? Bah. I can’t wait for your review! 😀

  14. Oh geez, ew forever.

    I had a peek at the soap page and found a scent called “Grundy”. That seems more like what you should be trying to get rid of in the shower, not applying more of. Blech.

    • I am inclined to think that if you allow a product to go out (and in this case it was SEVERAL products) with hair all over them, what is there that I *can’t* see?

  15. Ok…. hair in the soap is enough. I won’t even check the website.
    Man…. x.x’ if it’s big enough to appear in a picture, it’s big enough to the shop owner notice it and don’t ship it.

  16. Hrm. While I understand your concern, I have a few of my own as far as your assumptions here. If you were well familiar with the Villainess product line, you would know that it includes items that range from kelp to moss. Now, I haven’t seen the ‘hair’ in question in person, and maybe it is just that — a hair. But it also could be silk from nettle, or from flax, or from one of the many other mix-ins that are in some of her products.

    You *might* want to consider that you are making claims here that you can’t back up. Unless of course you have had the hair-like thread analyzed, and you can in fact state that it is a human or dog hair. Because if this isn’t the case, your saying “EWW HAIR BE DISGUSTED RUN AWAY DON’T BUY FROM THIS VENDOR!!!”? May actually be legally actionable.

    FYI: I am not affiliated with Villainess in any way, nor do I personally know the vendor. I have used her products — happily, without incident, and across several different orders and products — off and on for years. But beyond that, no connection.

    • She didn’t say:


      She said she found a hair in her soap, contacted the company, who did not respond, and then she said that she, personally, would not shop there again. All of these things she’s perfectly within her rights to do without being in danger of legal action because she didn’t CSI the hair she found in her bar of soap.

      Don’t be ridiculous.

    • First, most people can tell what a human hair looks like without a microscope.

      I’m trying to think of any other situation where you could find a hair, or anything resembling one, in a product you’ve purchased and not be a little alarmed. Maybe I’m biased against hair because I worked in kitchens in my teens & early twenties, but I can’t imagine someone complaining about finding a hair in a dish and the manager asking them to get it analyzed in a laboratory before acknowledging/apologizing for it (and it’s not like you can get sick from eating a strand of hair; it’s a complaint about aesthetics or concerning the overall cleanliness of the kitchen).

      And even if it was a bit of kelp or silk, why was there only one strand? If it was a regular ingredient, I would expect more than one piece. If it’s not supposed to be there, it begs questions about the cleanliness of the preparation area.

      I think Grey is completely within her rights as an editorial author to relate her consumer experience and voice her concerns with this fiber, regardless of its origins. She didn’t say not to purchase strictly because of it; her decision was based on a collection of lukewarm reactions to these products.

    • Sooooo… let me see if I follow.

      I’m not qualified to say I know what a hair looks like?

      As for this :
      You *might* want to consider that you are making claims here that you can’t back up. Unless of course you have had the hair-like thread analyzed, and you can in fact state that it is a human or dog hair. Because if this isn’t the case, your saying “EWW HAIR BE DISGUSTED RUN AWAY DON’T BUY FROM THIS VENDOR!!!”? May actually be legally actionable.

      Don’t worry. It’s not.

      • Can I see your degree in recognising hair please, Grey?

        <_<; Anyway. If it was kelp, or whatever, why wouldn't they respond to the e-mail to say so?

        …Why wouldn't they respond to the e-mail, anyway? Props for mega customer service.

      • I didn’t order anything with kelp or any of those additives anyway. Anyplace that WAS following cleanliness and safety procedures wouldn’t cross contaminate a product anyway.

        And I’m not the only person to HAVE found hair on their soap samples.

        And I also asked an outside source who confirmed it was hair.

    • Norma, you’re being extremely dramatic.
      Nowhere in here did she state people should never buy from this company, she simply stated she wasn’t happy with the overall products/service and would’nt shop there again, personally.

      I truly respect grey’s reviews. they’re calm, unbiased and informative. At the end of the day we can choose to do what we want with the information provided to us.

  17. At this point (as the source of the “bar soaps make your shower dangerously slippery” information), I feel bad for introducing anyone to this product line. Even though I only tried the bar soaps, they were a huge letdown (see above mention of slipperiness), because there were no noticeable moisturizing ingredients in them at all, and when I used them on my skin, it felt like I was using hotel soap. Which may not bother everyone, but the whole “squeaky” clean feeling that glycerin-heavy soaps bring about isn’t appealing to me at all. I prefer a more “soft”-clean feeling.

    P.S. I don’t know if I mentioned this in my own mini Villainess review, but I also found a hair on one of my bar soaps. Not quite as obvious as yours, but it appeared to be a small, white pet hair mixed into the soap. =/

    • You would be the THIRD person to confirm hair in their soap. 😦

      Don’t feel bad, though, it’s better to know!

  18. californianinkansas January 31, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    hmm… It would appear that some of LC’s devotees have transferred their affections to Villainess.

    If a personal hygiene product contains an ingredient that may perhaps resemble human or animal hair, would it not be in the best interests of the vendor to inform the customer of the above, so as not to alarm the customer? Perhaps in the product description or on the invoice?

    I am more concerned about the lack of response from Villainess than about the mystery ingredient.

    If the mystery ingredient is supposed to be in the soap, I am still uncomfortable with the idea of stringy things in my soap. It has been several years since I took any micro classes, but wouldn’t the stringy things, (sitting in a relatively warm, damp place, having had contact with human skin cells) be an ideal substrate for bacterial growth?

    (I’m not sure if I punctuated that last sentence correctly. Sorry!)

    Grey, you are consistently fair, logical and tactful in your reviews.

    Part of my job involves dispute mediation. Generally, the first party that threatens legal action tends to be the party that is “in the wrong,” using the threat of legal action as a pre-emptive strike.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. I can’t tell you how much they mean to me.

      I carefully looked over various ingredients listed in several of the other products that the company makes, and can’t find anything that would resemble ‘course hair’. But you’re right, if it’s sitting in the tub and it isn’t water soluble and just sits, it’s going to mildew, mold, or ferment.


  19. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyuuuuuuuuwwwwwwww. I can’t believe you used that stuff in the shower. *cough* Haha, what WON’T you do in the name of science?

    Once, a friend of mine ordered a pizza, and there was a black coarse hair embedded in the crust. When he called the pizza place to tell them about the hair, they sent a guy over to inspect it. When the *pizza inspector* saw the hair, he said, “ohhhhh, yeah, well you see, we hand make the dough… and… we use our forearms and elbows to knead it, so don’t worry about it, that’s just an arm hair.” Then dude left without offering any sort of compensation. My friend was too grossed out/dumbfounded to say anything.

    /cool story, bro.

  20. Jules Noctambule February 1, 2010 at 9:23 am

    I was looking at Villainess just the other day, and I also found myself unsure as to exactly what the products were supposed to be, aside from a rather impressive collection of nouns and adjectives. Some seemed tempting but I held off — and I’m glad I did! I don’t like finding my own hair on a soap, much less someone else’s. Even if there’s a perfectly good explanation for the situation, it hasn’t been offered by the company and that doesn’t appeal to me.

    • I think it’s a case of trying TOO hard not to be cool.

      I’m still waiting for a reply. I’ve just sent another one, to see if maybe the first was lost.

      • I do think it’s always good to try emailing a company two or three times, just to make sure that they received your email. I know I’ve sent emails a few times and my first one never went through for some reason, but the company got my 2nd.

      • Jules Noctambule February 2, 2010 at 9:48 am

        I see you got a response, and what a response! I’ve always tended to decide whether or not to do business with a company based more on how they handle an incident than on the incident itself.

  21. Incidentally, I bought some samples from Haus of Gloi based on your recommendation. 🙂

  22. Hm, their response is suspect, because while it’s difficult to tell it’s hair from your picture, I know that what I found on my soap was hair (you can’t really explain away short white hair, unless it’s a synthetic fiber from someone’s clothing, in which case, they still aren’t practicing good enough sanitation procedures). In any case, out of curiosity, I read the ingredients they listed for the Blood soap, and rose oil isn’t included in there.

    • I was NOT pleased at all with the reply. Basically it was, it’s not a hair, send it back so we can tell you what it *really* is so no one can prove that it is. Cause it’s a freaking HAIR, yo.

      I know, no roses in anything. And if so, that’s total product cross contamination, which is probably something that’s ‘impossible’ too.

  23. Yep, the shipping for the Body Perfumery samples is insanely high for samples, $5.99. I went ahead and ordered anyways, but I’ll be sure to mention the gouging for samples in my review.

  24. i’ve run group orders, so i’ve bought hundreds of Villainess products over the past 6 months, and never seen a single hair!! also, they have always been really good with customer service, so it sucks that you got no response. i’m expecting my next order to arrive in a few days, so i will *definitely* be checking all the soap samples for hair, and might have to reassess future orders. O_O

    i do however, agree with your assessment of the website and descriptions. before my first order, i actually spent several months of randomly going to the website from my bookmarks, trying to figure out what all the products were, and then leaving. especially the smooches, given there’s actually like 6 types of scrubbiness, and those types are described somewhere else on the site rather than the product page. it was really frustrating, but the products are great once you figure out what they are. =) (the cleansers saved my skin)

  25. Oh goodness me!!! MY BIGGEST FEAR is someone finding something terrible in one of my products!!!! This review actually made me feel a little sick to my stomach. I am extremely careful with sanitization, masks, gloves, etc…. and this is why!!!!

  26. Oh, and I’m not slamming Villainess – I meant sick to my stomach from stress and worry of it happening to me. 🙂

  27. Used a few Villianess products, liked the sound of them, overall packaging etc.
    Noticed two main problems:
    1) the “Smack!” (you pick a few different scents, they come in the same tub) scrub i was seriously looking forward to, when i opened it up, the limeable one completely overpowered the other scents in there, i might as well have had just limeade. Even when i used up the limeade part of the scrub. Great idea but flawed with overpowering scents. Weirdly the scent didn’t linger on me after i got out of the shower.
    and 2) the soaps (no hair, but god hope i didn’t miss one in it) seemed to completely dry out my skin, especially my arms. It took a long time for my skin to go back to normal (my arms have never been dry/flaky that i can remember) and my fingers got itchy and flaky inbetween fingers. Within two or three days of not using Villainess dryness on fingers went.
    It’s a shame, i liked the concept and some of the scents were amazing. Another little problem is i like a scent that lingers, and felt the scents didn’t linger on me for very long in any form of product i used from them.