Sugarpill is finally here!!

Use the code ‘hello15’ for 15% off your order between now and Valentine’s Day!!


I feel like it’s Christmas, she has a VEGAN RED!!

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  1. I’m SOOOO excited! She totally said it’d be launched in October, haha. Aw. But I forgive her. 🙂 I can’t wait to see your review of everything!

    • I placed one small order.

      But tomorrow I’m placing another, BIG one. I just need to convince myself to get to the bank, I’ve had a long weekend 🙂

  2. Frak!! That url REALLY DOES TAKE YOU TO THE SITE. Awesome. Can’t wait to order!!

  3. I can tell you with confidence to be very, very excited!

  4. I’m kind of wondering if they are TKB colors, but at the same time I absolutely love that the loose shadows actually have a base mixed in and that she’s upfront about the fact that they do require it.

    My no-buy is rapidly dying.

    • From the samples I’ve seen I don’t think they’re repackaged at all. I’ve worn the purple and being a collector of purples I loved it.

    • The red loose shadow leads me to believe they aren’t. It’s pretty rare to come across a true red that doesn’t use lake dyes or carmine, let alone one as true and bright of a red as hers.

      • I’m not too sure of my CSI skills/my computer monitor but looking on TKB’s site, hot mama is a red that has the same starter ingredients as the loose one

        That said I don’t know, but I am looking very much forward to the pressed eyeshadow I got

  5. OH MY GOD
    i have been waiting for this so long

  6. I bought the gold Chromalust shadow! So excited, and really happy for Amy for launching the site. I love that she named the white matte shadow after her cat.

    P.S. I’ve been practicing with the shadows you sent me a month ago. Coven might be my favorite 🙂 Thank you!

  7. It’s a good thing for my wallet that giant palette isn’t on the site right now… even if I am still a brights n00b, I would totally snap it up in a second. D8

  8. I’ve been really excited about her makeup line and I hope it grows. I think Absinthe, Hysteric and Asylum are the only loose shadow colours I like. I’m loving the pressed shadows, especially the matte orange but I don’t like the ingredients lists. Talc, urea, bismuth? Unfortunately talc makes me break out and I’m allergic to both urea and bismuth.

    The packaging looks great and I really like the logo but I think I’ll wait until she expands her line before placing an order. In the meantime I can’t wait for your review, Grey!

  9. I ordered as soon as I woke up and saw it. Snagged myself a sweetheart quad palette, ’cause pressed eyeshadows, ohh yes please.

    Had my eye on a few other things, too, but I figured I’d start out small. I love the website so cart, the cart, the running total, that everything contains links back the homepage, the items in your cart link to themselves, the swatches, product shots, etc etc.

    Very exciting!

  10. Bye bye money! Well, cosmetics is all I want to buy, so… 😀 I really like gold and silver loose eyeshadows. “Lumi” (snow in finnish) is also very tempting.

    Palettes are interesting but maybe too bright for my coloring, I don’t think I would use those.

  11. Woke up and saw it! Amazing, really!
    Unfortunately, I’m kinda broke right now…. and I still have some things from other places that come first…
    But I’ll check the place out, someday!
    Wish they sold samples ;__;

  12. OMG!!! SO SO SO excited!!!!!

  13. zomg, this is exciting. I’m definitely going to pick up a couple. The packaging looks brilliant.

  14. Oh goodness! Bahhh why now, when I need to save my money?
    I’m not sure what I’ll get, but I’ll get SOMETHING soon. Perhaps one of the matte pressed shadows? Those look pretty sexy. Buttercupcake is quite eye-pleasing!

  15. I was going to go happy early this morning when I found out, but my bank account disagreed. Thursday, all bets are off!