Melissa from Morgana Minerals has come out with an amazing new collection of vegan lipsticks.  I emailed her, practically begging for a few samples to try and she graciously sent me a few to preview.

As always, I’m completely impressed.  She tells me she changed the formula a little, and I have to admit, I do think these are a little better quality then the already amazing shades from her I already have!

I wore the blue one out the other night and someone asked me if it was *really* that cold in the venue.  I wrote down the website for her on the back of a napkin, so I hope she checked them out.  The sample sizes are generous and have quite a few applications in them, a great way to test them out, just in case you’re not sure the color is for you.

The formula is so nicely pigmented, coverage is easily achieved with one swipe of a lip brush.  I find them really nicely moisturizing and they don’t stain my lips when I take them off.



Gunmetal Blue




29 Responses to “Hypothermia?”

  1. Thanks for these lip swatches, Grey! Subzero and Lillian look amaaaaazing. I think I know where I’ll be spending part of my tax return…

  2. My boyfriend said, “Subzero and Blood in the same post? That just screams Mortal Kombat. Lipstick Kombat even. And you have to replace the ‘c’ in ‘lipstick’ with a ‘k’.”


    In all seriousness though, I am loving Subzero and Lillian ❤

    (He reads beauty blog posts with me sometimes. I think it's cute.)

  3. I must try blood, I must.
    And silverwitch does not look nearly as silver as I hoped, but it still looks nice.

    And I’m interested to she what her new formula is like. The ones I have are really great, but could use some improvement. I love cauldron but I think the sparkles make it kinda grainy.

    Any way, my birthday is in ten days and I think I know what I will be buying with my birthday money.

    • Blood was the hardest for me to get to photograph well, and even then I don’t think the photo does it justice.

  4. I really wish I had the balls to pull of lip colors like these. I think a brighter orange is about the craziest I can get. Dark lip colors make me look really odd.

  5. Ooooh! Blood is nice! I want!

  6. I’m loving Subzero. That’s the nicest blue lippy I’ve seen so far, I think. Quality looks great as well!

    • It’s a really nice blue and the quality is totally amazing. By far one of the best lipsticks out there!

  7. I cant wait until my sample package gets to me, i think i got all but 2 colours! And heh heh it’s called Lillian 😛

  8. Your lip swatches look so nice!

  9. oOoo I want Subzero and Lillian. Is it wrong I though subzero and scorpion were hawt in mortal combat? Until they ripped their masks off and traumatized my poor kidlet soul.

  10. i’m looking forward to trying blood. i ordered most of the lipsticks in samples and i’m *still* waiting for my order… i nearly went head over heels when a package came in but it was for my brother!

  11. Blood and Lillian look delicious 😀

  12. Silverwitch and Lillian look gorgeous.

  13. I’m not really a lipstick person, but those look amazing! I love Gunmetal Blue on you.

  14. I’m saving up to get some of her lipsticks…
    I’m specially interested in some redish colors….
    Still, I’ll wait for a while. If I bought only the samples I want I’d have to make a 5$ sample order and I find it wrong, since it doesn’t even cover shipping. I’ll wait till I have money to make a bigger order (10$ or something)

  15. That’s the first swatch I’ve seen of Lillian. I was going mad trying to find one and ended up ordering a full tube anyway. Glad I did, because it looks ah-mazing. I’m almost willing to forgive the fact that it took eleven days for my twenty-something-dollar order to ship o.x As long as the package comes intact, I’ll be plenty happy.

    *giddy lipstick dance*