In Memoriam


8 Responses to “In Memoriam”

  1. I can’t believe it! So young, and with so much potential for things yet created.

  2. How horrible, what grief can do to a person. And with so much life left to live, he will be missed.

  3. it’s a very sad day, he had a lot to offer.

  4. So upsetting isn’t it.

  5. I… don’t get fashion, at all. I don’t really see in it what the rest of you do, but I’m sad that he committed suicide, because that’s always sad, irrespective of who does it.

    • I’m a Stylist, it’s hard for me to ignore trends and fashion, and etc etc.

      I loved McQueen. Hard.

    • I see what you mean. It’s more how innovative and original he was that fascinates though. It’s always sad when someone with so much inspiration and wonder takes his/her own life.

  6. Poor thing….it’s such a shame. He was a great designer and he will be missed.