Obessive Compulsive

Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tars have been around for a while now, far longer then the recent ‘alternative color’ lipstick trend would have you believe.  Lip Tars come in a wide variety of shades, including black and white and the company encourages you to mix and match them to create your own unique colors.

I have no idea why it took me so long to try them.  Until now I’ve been very happy with the lip colors I’d been using, but like everything else, curiosity got to me.


The OCC site is professionally organized, easy to navigate and has an integrated cart system, however, FINDING your cart again after you’ve put something in it is tricky.

Eventually I navigated my way to purchasing two lip tars, Pageant and Hush.  Each tube is 8ml and costs 12.50$.

My major complaint is that there are NO swatches of the colors, just a small dot of what the color is.  I had to sit and Google a bunch of colors to narrow down which ones I wanted.  They come in 20 different shades, so there are a lot to chose from.


Shipping was 6.50$, which for two Tars seemed a bit much, especially when they didn’t arrive via Priority Mail.  It took about two and a half weeks for me to receive my order.


The Lip Tars came in an overly big box for the little tubes, the rest of the box filled with peanuts.  It actually took me a while to find the second tube, I was almost afraid they missed packing it.  Eventually I had to EMPTY the box on the floor to sift through it.

There was no invoice.


The tubes are very plain.  Basically it’s a little clear gloss tube with a sticker on it.  They don’t come sealed or anything, which is a major peeve with me, ordering from what I’d call a more ‘commercial’ company I’d have imaged they’d have some more sterile packaging procedures.

Right away I could see that the hype about how thick and pigmented they were was no hype, it was the simple truth.  I squeezed a little out of Pageant and realized quickly it was probably a weeks supply rather then one application.  There is no way I’d dare use these without my lip brush.

OCC Lip Tar is 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free, and is also free of parabens and other harsh preservatives. A simple, elegant formula that contains Hemp Oil, Peppermint Oil and Vitamin E, OCC Lip Tar feels as good on the lips as it looks!
Instructions: Apply a small bead to lip brush and apply to lips. The amount normally used when applying traditional lipglosses would exceed the amount necessary for Lip Tar, and will result in “bleeding” or “feathering” out from the lip line.

You don’t need much at all for amazingly smooth, opaque, rich color that wears like iron.  I can put it on in the morning and forget it’s there and hours later look in the mirror and find it’s still as nice and bright.

Pageant is my usual bright/deep pink lip color.  It’s pretty much a match to most of the pink shades I already wear.

Hush is a soft muted neutral shade that I can tell is going to be very multipurpose.  If I line my lips with a little darker of a lip pencil and then fill them in with the slightly lighter Hush they instantly have depth and appear bigger without being obvious.  Applying the lighter shade is definitely tricky.

Another option for the lighter colors, such as Hush or Feathered (the white) is to mix a little lip safe mineral eyeshadow into them to create even MORE options.

I found the formula to be very luxurious.  I loved applying them, and they were really easy to wear.  Using the popular phrase, they definitely have ‘one stroke opacity’ but with unprecedented smoothness, shine, and moisture built in.  They don’t get goopy or lumpy at all.  I think they are worth the price, considering how very little you really need for coverage and the versatility of them, mix wise.

They have a slight peppermint tingle to them, but it’s not because they have any plumping ingredients, I think it was more of a flavor thing, since on it’s own many of the butter and oils used in the Tars would have sort of a strong taste.


Would I purchase OOC Lip Tars again?  Yes!

  • You can mix just about any color you want.
  • Even if the shipping and packaging was a little odd, they were quick to get back to me via email.
  • They are totally vegan.

* Someone asked, yes, that is a huge scar on my lip.


Curiously, someone alerted me to the fact that OCC lists ultramarines in the Lip Tar ingredients.  Ultramaries are NOT lip safe, that is, they should not be ingested.  Apparently when questioned about it OCC denied that they had ultramarines in the actual product, despite it being listed in the ingredients.

I’ve sent them an email asking them to try to clear up this misunderstanding!


35 Responses to “Obessive Compulsive”

  1. I absolutely LOVE the OCC lip tars. It’s amazing how little you need (a pin head and even that might be too much) to get an opaque and luscious result.

  2. I’ve been wanting the basic colors for a while, to mix and see what I can get… or maybe just the clear one…
    Still, price tag tells me I’ll have to wait XD

  3. Thanks for the review! It’s very helpful to know your opinion. I’ve had my eye on these for a while now. Hush is really pretty. I want Botanical (the green one!).

  4. Thanks for the review! There’s just one small thing that’s been bugging me…it seems like every time you type in “Flavor” (all lowercase) it turns into Lavor. Do you know why that is?

    Everything else is great! I love reading your entries (keep up the good work 🙂

    • Anytime anyone writes Fl lowercase it turns into L. On all the old posts, too. Very amusing.

      I’ve no idea how Grey managed to make it do that.

  5. ohh i really wish i had money to blow right now, these would soooo be in my cart!

    on a side note, i just received my winnings from fyrinnaes twitter giveaway… http://i46.tinypic.com/33bilib.jpg http://i46.tinypic.com/s3ouxd.jpg

    eepp!! so amazing, though horrible swatches on my part.

  6. Been meaning to try these ever since I saw Petrilude using them in his tutorials. But if you had to wait 2 weeks to get yours, I’d probably have to wait a month for mine 😦

    • I picked Hush because I saw him using it. I ain’t gonna lie.

      Ana ordered some, AnaxJor on Twitter, and hers came really quick!

  7. I might have to try these. From your descriptions of the texture and quality, they sound really good. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Those lip tars have always caught my eye. I’ve been meaning to put money aside for them because they’ve gotten some great reviews. And I love the pink. 🙂

    My nephew has a scar on his lip, too. In just about the same place!

  9. I must get my hands on some of these.
    Are they drying at all?

  10. I keep thinking about the lip tars, but then I sort of hate the idea of mixing them, as I like colors to be pre-packaged. Pageant looks lovely on you.

  11. Gaaaahhh, I want Grandma and the Clear one! Unfortunately, I’ve got half a drawer full of lipstuff that I need to blast through before I can even think about spending more money on another one (or two). Thanks for intro’ing them to me, Grey; I’m bookmarking the site and putting it on my wishlist. 😉

  12. I have a whole bunch of these. I adore them completely. I still need grandma, hush, the clear one, melange, anime and the new coral. I was told about the Ultramarines too, very odd.

  13. Aussies can get them from a Sydney-based company called Make-up and Glow, I got Katricia from them, the ‘old’ packaging, for $10 (AU). New packaging is going for $17. They post pretty fast and have all the colors.

    I did find Katricia a bit drying, but then again I don’t drink nearly as much water as I should! The staying power and opacity of the Tars are incredible and I love the colors.

  14. Those look hot. I think I might try my luck with the nude shade 🙂

  15. Grey, I have a question: what brand of lip brush do you use? I’ve been on the look out for a synthetic lip brush for the longest time now (most I’ve some across are sable), and the only reasonably priced one seems to be the ones from MAC. Do you use those? Are there any you can recommend?

  16. Hmm the lip tar ingredients on the website now don’t list ultramarines. It’s a bit shifty :/

  17. At this moment, Ultramarines are still listed in their lip balm ingredients.

    • Between your email and mine, do you think they go their heads out of their buts?

      I’m concerned that they actually DO contain ultramarines, is there anyway to check?

      • I think the only way is to have them lab tested. Several people have e-mailed OCC about this issue and received some rather dubious responses. Why would they list it in “May Contain” if it wasn’t used at all? For those not familiar with labeling laws, “May Contain” is a general listing for any ingredient/colorant used – depending on the shade. Certainly not for ingredients that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

  18. I actually wonder about the labelling because I saw this snippet on the FDA site after MorganaMinerals talked about eyesafe Red dyes-

    A color additive(s) that is added to a cosmetic during manufacture for the purpose of color matching may be declared on the label of each batch or lot even if not present in each.

    The color additive sometimes added for color matching is listed after the declaration of other color additives, or at the end of the declaration, and after the phrase “May Contain.”

    I’m getting from that is that it might just not contain any of the ingredients at all

  19. So finally, what about the composition of the lip tars? I would like to make an order, but I need to buy 6 or more to counterbalance the international shipping fees. But well, one day I swear, I should try them. I definitly want to have the basic colors and the vintage red existing. Thanks for the review.