GudunyaToo Update

Finally got a responce from Brian at Gudonya.

Please leave us alone.


28 Responses to “GudunyaToo Update”

  1. GudonyaToo — keeping it classy, one day at a time.

    Their customer service is so laughable. Keep up the good work, GudonyaToo — you’ve turned Deb’s amazing business into a disgrace.

  2. Don’t worry, Brian, we’ll all leave you alone!

  3. lol. At least they’re being mature.

  4. Jesus, what kind of a company is this!
    …At least he said please 😛

  5. I think they’ll get their wish.

    and seriously, gudonya, this is a business. Treat it like one.

  6. how to ruin a business, you’re doing it right.

    i guess brian attended the oscar the grouch school of customer service. SCRAM!

  7. Awwh, poor baby. Yes, as the others said. Very, very alone.

  8. Gladly! This company really knows how to shove away all of its potential business.

  9. LOL forever. This company is a joke.

  10. I burst of laughing when I read this.
    What the hell kinda business is this?
    I think they will get their wish, I will certainly leave them alone.

  11. WOW. I think my head exploded just a little bit when I read that. :/

  12. Woowww, what a rude bunch!

    All I have to say to them is “Be careful what you wish for.” Karma’s a bitch.

  13. Um, no problem. I guess at least he said “please”?

    When you type “Gudonya Too review” in to Google your review is the first link that pops up now. Underneath it is the blog of the original owner. I wonder if she realizes that she sold her company to a couple of asshats. She seems like a nice lady, and I guess she would have had to be if her Etsy store used to be #2.

  14. lmao, I’ve never seen that from a business. I’ll add those jackasses to my list of people to avoid.

  15. What douchebags. They act like you’re full out harassing them or something.

  16. I seriously lol’d when I read that!

  17. Sure thing! I’ll spend my money where the customer service is excellent and my patronage is appreciated 🙂

  18. It’s too bad that they were unforgivably rude to Grey, and really rude to Ana. They lost my business. Interestingly enough, when I searched “Gudonya Too review” Grey’s review was first, and my review of ‘I Will Say No To Facefront’ popped up, which was surprising.

  19. Funny thing is that I actually thought about ordering from them a while ago…
    But I guess I’ll leave them alone.

    I mean, they said it like you were a ghost hauting the house or something o.o

  20. Well, now we know who’s going for the gold in the Crappy Customer Service Olympics.

  21. I’d have to say that is definitely epic fail of customer service.

    Don’t worry, we’ll leave you alone, Brian. But when you start wondering where all your business went, I’m afraid you won’t have anyone to ask about it.

  22. You basically asked if you could give them your business and they didn’t want it. What kind of business practice is that?!

  23. WOW. I actually laughed out loud at that.
    Somehow, I imagine him all huddled up in the fetal position rocking back and forth, or under a blanket. “Please leave us alone”, jeez.

  24. LOL WTF.

    I had purchased from GudonyaToo twice about a year or so ago, and I thought their creme shampoo & conditioner were really nice and planned to purchase again. Now, forget it. I’ve just read about your experience and am absolutely appalled. There just is no excuse for this type of behavior, and they won’t be getting any more of my money. What rude fools.

  25. good golly what are they smoking?!!